Style Refresh 2021: Closet Reorganization Begins!

Style Refresh 2021 Closet Reorganization

Happy Tuesday and welcome back to my journey to a new me!  Today is Style Refresh 2021: Closet Reorganization Begins!

Now that I have chosen to go from wearing WINTER colors to AUTUMN colors, it was necessary to do, yet another, closet reorganization.

This is the third time since leaving professional-office-life that I have done a purge…but this time with more purpose!

(Of course, Mr. B rejoices each time I reduce what has been hanging there for years!)


Style Refresh 2021: Closet Reorganization Begins

Annie supplied me with her unique Castanohel color chart, and I took it into a deep closet dive.

With her recommendation, I laid out three categories:

  1. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUTUMNS Category 1 – these are the pieces I love and wear the most in colors not recommended for autumns.

          Annie suggested I take these pieces and hang them in another closet.  Then see how often I think of them and go to wear them…that will determine if they eventually stay or go. 

      2.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUTUMNS Category 2 – These are the ones that just need to go.  I do not wear them that often any longer or they were part of a past professional world. 

           This category included a lot of white.  Autumns wear off-white, creams, golds, tans and not white/white.  I have spent too much money trying to look good in a classic white top…now I know it wasn’t me!

            I wasn’t meant to look my best in white!    

Style Refresh 2021: Closet Reorganization Begins

3. RECOMMENDED FOR AUTUMNS –  I now have these garments hanging together in a special section.  I will organize this better soon, but it is nice to see them all hanging out in the same place.

The majority of clothing I have decided to keep hail from Chico’s, Talbots, JJill and Dillard’s. There are single garments sprinkled in from maybe four other brands.

Yesterday, Karen asked about neutrals.  My neutrals don’t really change that much in pants…I will keep my black pants and see how often I wear them.

A creamy off white pant is on my wish list. 

I can see me wearing more creamy off -whites, tans, browns, taupes, and  elephant grays for neutrals. I am excited to have the brown animal prints in my palette… zebra is gone.

I do have a large selection of clothing I will sell, and a large selection to be donated. 

The next round will include looking at pieces from Annie’s recommendation for my style personality…more on that Thursday!

Your Style Refresh Action Point is at the end of the post.



Style Refresh 2021: Closet Reorganization

My Style Refresh 2021 includes trying some new products and I told you about BeautyBio in this post…HERE.

I am doing a 45 Day Retinol treatment called THE REVERSAL. So, last night I began phase 2.  My skin was looked at yesterday by a Dillard’s beauty expert and she said Phase 1 worked exactly as it was suppose to.

Each phase of THE REVERSAL take two weeks…I will update you when I move on the Phase 3.

James Avery Giveaway

I am hosting a giveaway on Instagram that is super easy to enter.  The winner will receive a $200 gift card to James Avery Artisan Jewelry.  Enter HERE.

Style Refresh 2021 Reorganization

I am super excited to introduce you to this new walking shoe by Aetrex!  (Of course a Style Refresh includes refreshing my exercise routine!

I was introduced to Aetrex at Dillard’s where they have a display with a machine that evaluates your foot needs.  Then they email the information to you.

Since, I am walking in the neighborhood more, these Xpress Runner 2 sneakers are a joy…the construction, arch support and incredible heel support just make me want to walk longer and father.

And in June, Aetrex would like to see all of us doing more walking…even if just a few minutes a day!

Style Refresh 2021

Style Refresh 2021


OK, your STYLE REFRESH ACTION POINT: Take the clothing you like, that you know is not in your best color palette and move it from your main closet or put it at the back of the closet.  Then see how often you think of it or desire to go to those pieces.

Keep your best colors in front of your face in your main closet and try to only wear the colors that flatter you most for awhile.  Then decide if those pieces should stay or go.   

Thanks for all of your encouragement and for being here…the mid-week WOULD YOU WEAR IT tomorrow…then back to the Style Refresh!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was sent the shoes for review, and the words are my own.


  1. The color chart is helpful. I can see where I am from that and can see a few things I have that are off the mark. Good action step, I’ll be doing this. It makes sense to have what looks best, and I’m really interested to hear how you arrived at a style personality. That sounds like a very interesting concept!

    1. I would never have thought to do the closet by color without this experience…it is so much better!

  2. You will feel so much lighter when you get the offenders out of the picture. When I had my last one done, I boxed up all the off colour and not worn styles and got rid of them so I would not go back and pull them out. There are some that I miss, but for the most part I am glad to be rid of them. It is still the style guidelines that I sometimes have trouble with, then regret a purchase that just sits and I wonder why I take it off before leaving the house. Did you get the style and personality assesment done also? That makes things click and you go ” so that is why I did not like it on me”. So interesting to follow along with you and see the transformation. I am happy for you to still be able to wear the animal prints, as that picture of you in the leaves always makes me smile.

    1. Just realized that Thursday you are talking about the style, so ignore that question. I am looking forward to seeing which you are.

  3. When I was in my late 20’s, I worked for a Image Consultant Company. We did Color Analysis. I know I’m a spring. But over the years I got lazy about shopping in my color group, sometimes it is hard to find your color when you need an outfit. So after reading your blog, I decided to wear colors in my color group for the last two days. I have gotten so many compliments,. Even my husband said I looked pretty, and we have been married 50 years. He usually says I look nice. I look in my closet, and it is all whites, and blacks. An easy combination, but one I should not be wearing. They make me look tired. I’m excited to follow you on this journey, but boy, do I hate to get rid of most of my clothes! Maybe I’ll just wear a lot of scarfs in Spring colors.

    1. Your comment just made my day, Cyndee. Just move the ones you don’t really want to part with now to another closet or storage box and see how much you go back to them…I am anxious to see if I go back to the ones I moved.
      Keep those compliments going by wearing your true colors…it will bring so much joy to your days.

