Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Welcome to Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1!

I decided to call my new style journey a “refresh” because it has been refreshing and freeing to go through the changes.

But, not always easy…I have reminded myself often to be open-minded and teachable…that has paid off.

Annie counsels us to discover our seasonal palettes, then know our style personalities, and then understand the importance of the shapes of our clothing….her three Ss!

When it comes to style personalities, I had some knee-jerk reactions, but upon further scrutiny with an open mind, I am learning and growing.



Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1

Remember this quote from designer, Rachel Zoe!  Understanding Style Personalities will help us to understand this quote better.

Our goals are:

  1. For people to notice US before they notice what we are wearing.
  2. To be confident In what we wear and not even make age a part of the equation!
  3. To feel and look our best each and every day…no matter our current lifestyle
  4. To better understand ourselves and then OWN it!


Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1

I did a personal transcription of the interview Annie did on Instagram with Susan Blakey.   You can find that interview HERE.

In order to discover a client’s style personality, the lovely ladies at Castanohel, first determine their colors; then look at their face shape; their body shape; and their lifestyle.

Then they give a short quiz to determine if the client is more intuitive (feminine dominance) or more rational (male dominance). 

This all helps them to select a style personality.

However, Annie also says, ” Often the reason we go back to certain garments and wear them over and over again, has to do with our style personality.  We are more than likely that person.”

Her company goal is NOT to make us into something we are not.  Also, the celebrities mentioned below are just guidelines to help us understand the category better….nothing more.

She believes style personalities help us to rejoice in who we are…right now…and be content and confident with our age and size.


Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1






Very confident individuals, sophisticated, asymmetric…usually possess angular facial features. Like to make bold, structured fashion statements.

Examples: Grace Jones, Tilda Swinson, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Cher



  A classic is composed, sleek, elegant, effortless and has to be well groomed; such as wearing well fitted suits and dresses.  It is the most expensive of the style personalities. They are typically very reserved people and small, timeless accessories. ANNIE CAUTIONS:  If you are not a classic, this style will age you.

 Examples:  Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, Michelle Dockery, Rachel Weisz

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1



The girl next door who needs the least amount of attention to look great.  Very natural, wholesome outdoorsy style and even looks amazing in athleisure wear.  These are the sporty ones.  They are not angular and if they dress too classic, they look older. 

They keep accessories and makeup very simple and natural.

Examples:  Julia Roberts; Cameron Diaz; and Elle McPherson. Note: (Sandra Bullock is a dramatic natural); and my good friend, Leigh Ann (above with such a natural girl next door beauty!)

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities




This is a mix of the natural and classic woman.  She needs classic shapes with textured clothing.  She should wear matte accessories over shiny. She is sporty, easy and natural with a touch of structure.

Best example was Princess Diana, Emma Thompson and Annie (of course- pictured to the right above)

Style Refresh Style Personalities Part 1


They are petite, cute, pixie, funky and fun (like a little vintage bell boy). They can get away with excessive, colorful, quirky patterns, pattern mixing and vivid color. They need interesting elements and are often called eccentric.  They do not seem to age. 

Best examples: Iris Apfel; Emma Watson; Rene Zellwegger and (believe it or not) Audrey Hepburn; and Susan of  Une Femme ( pictured above)


They look like ballerinas with small features (including small bodies).  They are pretty, delicate, girlish, and very organized (for example: their purses are neat and pretty)!  They wear no bold statements. 

Best Examples:  Dakota Fanning, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts


These are adventurers with curves. They are very natural, relaxed, artistic types and very feminine.  They typically like wavy hair, ethnic jewelry, and intuitive. Think of a mix of the natural and romantic.  They are feminine, sexy, glamorous but earthy.

Best Examples:  Julianna Moore, Sienna Miller, Sophie Dahl, Kate Winslet


These are the curvy princesses with some romantic.  Annie loves to see Reese Witherspoon in a 1940s tea dresses…a perfect starlet style.  Very girly and pretty.

Best Examples:  Reese Witherspoon, Marilyn Monroe, and Scarlett Johansen


They are the most feminine and even considered regal…so intuitive…and always curvy.  They do not wear menswear style.  They are glamorous all of the time and always wear jewelry.  They look better in plunging V-necks over collared shirts.  Look better with longer hair. 

Best Examples:  Oprah Winfrey; Michelle Obama; Liz Taylor; Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez; Catherine Zeta Jones

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1


They are noisy…nothing quite about them.  They have loads of hair, big hoop earrings, a lot going on. Wear lots of prints…embellishments are even on the shoes.  In fact, the more they have going on, the better.

They are true individuals and a little theatrical in all phases of life.

Best Examples:  Debra Messing; Gloria Estefan; Selma Hayak; Penelope Cruz; Sofia Vergara…and the photo above is a client of Annie’s who is a BLUE SPRING GYPSY!


Today's News for Women Over 50

It is never too late, in my opinion, to create a wardrobe that is uniquely YOU.  Confidence is joyful, fun, and empowering (gives us courage to step out and live life fully) when it is allowed to grow and bloom in the right circumstances.

Understanding the style personality also saves us a ton of money and time. We will not waste our clothing budget on the wrong items or trends, because this helps us understand who we are.

