How an "autumn" dresses for summer

Happy Tuesday, all!  Today, let’s discuss how an “Autumn” dresses for summer.

I have actually had a couple of friends locally tell me….”What a bummer that you are an autumn and can’t wear those colors now!”

I just looked at them miffed and said, “Why wouldn’t I want to wear my colors now?”

In fact, this year there are so many autumn colors in summer collections…and that makes it even easier!

This was a good time for me to discover I am a vibrant autumn. 

How an "autumn" dresses for summer

I decided at the beginning of this change, that I wanted to look my best every day…and I mean…every day.

I do not look my best in pastels…or pink…or stark white…or black & white…so why would I continue to wear them?

For me, it is about confidence and joy…not about fashion rules.  Confidence and joy are empowering.

I was looking over a recent wedding video the other day.  The majority of the women at the summer wedding wore pastels.

Yet, suddenly out of the crowd walked a stunning Autumn women in a gorgeous orange dress and she was glowing!

As far as I am concerned…she owned the room with her bold confidence!

How an "autumn" dresses for summer

If I were a Spring or Summer Palette, I would still find ways to wear those colors in the Winter.

Right now, I am wearing lighter versions of my autumn colors, and I am still wearing my white pants occasionally.  I also wear animal prints as you see here. 

As soon as I get my next round of dye, I will be wearing softer cream colored tops.  There are ways to soften my palette for the warmer months of summer. 

But it will not be with pastels or colors not in the palette!!  I am committed to this change and I love how it is going.

Out of all the retailers I support and enjoy, the one which I kept the most clothing for in the recent purge, was Chico’s….and that is where the leopard tunic is from today.

For any other autumns out there, here are some autumn selections in the summer collection:

How an "autumn" dresses for summer

Of course I love all of the summer color surrounding me right now…the crepe myrtles in San Antonio have been incredible this year.

But, I am happy to enjoy the colors on the trees and flowers…I no longer need to try to wear them! 

Annie taught me when we wear colors not in our palette, we run the risk of our clothing entering the room before us…our style should be all about us and the clothes are one component of great style. 

Also, when we are not in our colors we may look tired, sickly or older….it was looking this way that I noticed about me over the lasts year.

At the moment my nails are done in a clean French manicure and my toes are coral.  But a couple of weeks ago, my nails were terra cotta…and I loved it! 

We just need to change our thinking a little bit about fashion rules and guidelines and make sure we are doing what is best for us!

Here’s to Autumn in the Summer!  I love it and will show you more examples of this soon.

Thanks for being here…and I will see you tomorrow for the mid-week Would You Wear It?  Now, how do you feel about wearing colors that are not considered seasonal colors for that same time?


By Pamela Lutrell

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