Style Refresh 2021: New Colors Needed? Dye It!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Happy Monday, everyone…new week…new month…new fun! Today, let’s consider in the Style Refresh 2021: New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Annie Castano @CASTANOHEL has taught me so much…but this was really new to me and incredible knowledge.

Just consider that the linen cardigan I am wearing above, was not that color when I got up Saturday morning!

In my Zoom consultation with Annie, she explained that my new color palette did not include White/white.  Autumns wear creamy off white, gold or lighter browns….but not white.

I lamented to her over the number of items I own that are white/white, and in fabulous Annie fashion, she said,

“No worries, darling, just dye it.  It is so easy!’

My memories of dying clothing included buckets of old Rit dye and big messes!  Not a good memory for me!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

But Annie taught me that it is indeed a new world and introduced me to DYLON.

I have my DYLON off white color on the way (Called Pebble)…but let’s begin my experiments this way….

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

I purchased this pink linen cardigan from JJill last year and I really like it, but knew it was the wrong color for a VIBRANT AUTUMN palette.

So I decided it needed to be a terra cotta red to fill a gap for that color in a topper in my new wardrobe.

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Here is what you need to know:

  1. DYLON do-it-yourself, machine dye is so, so easy. 
  2. One Dylon pod will color up to four garments.
  3. The garments should be cotton, linen, or viscose.  (The other materials are said to dye lighter than the color indicated)
  4. You simply toss the pod and the garment (3) into a front loading washer and run a normal cycle.
  5. Then remove the empty pod, and wash the garments with your regular detergent.
  6. After you remove the garments, then run your washer empty to clean it.

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

And…it worked great!  I did a load of dirty garments afterwards…and all was good!!  Who knew?

I hung the cardigan outside to dry…in Texas that happens quickly this time of year.

I cannot wait to receive my Pebble pod to turn my whites to off-whites!!  But, I do love the DYLON ROSEWOOD RED!

Annie may have just unleashed a clothing dye monster!  We will see!



New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Annie also recommended that for my new warmer palette that I wear gold and bronze accessories (preferred over silver).

She said that a Bohemian Style demands lots accessories…necklaces, bracelets, scarves….speaking my language here.

In San Antonio, we have an amazing Goodwill organization which includes one whole Goodwill store just for accessories!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

It is kind of amazing…a whole back wall of scarves as well.  I will share more about it later, but naturally I rushed right over!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Today’s outfit features a necklace and bracelets from that store!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Now, these new Aetrex bronze flats are a top quality, comfort brand new to the blog.  I recently featured their sneakers, but I am going to make certain my cost per wear on the ballet flats is super low…they are so comfy and cute.

Make sure you read about the structure of these shoes! They are meant to help us avoid foot issues and still enjoy beautiful shoes. 

My goal is to add the cognac color before fall.

That’s it for today, ladies.  I am off to find something I can dye forest green!!  This is so much fun!  Back tomorrow and make sure you……………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided shoes for review and the words are my own.


  1. Wish I was in the SA area; I would love to buy some of your winter colored clothing and jewelry! Happy exploring in your new colors!

  2. OMG! I LOVE that color, the bracelets, and how that necklace adds so much to your outfit! (That dye is such a game changer-I would be “dangerously” going around looking for things to dye)🤣🤣🤣.

  3. It is a game changer! I have a small pile of garments ready to change to autumn!

  4. Hi Nyla, I will email you a link in a couple of hours where you can find those things on eBay! About to go out for morning walk!

  5. This new season makeover is stunning Pam! Your new colors are very flattering! I’m definitely going to being pay attention to my own color choices!

  6. It has been surprising to me the difference it has made. So glad I decided to do this! Thanks Betty

  7. Just imagine, a wardrobe of custom colours that no one else has. Now I am sorry I donated some of my things due to the wrong shade. I did not know that it was so easy to dye clothes now, still remembering the buckets and gloves of years past. If we had a Goodwill for only accessories I would be in serious trouble. Ours has just a small section. Well, Annie didn’t just help you, she helped an entire following to save money and get a one of a kind closet. Thanks to you both. Now to get those colours right.

  8. This seems to be a far cry from RIT. My goodness, that turned out beautifully. Such a gorgeous color. This may seem like a crazy question, but you specify a front-loading washer. Does it matter?

  9. The instructions specified front loading, so I would assume it does make a difference…though I don’t know why?

  10. As you said…who knew! I’m like you if someone told me to use dye, I’d think messy, dishpan, dripping, mess. But this fabric dye appears to be a great alternative to garments which work better in your wardrobe. I’ve located a store down in Tallahassee that sells Dylon although they appear to be limited colors available. Did you buy yours locally or have them shipped? If I lived in San Antonio, I’d have a difficult time staying away from the Goodwill store you have introduced to us numerous times, especially when it comes to that wall of scarves and jewelry….as if I needed more! But what a great way for you to continue with your color switching in an economical way. Thank you for another interesting addition to your color adventure! Your dyed rosewood sweater is beautiful, and such a great color for an autumn.

  11. Hi Celia….I did not even think to look at local vendors! Thanks for pointing that out…I did order it from Amazon which is the link I provided. San Antonio is blessed to have such an amazing Goodwill organization that does great things for the community.

