Would You Wear It - Boho Bold

Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to our mid-week pop up for Would You Wear It – Boho Bold!

This is an extra mid-week Would You Wear It that I post for you to look over and consider the styles.

These posts give everyone a sense of what is going on in the fashion retail world.

So, I ask that you look this mannequin from Soft Surroundings over and tell us with a constructive buyer thought process.……………….


The top is called THE BLAME RIO TOP.


Would You Wear It - Boho Bold

Recently, I showed you this wonderful Bryn Walker Winslow Light Linen Dress at Dillard’s in this post. 

I wrote about how much I liked the dress, but did not like how my arms looked in the dress.

Many of you encouraged me to look past that because the dress (in other opinions) was meant for me.

My blogging friend, Jennifer Connolly, sent a text and told me to go get the dress.  So………

Would You Wear It - Boho Bold

I got the dress!  It is a great dress and was perfect for my granddaughter’s first ballet recital last week.  I will get much mileage in this dress for summer…it is so easy and cool…and a great color!!

So thank you, to all of you made me pause and revisit the dress! I am choosing to focus on the strengths and not the imperfections!!

Now, tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It fashion display today….and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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