Would You Wear It – Summer Neutrals

Would You Wear It - Summer Neutrals

Happy Wednesday…time for the mid-week pop up!  Today is Would You Wear It – Summer Neutrals!

During mid-week, I am on my own and bring to you another fashion display for your scrutiny.

Would You Wear It - Summer Neutrals

I saw this one recently at Kohl’s.

One thing immediately popped out at me…I am going to hold my tongue and see if one of you notices what I saw before anything else.

On these days, of course, I ask that you look the display over and explain in detail why or why not you would wear the clothing.

It’s in the details where others are helped and the comments are read.  PLEASE COMMENT EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SOMETHING AND EXPLAIN WHY!

Would You Wear It - Summer Neutrals

So, look these over closely and tell us ladies…..



Would You Wear It Summer Neutrals

Looking for a beautiful summer neutral sandal?  These Smile Bright Sandals in Sand from BZEES are wonderful.

Would You Wear It Summer Neutrals

Same BZEES comfort…can be washed at home when needed…and easy to walk in.  Here are all of the places you can currently find this shoe:

Every day…more and more…I grow in my love of BZEES shoes!

Now, make sure you tell us what you think of today’s fashion display…more on the Style Refresh tomorrow…and always, always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was sent the shoes for review, and the words are my own!


  1. I’d maybe try the black dress if I needed it. It looks like a good, casual style for a warm day. The floral one is a definite no. It would wash me out, and I can’t imagine what they were thinking putting those shoes with that dress. The dress might have potential for women who can wear that color if it was paired with some different shoes. Those shoes just drag the whole look down as I see it.

    1. I like the style of the black dress. I already have a summer weight black dress, so would try if it came in another color. I rather like the print on the dress on the right, but my goodness those arm holes appear to be way too deep. I think a belt and simple sandals would improve it, too.

  2. Both dresses are cute! I would prefer the floral dress with a bit of color but I would add colorful jewelery and different shoes. I don’t think those shoes look good with that dress. I like the style, length and simplicity of the black dress but would LOVE it in Navy! I guess I’m focusing on footwear today because I don’t like those sandals with the black dress either.

  3. I like the simplicity of the black dress. I would prefer it in navy but black will work. I don’t like the sandals shown. The floral dress is too neutral for me and the shoes don’t look right. Simple black sandals would be nice.

  4. For this display, I would keep on walking. I do not wear black so the dress on the left is a no for me. I am not sure what it is about the dress on the right, the arm holes are too deep but that would be covered up with a topper. The black shoes are much too heavy for the lightness of the dress in the display, but that could be fixed with those cute shoes you are wearing yourself. I am usually a fan of dresses for summer but this is just not a try on for me. Looking forward to your post tomorrow with the style angle of the new you.

  5. im liking those bzees, they are cute. now i cant typically wear slides, because they slide off, but the body of those look interesting, like they might work on me.
    i like the black dress, depending on fabric, i cant really tell on my antique monitor, lol.
    but i imagine it in a light fabric, like you could throw it on for breakfast in the Carribean, or that afternoon time between beach and dinner….yes im getting a little obsessed with island visions..lol. the other one doesnt appeal, maybe the print, im not sure.

  6. It just goes to show that the right show can make or break an outfit. The lightweight looking print dress on the right is made to look like an old muu-muu instead of a cool dress by using those heavy looking black cover the whole foot shoes instead of a sandal. Even a white tennis shoe would look less clunky than those black ones. Altho’ the length of the dress would still look better with a lighter weight shoe style.

  7. I wouldn’t wear the one on the left because it has a drawstring waist. That always seems to emphasize my belly below! The armholes look very large also. I would style the outfit on the right differently. I don’t mind a sneakerlike shoe with a dress that is the trend right now but with such a light floral, I think those black shoes really drag it down. I would put it with a strappy sandal.

    1. For me personally, I don’t like how the neckline of the see through overlay on the dress on the right does not match the V neckline of the camisole underneath. I know some people don’t mind this sort of look, but for me personally it makes it look like the underlayer slip is not really a part of the dress, if that makes sense?

      Just a minor niggle though – I wouldn’t wear it anyway due to those light colours washing me out (like others have already mentioned).

