Would You Wear It – Summer Eileen Fisher

Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Summer Eileen Fisher?

We are whipping our heads around from the color explosion yesterday, to look over more sedate, neutral summer styles.

This is the day that my friend Jennifer and I show you fashion displays we have seen around out towns that make us wonder what you would think of the styles.

Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

Please look over these four lovely ladies, and think constructively if you would or would not wear the styles and then explain thoroughly exactly why.

We ask that you do this because the comments are read by many and we have an opportunity to help each other be more informed shoppers.

Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

So, please look these four over…and tell us…..


Here are more summer garments from Eileen Fisher:


Would You Wear It - Summer Eileen Fisher

Meet my walking partner!  Since summer started, I have attempted (at least four days a week) to do a 2-3 mile neighborhood walk in the early mornings!

Yes, it is still humid but if I get up and get going I can bear it better than after the sun is out.

This little doe walks beside me sometimes…we also have fawns in the neighborhood so she might be keeping an eye on me.  Leigh Ann had one born in her front yard!

It is so fun to see what you discover when you just get out and about!!  I highly recommend it.

Please comment below on my display….go to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s selection…have a great Saturday and ……


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like Eileen Fisher bottoms especially, but don’t wear crops/wide crops, though I do like the EF pants. I have to be careful with a lot of these pieces due to the amount of loose fabric. I love the comfort factor, but not how I can appear to be swallowed up by fabric. Some of the loose, yet more fitted tops work, but I can tell from looking that these particular styles would not work for me. The black pants that are rolled appear to be her longer pants, which I have and really do like wearing. I’m not tall, so have to be careful with fabric volume. EF appeals to my neutral side, but in warm weather, I crave some color, like you showed yesterday.

  2. Eileen Fisher clothing appeals to a certain population. To me the clothes are expensive and shapeless. I do better with brands like Calvin Klein, Talbots, Max Studio, Ralph Lauren. Happy Saturday!

  3. I do like the blue and white combinations they have presented. Personally, I need a shoulder seam to stop it from looking like my shoulders just glide off into my arms. It appears that a lot of stores are showing very loose clothes to hide the pandemic pounds, but it seems a bit much here. This grouping is a no for me. The wildlife seems to be getting much bolder lately, I have a raccoon that digs out my planters at night…. not a fan.

  4. Although I like Eileen Fisher, I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits. They look comfortable but are too unstructured for my frame and taste. Given both the top and bottoms are the same colour, expect I would look like I was was pjs.

  5. Of the four interesting looks and I love interesting …. the only one I see myself wearing is the Black and Tan closer fitting outfit. I’d need to try the pants on naturally but I think this is a look I would wear from later summer when it generally cools off a bit, through fall here in the Northeast. The other looks are too blouson for me- too much fabric.

  6. I like the white outfit and think it would especially be good for resort or vacation wear or sitting in a lawn chair listening to an outdoor concert. I’d add a large pair of dangly earrings and nude sandals but the accessorizing would be plentiful and fun. It gives the illusion of ease without being overly loose. I always like the concept of EF, but even though I am tall and slim when I try them on, they just look shapeless (instead of chic) and overwhelming (instead of flowing!). But if you can pull it off, more power to you!

  7. I love the color of the aqua and blue tops, but as others have said, they are too loose and slouchy for me, and they are quite expensive. I’ve thought before that I might look on eBay or Thred to see if I can find some of the black pants which I remember others, including Jennifer, speak of their comfort and wearability. But it’s an interesting display that would catch my eye if I were in the store.

  8. Entirely too baggy. Love the concept, but agree w/others – too expensive for the look garnered. When we lived in the country, we had a herd of eight deer and these came every night to eat wormy apples from the trees and ground. Loved them.

  9. I would wear the white outfit in a heartbeat. I’d have to fuss with the out piece to bring the front down so it find it accentuate my broad shoulders. The soft white is always an elegant option and I love the vibe. Happy Saturday!

  10. Personally, these are not for me. I prefer and feel I look better with a bit more structure to my clothing. The width of the garments combined with the flowy draping adds the illusion of bulk to my frame. I’m sure they are comfortable and the fabric looks to be quite good quality, but the cut and silhouette is not for me.

