Would You Wear It – Boho Bold

Would You Wear It - Boho Bold

Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to our mid-week pop up for Would You Wear It – Boho Bold!

This is an extra mid-week Would You Wear It that I post for you to look over and consider the styles.

These posts give everyone a sense of what is going on in the fashion retail world.

So, I ask that you look this mannequin from Soft Surroundings over and tell us with a constructive buyer thought process.……………….


The top is called THE BLAME RIO TOP.


Would You Wear It - Boho Bold

Recently, I showed you this wonderful Bryn Walker Winslow Light Linen Dress at Dillard’s in this post. 

I wrote about how much I liked the dress, but did not like how my arms looked in the dress.

Many of you encouraged me to look past that because the dress (in other opinions) was meant for me.

My blogging friend, Jennifer Connolly, sent a text and told me to go get the dress.  So………

Would You Wear It - Boho Bold

I got the dress!  It is a great dress and was perfect for my granddaughter’s first ballet recital last week.  I will get much mileage in this dress for summer…it is so easy and cool…and a great color!!

So thank you, to all of you made me pause and revisit the dress! I am choosing to focus on the strengths and not the imperfections!!

Now, tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It fashion display today….and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning Pam, I would have to say no to the shirt just because it is not my style. Now, let’s talk about that dress. Absolutely looks great on you! I’m so glad you purchased it. The color and relaxed feel are right up my alley. I always cover my arms as well due to a long list of what I see as imperfections, however, you have inspired me. I have three family visits today at work and am taking the plunge, I’m going to wear a short sleeve dress without a topper. Have a blessed day. Betty

  2. Thanks for starting Would You Wear It off today, Betty!
    I am thrilled that the dress has inspired you today…wear your dress confidently and have fun!!

  3. Beautiful color on you Pam and l love the picture of you and yours! I remember those dance recital days with my daughter 🙂 I really like the boho look and would wear it in a heartbeat. I have a Johnny Was outlet store on me l keep an eye out on nearby.Happy day!

  4. Well, the featured outfit is not for me, a bit too boho for my taste, but, there are some very interesting looking items in the background. As for the dress, you have inspired me as well. I have a white and blue Brynn Walker dress that I usually wear with my arms covered by something, and with the heat right now, I may bite the bullet and say, love it or not, these are my arms and I will be comfortable. We will see how that goes. I love the purple on you and the scarf sets it off nicely.

  5. Pam – this is Jennifer Mitrovich from bryn Walker – YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN OUR WINSLOW DRESS! I know you will enjoy wearing this dress well into the warmer days of Fall as well! The hyssop color is so versatile – I love how you styled it with the scarf for your granddaughter’s dance recital. Thank you so much for your continued loyalty to bryn! You wear it well!

  6. That dress IS perfect!! And the family picture is too! Everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, no easy feat!! I was recently lamenting a sleeve length when shopping with my sister. Need, and loved, the particular top but not my upper arms. She assured me that this was “in my head” and the top looked “like me.” She further asked why my arms mattered so much if I was after being cool (literally, not figuratively!) I thought about that. Naturally, we want to look our best, but thoughts of pride and comparison started going through my mind and that’s not a good criteria for me. I bought the top and a few more with shorter sleeves, and I’m really enjoying them just as you are enjoying your beautiful dress. It is a fabulous style and color and your scarf with it is so colorful! I’m glad you got it! Today’s top is not for me because of the sleeves being in such contrast to the rest of it. However, I do like boho style in my wardrobe and also bold colors. So I’d wear bold boho, just not this top!

  7. Thanks Diane! I am so glad I chose to get this dress and wear it, so please wear your dress. Bryn Walker gives us such fun options.

  8. Wow! Thank you Jennifer! I have been a fan of your brand for years and always check out the racks at Dillard’s! I appreciate that you stopped by!

  9. Thanks Karen…I am glad your sister did for you what the readers did for me and that you bought the tops! Enjoy being cool, comfy and confident this summer.

  10. I would definitely wear that boho top. Love the colors and the fun pattern! That purple dress looks fabulous on you!

  11. The top gets points from me for not being too bulky, and for sleeves at least under some control. I like the contrasting sleeves, but don’t care for the large panel of embroidery on the front. It’s actually a cute piece overall for someone with a different style. Though I wear a lot of contrast and the bold color doesn’t scare me off, I don’t like the boho style on me. Every time I veer into it, the item sits in my closet. The dress looks absolutely fabulous on you, and I can see many different ways to wear it. As one who encouraged you to bare those arms, I’m delighted that you didn’t put on a denim jacket and roast under it.

  12. Thank you, Rose….this is the new me with more refreshed changes to come.

  13. I would not have brought this dress home if it needed a topper…it is just too hot! Thanks so much, Linda.

  14. What a beautiful family picture. I wasn’t sure about the dress at first look but I’m glad you gave it a second look and encouraged us to do so. The color is so pretty but adding that scarf made all the differance. I’m sure if I styled it like that no one would notice my arms.

  15. Thanks Pamela. I am returning to wearing scarves again…stopped for a little while…but happy to be back!

  16. The dress is certainly a keeper but the first thing I noticed was that your hair matches that of your beautiful grandchildren, bright, shiny and curly. The colour and now lights were the perfect choice. What a lovely family picture.

    As for the top, we visited Germany just before Covid and it is too much like the octoberfest folk dresses for me.

  17. The top is a no for me because of the color and Boho style. I love the dress! I’ve always worn sleeveless but this summer is different. I lost a lot of weight when I had Covid and developed pneumonia. Now my arms and even my legs are flabby. I was happy to lose weight and am striving to keep it off but now I am hesitant to wear sleeveless and even short-sleeved tops. I make sure to use a lot of hydrating lotion so my skin looks as good as possible and when I see my arms, I’m reminded to exercise!

  18. I was hesitant, but others convinced me to let it go…so you might consider just stepping out in one like I did Nancy. I am using Crepe Erase on my arms and that has helped alot.
    Good for you losing that weight!!

  19. Firstly, so glad you purchased the dressed Pamela as absolutely c’est magnifique! Also love the addition of the colourful scarf. As to the photo; picture-perfect and such darling grandchildren. -Brenda-

  20. No to the top on the display.
    So pleased to see you in such a great colours.
    I can see you changing up the look with some of your lovely jewelry pieces.

  21. Thanks Dianne…I am enjoying my accessories more lately and also changing up some things…but more about that later.

  22. The boho top is not for me. It is just not my style.
    I love your family picture. What a special time with your sweet ballerina!

  23. Thank you Becky…it was a very special time and both sets of Grandparents were able to be there.

  24. Yes…..to this lovely grape dress! You look happy, confident and cool. It’s definitely one of your colors! The gorgeous silk scarf adds a little something too. But it’s your smile, Pam that really inspires!
    What a wonderful family pic!
    On the Boho blouse- yes I would wear it…..but in late fall or winter I think! With jeans! Or leggings.

  25. Bryan Walker makes the simplest clothes with the best colors! As far as the sleeves, I do feel the length is not the most flattering on any woman…3/4 ones or sleeveless (surprisingly) are the best. But you look and feel good in the dress… and the color is perfect on you! So glad you purchased it…and it will go into fall with a shawl or cute jean jacket!

  26. Hello
    I love the boho look and I would wear the entire outfit. I would choose siver earrings and beaded bracelets.

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