Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Summer Eileen Fisher?

We are whipping our heads around from the color explosion yesterday, to look over more sedate, neutral summer styles.

This is the day that my friend Jennifer and I show you fashion displays we have seen around out towns that make us wonder what you would think of the styles.

Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

Please look over these four lovely ladies, and think constructively if you would or would not wear the styles and then explain thoroughly exactly why.

We ask that you do this because the comments are read by many and we have an opportunity to help each other be more informed shoppers.

Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

So, please look these four over…and tell us…..


Here are more summer garments from Eileen Fisher:


Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

Meet my walking partner!  Since summer started, I have attempted (at least four days a week) to do a 2-3 mile neighborhood walk in the early mornings!

Yes, it is still humid but if I get up and get going I can bear it better than after the sun is out.

This little doe walks beside me sometimes…we also have fawns in the neighborhood so she might be keeping an eye on me.  Leigh Ann had one born in her front yard!

It is so fun to see what you discover when you just get out and about!!  I highly recommend it.

Please comment below on my display….go to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s selection…have a great Saturday and ……


By Pamela Lutrell

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