Summer Refresh 2021: Hair & Feet

Summer Refresh 2021

Happy Sunday!! Welcome to the beginning of my talks on a Summer Refresh 2021: Hair & Feet (first discussion.)

My decision during 2020 to no longer return to a professional office job has opened up all kinds of decisions for me on how I now want my style to look.

Lately, I have been studying, experimenting, and pondering everything from head to toe.


Summer Refresh 2021

The three pictures at the top are my most recent hairstyles.

Style #1 has been my look for a while and seemed to serve me well in my professional life. 

Mr. B has commented often that he misses my long hair and encouraged me to let it grow.

Next, a new hair stylist told me that I should not straighten it when I have natural curls and waves…so, I decided to give that a try and to my surprise, I liked it. (Picture #2)

#2 is just wash and dry…not really anything else, except some oil. 

There is a big story I will share with you soon about one more person who counseled me to get rid of the blonde highlights, and go back to caramel low lights.

When I told my stylist that, she completely agreed and said she was going to discuss the blonde with me.  So this week, we went a bit darker and softer with waves. (Look #3)

So, here is your chance, ladies, to give me your thoughts….would you pick Door #1,2 or 3….I am interested to hear your initial reaction and will share more of my thoughts later.

As I keep teasing, there is a bigger story here and the hair is just the beginning.


Summer Refresh 2021 for feet

My funky feet are super happy to add TAOS FOOTWEAR to our list of sponsor brands!

These PRIZE 4 sandals are a new fave with leather straps that will adjust to all of the potential “challenges” many of us have with feet.

Summer Refresh 2021 for feet

They refresh with Cooling Recovery Foam, which gives the footbed the right amount of cushioning for lasting cooling comfort.

TAOS FOOTWEAR is a new fave that I highly recommend for a beautiful, artisan,  comfortable shoe. 

I am considering ordering the same shoe in a different color!

Summer Refresh 2021 for feet

Give me your thoughts on the hair…messy, soft waves, straight…what would you do?  I so appreciate you being here and want to welcome the new readers who have recently subscribed…we are so excited you are here!

See you tomorrow for Monday Motivation at my breakfast table!



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided content to review for this post, but the words are my own.





  1. I think you are fortunate to have a lot of hair. For those of us with fine-textured hair, a little more of it would be welcome! Your hair looks so pretty with the waves. Do you have to do something specific when drying it, or do you just let it dry naturally? The lowlights do look very natural, and I think youthful. Blonde highlights are fun, and it makes sense when we think of transitioning to gray someday, and I believe we should do what we enjoy when it comes to our hair. If it inspires confidence, that comes through and is a positive. Lowlights look very pretty, and I’m sure inspire the same confidence. The sandals are nice, but I have bunions and they would not work with that issue, no matter how adjustable they are! The straps would accentuate the problem area. I really struggle to find sandals that hide this issue, but they are out there! These are great on you though! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your story!

  2. Hi Karen! Picture #2 is wash and dry naturally. Picture #3 is wash, dry with dryer, curl with curling iron. I will discuss more soon why I decided to go lowlights. Thanks!

  3. Hi Pam, I really like number 3 with the low lights. IMO, it is a softer look and as a person with very fine, straight hair, I agree with Karen in that you are very blessed to have such thick, full hair. I have been wearing Taos for while now and even with a bunion they are comfortable. Thank you for your blog, I look forward to reading it every morning. Betty

  4. Your hair is looking great; I love the lowlights! I have those Taos sandals in tan and pewter, as well as two other pairs in a different styles. I also have a pair of Taos sneakers. Their shoes are so comfortable and have great arch support!

  5. Hairstyle #3 is my favorite! The warm color complements your skin tone so nicely, and the wavy style is very pretty. I recently discovered Taos footwear and purchased a pair of canvas sneakers that are very comfortable. They have good arch support, which you don’t always find in that type of shoe. Love the sandals you feature here.

  6. All hair styles are very pretty. However, my favorite is number 3. It’s so natural looking and softens your beautiful face.

