Dillard’s offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses!

Dillard's offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses

Today, I bring to you a great deal for summer!  You read it right…Dillard’s offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses!

One fabulous designer summer dress which can serve many purposes…in many different colors…and prints…in all sizes (including Women’s) and for only $39!

Dillard's offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses

There are so many things I love about this dress….

  1. You can wear it sleeveless as designed…the Vince Camuto Sleeveless Scrunched Strap Maxi dress….
  2. You can wear it over a swim suit
  3. You can wear it out and about…or around home or the pool
  4. You can wear it over your favorite tee…as I have done here
  5. It is washable.
  6. The rayon fabric is wonderful…it feels great!
  7. It is created by a designer I have always liked and had good luck with…and offered at one of my favorite retailers.
  8. It is offered in colors for all skin types and in fun prints!

Dillard's offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses

The designer included a card with the purchase and suggested tying up the slits on the sides for a different look…and it is a fun look as well.

Dillard's offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses

I hope you see, like I do, that you get quite a lot for your $39!

Last week, one reader commented on the prices of the summer dresses in a Would You Wear It post…well, here is a much better deal as promised!

Everything else I am wearing is from my current wardrobe…but the fabulous green dress is NEW!


Dillard's offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses

Local shoppers, I do think the best way to experience this dress and see the colors is to go out to Dillard’s at The Shops at La Cantera and try it on.

Dillard's offers $39 Vince Camuto dresses

If you are like me and want to take sizes from Misses and Women’s into the dressing room, you are in luck, because the departments are right next to each other.

You do not have to spend a lot to have summer fun…Vince Camuto & Dillard’s has it for us right here at $39 and the slideshow features different options.


Thanks for being here, ladies…..and make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided this dress for review, and the words are my own.


  1. I have quite a few Vince Camuto items in my wardrobe, including accessories. I love this dress. It’s so easy to change the look by tying up the sides as you’ve done, and I really like the look. I wonder if this sale is across all Dillard’s stores, or only in your area. I’m going to be checking because I’d get a lot of use from that dress. I’d love to wear it to my grandson’s upcoming graduation! Definitely going to check this out! I like how you styled it and all your suggestions. It would look great with a linen shirt as a topper too, I think.

  2. Such an array of pretty colours and I do like its simplistic design as feel it would be ‘very’ comfortable and would offer several options of styling as you have illustrated. (i.e.: I’d be tempted to even add colour coordinated chain-link threaded belt loops, to wear with a knotted loop belt.) Question though; are its straps elastic with ruched fabric?

  3. We need a Dillards where I live obviously! This is such a neat and versatile dress – so many opportunities for wearing and for styling too.
    I love it with the knotted hem as you have done here.
    Great find!

    1. It is a great summer offering from Vince Camuto and Dillard’s…lots of versatility. Thanks Paulette!

      1. Hi Nancy, I have two petite sources from Dillards who say it fits fine. One is 5’0” and prefers it tied on the side like I showed. The other is 5’3” and says it fits good. Hope that helps.

  4. I’m so torn on this dress. I love the price of course, and the fushcia is right up my alley, but I hesitate because it doesn’t come in petite. What would you say Pam, about a 5’2″ frame in this dress?

  5. Thanks for the styling suggestions… I bought the dress at a Florida Dillards. I probably would not have purchased this one without seeing it worn over a t-shirt. The “mint julep” color I chose is very pretty.

  6. I planned to go to Dillards today and will definitely check out this dress! I am also looking for a light, breezey linen topper/cardigan or jacket in white and/or black, a third piece to wear over something like this for work or dinner this summer. Not a blazer but just a cover up if anyone sees one.

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