  12. I looooove that terracotta color. Do you think in person it’s similar to what some stores call Nantucket red? And I noticed the dye name is rosewood; I often see makeup called this and wonder if it’s suitable for autumnal coloring. I know it’s best not to get too hung up on names, but searching on line, it’s helpful to have some “color adjectives.”

  13. Hi Linda, I am not sure what Nantucket red is but the color looks just like it is showing on the blog today and I believe is a true terra cotta red. It definitely is in my autumn palette. Annie gave her thumbs up on the color today on my Instagram!

  14. Oh how I wish we had a thrift store in our area that only carried accessories! (I have four within a 5 – 7 minute drive and two others a maximum of twenty minutes away but often their sections are picked over in jewelry, scarves and belts.) As to your dying project; super job but for myself haven’t try the pods yet however love to experiment with such as its amazing what can be dyed. Do like your shoes and IMHO a perfect neutral for an Autumn wardrobe. -Brenda-

    Footnote: One of my grandson’s at the age of twelve became quite a little Entrepeneur by creating custom dyed and designed Lacrosse heads including their mesh for fellow team players. He is still now doing it at the age of fifteen however unlike before he no longer needs supervision as the old stove ‘n pot method is required to do it.

  15. Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here Pamela. Though I haven’t used the pods for dying I ‘suspect’ it may have something to do with the difference as to how the machine agitates which in turn activates and distributes the colour. -Brenda-

  16. Pam I have waited to comment on your new colors. At first I thought you changed your lighting, Then I credited your new hair style and hair color. I believe in the power of color, but apparently was in denial as you chronicle your journey. WOW! You look younger, happier and more youthful. I too love dyeing my clothing. The tricky part are pieces that are a fabric blend. Thank you!

  17. Thank you Suzi! I have not tried a fabric blend yet…but I have one garment I might try it with. Will report back!

  18. It’s good to see that you’ve discovered shopping at Goodwill stores too. I also like the idea of recycling and enjoying other people’s throw aways that they once loved. I have found some incredible clothes and accessories in Victoria BC.

  19. Hi Judy, I have been a local Goodwill ambassador for several years. I am a huge supporter of their mission and they have me shopping there every month. I find such amazing treasures! That is why they were one of the first places I went to when I discovered I needed to make a big wardrobe change.

  20. I’ve been following your seasonal color change closely. Watched a Annie YouTube on autumn. Seems there are 3 autumns. Think I fit into “autumn leaf”. Is there a way to get a set of autumn leaf colors without a consult? Definitely will check out the dye pods! And find someone with a front load washer….your posts have been so fun to follow and I’m learning a lot about Autumn. Thank you!

  21. Hi Pamela,
    As an autumn, I have tried dying with a friend who is a bright spring. Our 4 pieces weren’t too precious, thank goodness. Three came out blotchy and I guess that we didn’t use the Rit color mix recipe exactly. Live and learn. We will keep trying. I read somewhere that emerald green is autumn’s best friend when it comes to dying our blue jeans for the correct shade. My navy is marine navy. I am curious to try that out. I am interested in finding info on dying clothes that already have (the wrong) color, not just white clothing. It would be nice to have a place to collect information. Test and test again! Rit has a nice chart for mixing color dyes, but I will also look at Dylon.
    On another note, this past winter I used Angelus leather paints on over dozen pairs of shoes, boots, and handbags. New life for an autumn! Out with the black. The sales people at the company are really good about finding your shade by mixing colors and telling you what they used. The paint also adds new life to tired leather. You can also purchase straight up colors from Amazon or Blick.
    I have changed buckles from silver by using nail polishes.

  22. Hi Deborah, thanks for sharing you what you have learned. The DYLON pods are the easiest dye I have ever seen! I am pretty confident to say that I would not use anything else. I will report back if issues arise…but this cardigan was flawless and super easy.

  23. I may have missed this but what prompted you to explore a total change of colors? I like the way you jumped in one hundred percent. It certainly suits you. Thank you for sharing your style journey with us. Your little dog is perfect and does not need to be dyed orange just in case you plan a second dying spree!

  24. This may be the most useful post I’ve ever read. I have a stack of white tees and tanks from previous seasons. We all know that white garments don’t stay crisp and fresh looking for more than a season. This dying method sounds like the solution. I am curious about how fabric blends would take the dye? Polyester thread in seams?

  25. I have not tried a blend just yet.,,but I plan to and will report back. I just don’t know when that will be.

  26. Thank you, I did miss the post. If you ever hear of a good color analysist in the San Antonio area please let me know.

  27. Lily, One of my cotton Talbot tops came out fine but the polythread that they used stayed white. I used Rit. Dylon might be better with polyester. However, I am more interested in shades and hues, not always the straight from the pod color. Rit gives the recipes on their websites.

  28. Terrific dye choice for that sweater! Your outfit looks fantastic! I wish I were an autumn so I could join in on your colors.
    I’m still struggling to decide between summer and spring for myself. I wish I knew how to do that! It seems that colors in both palettes look good. Oh well!
    Your make-up colors look fun and that accessories only Goodwill Store…Wow! What a great idea that is!
    Looking forward to seeing your clothing/color choices moving forward

  29. Since everyone seems to be talking about dying(fabric,not themsleves)I will mention the clothes on the maniquins I really like the beige outfit and would wear that in the fall. Jacksonville, Fla. is too hot for it most of the summer. But when ever we do get Fall,usually after Christmas i would enjoy wearing that outfit. I like what your color change is doing for you. Keep it up!

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