  7. I would say # 2,but after reading all the comments,#3 will probably get your vote! Agree with all the comment about having lots of hair. I am with the lacking group. The mirror at the hair dressers is always the big reveal when i go. Most of the time, I don’t feel any different, but when I am sitting there ad we are focusing on my hair, do I ever notice the loss! I did try to let it grow longer and natural. However
    ,if one has had darker hair,there is still pigment(according to the hairdresser)left in the follicle which keeps it from being grey or silver. mine was not a nice color. So I have continued to stay blonde with highlights. But my husband has always said that hair is a personal choice. So ladies-go with what makes you feel good! Those other people(,Naysayers) are not walking in your shoes!

  8. Hair is such a personal choice, what feels good and what you are comfortable maintaining. I have thick curly hair and when the heat hits I just want to cut it all off, so it is pulled back or up on those days. With the heat and humidity the battle to straighten it is ongoing, so as much as I love the straight look on you, the wavy look is more casual and easier to wash and go. With no hair salons open for another month at least, and no haircut for 8 months, the bangs have grown out to a side sweep and I am not sure if I will go back to straigh across bangs. Do you find them hot? The final decision I guess is what you and your husband agree is best for you. I know, not much help here, but I have friends who are very divided on what looks best for me, and I think much of that is what they themselves are comfortable wearing. I have had everything from shoulderblade length to 1 inch so always feel like a change. Good luck.

  9. The great thing about hair is that no mistake is permanent! I think you look the youngest and perkiest in the natural look of #2, but the others are nice for other occasions. #1 business, #2 casual #3 date night and special occasions. Win win win! I’m 68 and stopped coloring my hair about 15 years ago. It was too high maintenance to keep it dark when my natural hair was turning white. I spent half of every month looking like a skunk! Now I am silver and get more compliments on my hair than I ever did before. It’s scary but I think God had a plan so I decided to listen. 😁

  10. #3 looks fresh and natural, and still long enough to pull back on hot, humid days. And, I love your outfit. Great proportions for your body.

  11. I vote Look 2 for style, Look 3 for color. I am on the same journey, though am not letting my hair touch my shoulders. I never thought I had many waves, and blew my hair out straight for years and years. Now I air dry my hair with only two products besides shampoo: Miracle It’s a 10 leave in conditioner, and Kenra Sugar Beach Sun Creme 12 (it helps a -ton- with the frizz). While it’s drying, I scrunch it in my hands, and use a butterfly clip on the crown to scrunch in the volume on top. It results in perfect beach waves. I also added many darker highlights to my colored blonde hair and feel much more like “me,” because my hair was almost black when younger. Clothing that was washing me out before now looks good again. It’s worth it to put some thought into hair, because it’s the accessory we wear every day.

  12. I vote for #3. I like the softer look and tired of the overly blond highlights I’ve received/advised to get over the years. I too recently went to more caramel highlights although I have very fine hair as well. I feel more natural and it looks wonderful on you.

  13. #3 for sure with the low lights. It looks well with your complexion and very natural. But the style of #2 is also good for casual days when you don’t want to fuss with your hair. All in all, I think the new coloring and style suits your new lifestyle. You look more approachable and less business-like which is the whole point, right?

  14. I love your curls! #3 is my fav, with #2 a close second. The caramel low lights are very pretty. Everyone loves highlights and the blonde look (I went through that phase myself), but I think the darker color is very flattering to you Pamela, and looks more “sophisticated” in my opinion! You just really can’t go wrong with either look!
    The shoes are fabulous! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  15. Two and three look wonderful on you but I have to say that your smile is what caught my eye. You have such a brilliant, friendly smile that even if you were wearing a paper bag on your head you would still look beautiful!

  16. All three styles look lovely on you! My pick is #3, but having a pixie myself, I am all about a wash, blow and go style. So I can relate to #2. Covid gave me the chance to let my hair go natural and I must say that I get just as many compliments on my silver hair as I did with it blonde. And it is a lot easier to maintain.

  17. I love the look of number three. I like the caramel low lights. With curls. I know fashionista for sure, but I think that the bangs are too heavy for your face. In that respect I like Number two
    Good for you for trying to change out.
    During the pandemic I decided to let my hair go natural which is solid white (I’m a redhead) that lasted for about 10 minutes. It was beautiful but it was not me. Kudos for making the change it your life. There’s always room for growth

  18. Hair look #3 is it! You look fresh and EZPZ even though sounds like it was a little more effort. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  19. #3 gets my vote because I love the color and soft curl. #2 is a close second, especially with the lowlights. You are fortunate to have such great hair. While you can pull off #1, it looks choppy compared to the softer styles. Embrace the waves!

