New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Happy Monday, everyone…new week…new month…new fun! Today, let’s consider in the Style Refresh 2021: New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Annie Castano @CASTANOHEL has taught me so much…but this was really new to me and incredible knowledge.

Just consider that the linen cardigan I am wearing above, was not that color when I got up Saturday morning!

In my Zoom consultation with Annie, she explained that my new color palette did not include White/white.  Autumns wear creamy off white, gold or lighter browns….but not white.

I lamented to her over the number of items I own that are white/white, and in fabulous Annie fashion, she said,

“No worries, darling, just dye it.  It is so easy!’

My memories of dying clothing included buckets of old Rit dye and big messes!  Not a good memory for me!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

But Annie taught me that it is indeed a new world and introduced me to DYLON.

I have my DYLON off white color on the way (Called Pebble)…but let’s begin my experiments this way….

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

I purchased this pink linen cardigan from JJill last year and I really like it, but knew it was the wrong color for a VIBRANT AUTUMN palette.

So I decided it needed to be a terra cotta red to fill a gap for that color in a topper in my new wardrobe.

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Here is what you need to know:

  1. DYLON do-it-yourself, machine dye is so, so easy. 
  2. One Dylon pod will color up to four garments.
  3. The garments should be cotton, linen, or viscose.  (The other materials are said to dye lighter than the color indicated)
  4. You simply toss the pod and the garment (3) into a front loading washer and run a normal cycle.
  5. Then remove the empty pod, and wash the garments with your regular detergent.
  6. After you remove the garments, then run your washer empty to clean it.

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

And…it worked great!  I did a load of dirty garments afterwards…and all was good!!  Who knew?

I hung the cardigan outside to dry…in Texas that happens quickly this time of year.

I cannot wait to receive my Pebble pod to turn my whites to off-whites!!  But, I do love the DYLON ROSEWOOD RED!

Annie may have just unleashed a clothing dye monster!  We will see!



New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Annie also recommended that for my new warmer palette that I wear gold and bronze accessories (preferred over silver).

She said that a Bohemian Style demands lots accessories…necklaces, bracelets, scarves….speaking my language here.

In San Antonio, we have an amazing Goodwill organization which includes one whole Goodwill store just for accessories!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

It is kind of amazing…a whole back wall of scarves as well.  I will share more about it later, but naturally I rushed right over!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Today’s outfit features a necklace and bracelets from that store!

New Colors Needed? Dye It!

Now, these new Aetrex bronze flats are a top quality, comfort brand new to the blog.  I recently featured their sneakers, but I am going to make certain my cost per wear on the ballet flats is super low…they are so comfy and cute.

Make sure you read about the structure of these shoes! They are meant to help us avoid foot issues and still enjoy beautiful shoes. 

My goal is to add the cognac color before fall.

That’s it for today, ladies.  I am off to find something I can dye forest green!!  This is so much fun!  Back tomorrow and make sure you……………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided shoes for review and the words are my own.

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