Summer Refresh 2021

Happy Sunday!! Welcome to the beginning of my talks on a Summer Refresh 2021: Hair & Feet (first discussion.)

My decision during 2020 to no longer return to a professional office job has opened up all kinds of decisions for me on how I now want my style to look.

Lately, I have been studying, experimenting, and pondering everything from head to toe.


Summer Refresh 2021

The three pictures at the top are my most recent hairstyles.

Style #1 has been my look for a while and seemed to serve me well in my professional life. 

Mr. B has commented often that he misses my long hair and encouraged me to let it grow.

Next, a new hair stylist told me that I should not straighten it when I have natural curls and waves…so, I decided to give that a try and to my surprise, I liked it. (Picture #2)

#2 is just wash and dry…not really anything else, except some oil. 

There is a big story I will share with you soon about one more person who counseled me to get rid of the blonde highlights, and go back to caramel low lights.

When I told my stylist that, she completely agreed and said she was going to discuss the blonde with me.  So this week, we went a bit darker and softer with waves. (Look #3)

So, here is your chance, ladies, to give me your thoughts….would you pick Door #1,2 or 3….I am interested to hear your initial reaction and will share more of my thoughts later.

As I keep teasing, there is a bigger story here and the hair is just the beginning.


Summer Refresh 2021 for feet

My funky feet are super happy to add TAOS FOOTWEAR to our list of sponsor brands!

These PRIZE 4 sandals are a new fave with leather straps that will adjust to all of the potential “challenges” many of us have with feet.

Summer Refresh 2021 for feet

They refresh with Cooling Recovery Foam, which gives the footbed the right amount of cushioning for lasting cooling comfort.

TAOS FOOTWEAR is a new fave that I highly recommend for a beautiful, artisan,  comfortable shoe. 

I am considering ordering the same shoe in a different color!

Summer Refresh 2021 for feet

Give me your thoughts on the hair…messy, soft waves, straight…what would you do?  I so appreciate you being here and want to welcome the new readers who have recently subscribed…we are so excited you are here!

See you tomorrow for Monday Motivation at my breakfast table!



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided content to review for this post, but the words are my own.




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