  4. I’m following along. I’ve rediscovered that I’m a winter/summer…how did I end up with so many autumn clothes?!?! Actually I do know…it was from purchasing for my personality style first, and my color palette as the second consideration. I guess my color palette wasn’t on trend when/where I was shopping and found fun-to-wear pieces. Can you please incorporate some tips for shopping when my “colors” aren’t in the stores? And vice versa, when my colors are there, but my personality style isn’t?

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. I will keep that in mind…my new autumn style is major on trend right now…but probably won’t be next year. I am going to make a list and do my best to address all of these questions!

    1. When I was younger, I had very black hair (blue eyes, fair skin definitely a winter.). When the hair started to grey it was blah, so I frosted and I got very tired of it and told the hairdresser to strip all the color out. It was a pale blond for 20 years, with coral being my best color and no white next to my face. During Covid, I let my hair go natural. Now it is silver in front with streaks of silver in back. I love it. But now the autumn colors are NOT so flattering. White looks good again next to my face. Bottom line, I think hair color can influence color choice, too.

      1. Good to know Kathy…thanks for sharing that. I hope my journey inspires everyone reading to do their own research and seek what might be best for them. It is so empowering to me to wear the right colors now…but sometimes I know it is not a simple decision.

    2. I’m as puzzled as you about colors with my graying brown hair that I grew out during the pandemic. . I have gone to a store now that we are able to shop in person and held garment after garment up to my face looking for a flattering color. Unfortunately I don’t find anything that doesn’t make me look washed out. have no idea how to find best colors.

      1. I know it must be frustrating Sue but believe you can find answers! Are you on Instagram? If not you can set up a page and make it private just so you can see what is there. I encourage you to go to Susan_unefemme. Count five boxes in with Susan at the top and two women at bottom. She interviews two color consultants and the conversation includes women who have gray hair. It will be worth your time to listen!

  5. How are you handling jewelry? I seem to recall you have a sentimental collection of silver bracelets?

    1. Hi Lily,
      I promise to discuss accessories particularly jewelry soon!! It is on the agenda! Thanks for your patience.

  6. So interesting! After years of black and “good” but sturdy teacher clothes, I feel I’ve been fumbling a lot in retirement. Even after revising my adjectives, I find it a struggle. On a parallel, amateur track I too did my colors (by myself), and determined I’m a deep (blue) autumn. I can wear off black (go find it! Haha). I’ve read blue is universal, and I look good in some shades, but not cobalt or gray blue. So … what do I do about black, which is often the only neutral available in plus size (esp activewear), and what will you do about denim? I can tell you why everyone wears black … it matches with itself and most everything else, and it’s so easy. Maybe I should go back to that long ago typing as a winter, and pretend it’s correct :).

    1. Hi Linda, the wonderful professional working with me, Annie Castano, would not agree that blue is universal, but very particular to each seasonal category. She has counseled me to wear kingfisher blue (similar to teal) and marine navy (more yellow that traditional navy). She counseled me to also wear elephant gray in place of black. I now see where black made me look puffy, tired and older when near my face. What is near your face should always be your best colors. Annie told me to always wear dark denim and not like denim because I am a curvy lady. All of my workout clothes are black or grey…except for one really nice teal set…but I really don’t care because they are…well..workout clothes. They are not the clothes I live in. I did keep a few black pieces and plan to wear them with my vibrant colors either in tops or scarves. Does that help?

  7. I am very excited to follow your style journey! I have followed Une Femme for many years, and her transformation also inspired me to look more critically at my colors and style. Based on my own extensive reading and self analysis, I am also an autumn and my style is Classic and Natural. I have been slowly working on editing my closet, but it is difficult. I love the advice to put the clothes you still love but are not in your palette in another closet. I have a lot of black and black and white that I am finding hard to part with, even though I know I don’t look as good in those colors. When I do reach for those pieces I try to pair them with my best colors, keeping my autumn colors closest to my face. Fashion designers seem to favor a different color palette and different silhouettes every season, (probably so you keep buying new things!) so it can be hard to replace favorite pieces with similar items in the correct color palette, even if you are committed to doing so. I am looking forward to watching your transformation and seeing a new and more vibrant you that really reflects your fun, uplifting and creative personality!

    1. Thank you for sharing Kami, and for the support!I really think I cleared out more white/white garments than black because I know I don’t look good in it and I have known that…just didn’t want to own up to it. But my favorite black pieces are now hanging in my office upstairs!

  8. Thanks for posting that color chart. From it I can see that I am a winter/summer. In other words, I need a cool palette. Which explains why those browns & oranges that look so lovely on you don’t flatter me at all, & the snow leopard blouse looks much better than the traditional leopard print.

  9. I keep saying “how interesting!”, but only because it’s true 🙂 Your explanation of the changes you’re making explains perfectly why when I’m tired or in a hurry I always reach for pure, clear white as my default “comfort” colour: it makes me look rested & healthy & gets me compliments instead of concerned queries if I’m getting enough sleep! LOL! And why it took me YEARS to figure out why black sometimes looks great on me & sometimes doesn’t: it’s not me, it’s the black itself. Crisp vibrant black works, but a shade to either side does not. Same with copper versus earthy browns & probably why I’ve always been drawn to silver jewelry & never gold because I don’t like how it looks on me. My “new” charcoal & silver hair hasn’t changed that, but I’ve added dark grey & silver to my closet; as long as they’re sharp & clear they flatter me, anything subdued or muted does not. (I just repeated that to my husband, who laughed & said, “honey, you’ve never been subdued or muted in your entire life, I sure hope you’re not going to start now!” Gotta love the man.)

    Looking forward to the next step, Pam. You’ve got me hooked!

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