  11. Though I do like the fabric blend of linen ‘n cotton that EF uses, I’m afraid I share the same sentiments as Sue (above) expressed. -Brenda-
    P.S.: How lucky for you to have such a sweet and precious creature as a walking partner. ☺

  12. This is a hard one. I usually love EF and I was disappointed by this display, thus I wonder why! First of all, i think that the display itself is not right, for instance to put side by side the tan-black and the aqua sets sort of kill them both for me. I found it a bit cacophonic , while what I like usually in EF is the pure lines and the simplicity. They have straight organic linen dresses in blue, for instance, which for me would work much better than the tier-thing- black dress with a complicated top on the right. I like the tan and black set, probably with another black top (or tan top), as the black of this one would too near my (pale) face. And I would also go for the white set on the left, but with one of their cardigans maybe, not the third large and short piece they have chosen on the display. I do like the aqua, but not in a cropped, bubble version (I am enough of a bubble all by myself:). Very interesting choice, Pam, it gives us to think. Have a nice week-end.

  13. I have a friend who would wear the three pant outfits and look stunning. She would have them paired with stunning art like jewelry necklaces, thick gold hoop earrings and interesting nude leather sandals. She is not tall and willowy but wears this style perfectly. If I were to put them on I’d look like a sack of potatoes.

  14. I so want to like Eileen Fisher but the shapelessness of the clothing is so unflattering on me that I just pass on most. In most cases, I will not even try it on because I know it will look awful. When I do try it on, it looks awful. I have three pieces from EF but I think they were anomalies – one is a slim-cut silk tank dress and two pairs of pants that I wear for travel. I have found that the overall quality of EF is pretty poor and it is a very overpriced line. I have had to have all 3 pieces fixed due to poor construction.

    I would pass on all of these as they look sloppy and blah to me. Except for the dress, the outfits look like beat-up, old at-home lounge wear. These looks are not the vibe I go for ever.

  15. I’ve never purchased or even tried any Eileen Fisher clothing, but I remember Oprah being a big fan! The only outfit I’d wear from the above is the middle, colorful one! I am partial to that color and I like the casual, draped look. It looks so comfortable. The others are a little too plain/drab for me. The middle one, because of the color, says summer! I’d wear some contrast jewelry, maybe in coral or hot pink or a pearly shell necklace. I’d wear flip flops or a fancier strappy flat sandal.

  16. Aside from the white pants, I can’t see myself wearing any of these pieces. I prefer more structure in my clothing, & all the tops seem to be very oversized. I don’t wear crops especially wide crops. The tiered dress would look lovely on someone else but not on me. I do like the aqua color.

  17. I’m really drawn to the turquoise outfit in the middle. I’ve put on some weight in my middle and have been wearing looser and more flowing tops — and this is a look that might work for me. Plus, I love the color.

    I normally don’t like cropped pants, but this look seems like it would work. Perhaps because the top and bottom are in the same color — it seems well proportioned.

    I don’t think the other outfits would work for me, so I’d pass on those.

    Pam, I like your walking buddy! What a joy!

  18. Nope. The colors don’t do anything for me.
    The bright blue pants look like they have a lantern-style cut, which usually looks good on me, but I don’t think I’d go for that in such a bright one-season color.
    The tan sweater with the black pants is nice, and I’m sure if you see it in person that’s it’s high quality.
    Overall I think one slouchy item per outfit is my max.

  19. I agree with all the above comments! Too flowy,too drapy,too slopy. I personally look for a little more structure in my clothes. I have been out of town and away from my computer. I really liked the posting about your road trip to the Lavender festival I do hope the day will come when there are more festivals of interest in our area. The Next biggie is the Orange Crush Festival which is not my speed at all. But the Sonoma Lavendar co. sounds like a great place for gifst as I am always looking for something new and different for the ladies in our family! Stay cool,happy walking-love your fawn friend!Post pics if you ca get any. Would love to see it. Our only fauna are the alligators! UGh

  20. Good morning,
    The fabric looks comfy but the styles don’t suit me or my body type. Love the colors. To unstructured and boxy.

  21. I love Eileen Fisher but I wouldn’t wear any of the outfits displayed above. I have plenty of her clothing that are much more stylish. Although I like the colours, I find these too shapeless.

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