  20. IMHO; the softer highlights (#3) do look more natural however feel, whatever you are comfortable with is really what’s important. That said; out of curiosity and with no intention to offend is there a reason why you wear bangs and/or would you consider growing them out in event you are now opting for a wash ‘n wear style? Reasons for asking; just from observation seldom do you see a ‘full’ bang with long or natural curly/wavy locks. Secondly by doing so, I’m wondering if your beautiful eyes and radiant smile would shine forth even more without competition? Just my thoughts as I’m certainly not a hair stylist. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Am loving the styles of the TAOS footwear and the fact that many of the sandal designs include adjustable straps as I have what is described as a European foot. (Narrow heel and wide toe bed plus wear a half size which adds to the dilemma of a good fit. Also, I don’t believe in having to break-in a shoe.)

  21. #3 gets my vote. The low lights & the style look natural & youthful. A great look for the more relaxed lifestyle you have now.

  22. I love #3 where you are wearing the denim shirt. I think the caramel lowlights are more flattering than the blonde. And the waves and curls make you look more youthful – the compliment your gorgeous face and smile!

  23. I vote for #3 — all 3 looks are attractive but I think both the style & more natural colour in the last photo are extra flattering (I also love that denim shirt with the jeans!) But as someone else with thick, naturally curly hair, I admit that just looking at it makes me sweaty & hot. I used to wear mine about the same length but have it much shorter now, and, yes, my husband has an opinion on it (when we first met a million years ago my hair was ash blonde & halfway to my butt), which I cheerfully ignore as he’s not *under* it, doesn’t have to wash it, dry it & care for it (& besides, he shaves his head to avoid dealing with MPB, so any discussion of hair gets a raised eyebrow from me). I’ve mentioned before how much I love my charcoal & silver hair after letting it grow out last year & now & again I contemplate letting it grow out in length as well to see how I like the combination, but in the end I realize I prefer it shorter. I think you just have to play with it to see which style you like best when you look in the mirror & ignore everyone else’s well-intentioned thoughts on the subject 🙂

  24. Love the natural styling of #2 and the color with low lights of #3. Your natural waves are very complementary to your facial features. I’m 76 and finally have stopped trying to straighten and flatten my hair every day. I opted for a jaw length bob which I can wear no fuss wavy or blow out straight. Best of both worlds!
    I am a “shoeaholic”. Have not triedTaos, but those look great and appear to have good adjustability as I have both high instep and arch. Hope you have a wonderful week! 🌺

  25. I actually like door #2 best. It seems the majority are choosing #3 but it looks a little too fixed and in my opinion outdated. But they all 3 look good on you and I believe you should pick what makes you feel the best

  26. Delurking here. You certainly have beautiful hair! For me, style #2, color #3–without a doubt. A casual, carefree, and, dare I say it, youthful style that doesn’t look too done. And the warmer color of #3 is flattering and softer, and also less “woman of a certain age,” than the blonde of #2.

  27. Change is always good. I like the new colour and the curls. I’m thinking a good round brush and a drier with a cool shot button may make the third look easier and quicker than using a curling iron. I went au natural a few years ago after many years of colouring as I was tired of the white roots showing in two weeks. I had a great hairdresser who bleached out small sections and then larger sections in progressions so as not to have a growth line. I’m so glad that I did it before Covid or I would have had two very distinct horizontal blocks of colour. When I use to be out and about, even strangers would comment that they loved the colour of my hair.

  28. I like look #2 best. I think blonde highlights just look lighter and happier. I do love the curls and waves though, in #3. Maybe a combination of the two would be pretty. I would definitely say, stop straightening your hair. That must be a pain, but are you taking on the same amount of work if you have to use a curling iron?
    I have thin, fine hair, but enough of it that I can wear it long. I don’t do much else to it, but I do get blondish highlights. Can’t wait to hear why you decided on caramel low lights.
    You’ve given me some food for thought!

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