Monday Motivation for life and skincare

Happy Monday…time for a little Monday Motivation for life and skincare!

Today’s life message is really short…but I believe important for those who need a push forward….



Monday Motivation for life and skincare

Dillard’s recently motivated me to attend a preview to a skincare Masterclass they are offering this week for free (San Antonio readers, see the flyer below)

I was not familiar with the brand Beauty Bio, but completely impressed by the scientific knowledge of founder, Jamie O’Banion and her biochemist father, James.

This brand is earth and animal friendly and backed by scientific research…many skincare lines are not.

James is actually the founder of the skincare treatment many of us know as microneedling.

Jamie has now developed a tool called GloPro which allows us to have the same benefits at home.

They say that many of their tools and products will support the skincare line you already know and love and make it work even better, or you can switch their line.

Dillard’s is the exclusive retailer for BeautyBio at this time….and there was much for me to learn that day.   I am glad I had the opportunity to touch and experience the products.

It was so interesting to see the results after using GloPro...the product just sucked right into the skin.  On my other arm, without it, it took time to absorb. 

Monday Motivation for life and skincare

I have decided as a part of my Summer Refresh Plan, to try this 45 day treatment called the R45 THE REVERSAL. 

This is a special retinol treatment used at night for 45 days in 3 phases.

100% of clinical trial participants saw visible changes in wrinkle reduction, fading spots, reducing pores and improving skin tone unevenness.

I just started it last night and will be charting progress on my daily calendar.  There are 15 days for each phase, and that takes me to July 20

The next day I turn 68…so we will see how I look for my birthday!!

Monday Motivation for life and skincare

Just like I said, it is fun to be a student.  I enjoyed learning new things about skincare from a biochemist-perspective.  (I never knew my retinol needed to be yellow!)

I hope San Antonio ladies will consider attending the Masterclass below…just call 210- 558-6221, Extension 5010 to RSVP…it is free!

Monday Motivation for Life & Skincare


Summer Refresh 2021

I want to thank everyone who commented on my hair yesterday…I will be sharing more as I open up more about my refresh…you are going to see me most often in style #2, for now!

In order to pull off Style #3, which I like, I need to purchase a curling iron and practice with it.

My stylist has recommend HOT TOOLS 24K GOLD EXTRA LONG.  I am going to go by Ulta today and begin working with it.

I hope you enjoyed this Monday Motivation video…the launch of my SUMMER REFRESH….and there is much more to come….have a wonderful day and make sure you……


By Pamela Lutrell

Monday Motivation for life and skincare





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