  8. Well nothing blatant jumps out at me in looking at these two dresses-hmmmm. Hoping Pam shares her discovery?
    I’d wear the shorter black dress if and only if the fabric is cool and if good quality. It would look nice with a little heeled sandal I think. The other dress (though more summery looking) doesn’t appeal to me. It’s too long and just doesn’t interest me. Maybe if I were taller I’d look at it twice.

  9. The black dress is simple and would be nice for an event not in bright sunlight and casual. The other dress looks washed out to me, the armhole appears to be too low, but I do like the way the fabric drapes and the light gathers at the neckline are nice. The shoes need to be switched out, sneakers with the casual dress and sandals with the other dress.

    1. Hi Sueann, You got what jumped out at me! I thought the shoes were on the wrong dresses…I had an immediate reaction to the shoe choice!

      1. The black dress is something I would try on. The print dress is too weird – the print is not vibrant enough and the waistline is a mess. The shoes do seem odd.

  10. A ‘no’ to both dresses, namely because of their styles. First off ; question the depth/cut of their armholes and both styles are basically not what I’d choose for myself. i.e.: Re the black dress, am not a fan of tie-waists and do not care for the fullness of the skirt in dress two. That said; re the latter would prefer either the Vera Wang, long chemise dress or simply midi caftan dress featured in your slideshow instead due to their soft drapes but with less fabric. As to their mannequin styling; would wear an open toe sandal for both to draw the eye continuously down from the dress hemline to the tip of the toe giving the illusion of a longer and slimmer leg plus in some cases more height. Also feel a non-trainer type of below-the-ankle sneaker would also work with the black dress, would nix the necklace shown and add a sports-watch and simple earrings for a relaxed look. Last but not least; would replace the handbag shown with a clutch, wristlet or small structured handbag as feel it looks too casual/sporty for the fabric of the dress. -Brenda-

  11. I would wear the black dress with strong white accessories to make it more summery. I would add a strong white necklace and perhaps black and white sandals or runners. I’d more likely buy the royal blue dress you can see on the right in the first picture if it came in petite. The print dress is too creamy in colour for me. I thought what you saw was the waist line on it. It does not go straight across which means you could not add a belt to cover the elastic waist which is what I would want to do. I believe it would also really accentuate the hips.

  12. 100 percent no because of the gaping armholes alone. This drives me crazy in clothing and is hard to avoid. My arms are smaller proportionally than my midsection (apple shaped), so many sleeveless styles are cut too big. But what I think could be avoided with correct craftsmanship is that pinch of excess fabric under the arm. It seems to me (not a seamstress) that the area could be shaped, but that it’s cheaper to just cut it straight. Then it bulges out.

  13. Oh gosh … those black shoes with the floral dress are not a good choice. I’d really like to know what the display person was thinking. I can’t imagine that this would be a good look on anyone.

    That being said, the floral dress is cool and summery but the armholes do seem a bit big.

    I like the black dress — I think it could be worn as a beach cover-up. It looks so comfortable.

    I like the simplicity of both dresses and would try them both.

  14. I wouldn’t wear either of these as they are sleeveless & would need a topper of some sort. The black dress is ok, but I don’t like it enough to search for something to wear with it. The print dress is just too faded looking for my taste, & the arm holes are too big. Yes, the shoes would look much better if they were switched.

  15. Nope. Both mannequins look like linebackers in the NFL from here — I don’t know if the dresses are too large (gaping armholes would suggest they are), or if it’s the cludgey shoes or the poses or what, but both strike me as extremely unflattering. The print dress is just TOO “neutral” for my colouring — the beige would make me disappear altogether — and I don’t like the white in the shoes & bag with the beige. I think it would look better worn with strappy beige or black sandals & a lighter-weight bag (either beige or black). I’d have worn the black dress back when I wore dresses, drawstring waists & sleeveless garments but I avoid all 3 nowadays so wouldn’t give this display more than a passing glance. The dresses in the slide show, on the other hand, are all really pretty!

  16. The solid black dress is nice. It looks comfortable and casual. The other dress is not attractive in my view; and especially with those clunky looking shoes! Not good at all.
    I would wear the solid black, but not the print dress.

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