Would You Wear It - Summer Neutrals

Happy Wednesday…time for the mid-week pop up!  Today is Would You Wear It – Summer Neutrals!

During mid-week, I am on my own and bring to you another fashion display for your scrutiny.

Would You Wear It - Summer Neutrals

I saw this one recently at Kohl’s.

One thing immediately popped out at me…I am going to hold my tongue and see if one of you notices what I saw before anything else.

On these days, of course, I ask that you look the display over and explain in detail why or why not you would wear the clothing.

It’s in the details where others are helped and the comments are read.  PLEASE COMMENT EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SOMETHING AND EXPLAIN WHY!

Would You Wear It - Summer Neutrals

So, look these over closely and tell us ladies…..



Would You Wear It Summer Neutrals

Looking for a beautiful summer neutral sandal?  These Smile Bright Sandals in Sand from BZEES are wonderful.

Would You Wear It Summer Neutrals

Same BZEES comfort…can be washed at home when needed…and easy to walk in.  Here are all of the places you can currently find this shoe:

Every day…more and more…I grow in my love of BZEES shoes!

Now, make sure you tell us what you think of today’s fashion display…more on the Style Refresh tomorrow…and always, always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was sent the shoes for review, and the words are my own!

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