Do you see yourself in any of these personalities?  Tomorrow….I will reveal who I am and explain what I have learned!

STYLE REFRESH ACTION POINT:  Write down which personality resonates with you the most.  Then consider if it syncs with your colors.  Then go to your wardrobe and see what you find.  

Make an action plan of how to own your true personality if you are not presently there.  Consider if you have been dressing for someone else or for a job or for a style you thought you wanted. 

See you tomorrow for more…Part 2 is all about me and you are welcome to guess today if you like!  Thanks so much for being here and, please, leave comments or questions below….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Great summary! It’s helpful to know that you can identify mainly with one personality, but incorporate other elements as well ( ie. Dramatic/Natural).

  2. After reading through all of the stated personality types, I find it no surprise that I’m still a “classic.” I have had this personality type throughout my life and feel very confident and comfortable with it. I was surprised to read that it can be aging if this is not the real you and you try to be this type. It’s just me and I suspect always will be. That said, I do have some fun with other styles in my more casual wardrobe choices and have never felt I was being untrue to my basic personality. These descriptions are interesting and good food for thought. As for the colors, does Annie deal with skin tones that are neutral? This is a definite skin tone, especially when using the vein method, so I wondered. I’d be interested to hear some thoughts on that.

  3. You have done this very well and I am excited to hear more tomorrow. Some people think it is very limiting, but I think to find this out is extremely enlightening. All those shopping trips where we are influenced by the salesperson or our shopping buddy who is a totally different style type and money spent that is never worn, or only once. To feel comfortable in your style and dress to reflect that is such a time saver as well. I could never feel right in menswear styles or even natural when that was the fashion decree, so now I ignore the current looks if they are not what suits me. It makes for a much better shopping trip even with a totally different colour and style friend. Your refresh will take time to be an automatic decision, but so much fun to get there. p.s. some friends don’t want to hear it. Eagerly awaiting tomorrow and your thoughts.

  4. It’s not aging if it is the true you and it sounds like it is, Karen. I am learning that a true you has really always been there. I will see about interviewing Annie for more information on skin tones!

  5. I have discovered that it is enlightening and freeing when shopping…not limiting at all. I am walking away from shopping trips where I find nothing with satisfaction…and that was not always the case! Thanks Diane!

  6. This is just as interesting as can be! I am excited to hear what your style personality is under this assessment. For me, the Huntswoman is what most resonates though I view this through a more western lens. As someone who grew up riding horses all the time, hiking and boating, later sailing and swimming a lot – from Nevada to the Pacific N.W., I definitely fit the natural and outdoorsy elements and mostly don’t fuss too much over frills or crazy makeup. Understated is a byword for me. All that said, my love of languages and travel has also infused me with a tad of Gypsy – which I embrace on vacation.

  7. Help! Might a person be several ( like 4?) of these style personalities, depending on the day and her mood? And the weather?

    Example: today is cool and I have in a classic tailored white shirt, blue jeans and sandals with only my silver jewelry.
    Yesterday I wore colorful (blues dominant) Tercel palazzo pants, a gypsy style off the shoulder in solid navy and long white tassel necklace which got me tons of compliments. The other day I wore a Jean skirt with tee shirt. Different sandals on each look.

  8. Hi Pauletee…your outfits sound amazing. I am not sure how Annie would answer. But I do see some form of blue in all of these and they may be more similar than you realize.

  9. It is easier for me to figure out what I am not! I would say I am closest to a classic style, but I don’t dress in expensive clothes. I loved blazers and trousers when I was working, but now I live in bootcut jeans/pants, tops, and a more structured topper.

    I wish consultants would choose some larger ladies when they give examples. I love Kate Middleton’s casual style—jeans, top, blazer, but it will never look the same on my size 14 body. I’m not one shape either—I have pear hips and an apple tummy that has popped up since my knee replacement surgery caused unexpected weight gain.

  10. Annie does look at body shapes…that is how she decided my style. From what you have described here, Kate, you may be a romantic! I think process of elimination is a good way to go.

  11. I think that I am classic with a touch of romantic. I have always been drawn to simple classic pieces. One of my favorite outfits is a classic white shirt & dark wash jeans in cool weather. In warmer weather, it is a red tee shirt & denim skirt. My jewelry is simple & understated, nothing too flashy. The romantic comes into play for special occasions when I am very dressed up. I was glad to see that age is not a consideration because that does away with all those “you shouldn’t wear” rules just because one has reached a particular number.

  12. Exactly Becky…in fact what I have learned recently tosses a lot of the rules in the trash. Your style sounds lovely.

  13. You’ve explained the style personalities really well, Pam! Someone can also be a combination of style personalities too…so my Gamine has a bit of laid-back Natural in the mix too.

    Can’t wait to read the next installment!

  14. The color/style analysis I had done by Red Leopard(where Annie was before going out on her own) was life changing. I always thought I was Winter based on fair skin and dark hair. Nope! Blue Autumn which are often mistake for Winters. My style is Romantic Classic. It’s so me! The changes have made me look younger, slimmer and just lit from within. I love it! Can’t wait for your reveal. P..S. I love Annie and have bought three Ivananohel scarves.

  15. I’m finding this series incredibly interesting! Thanks so much for helping enlighten us. I have a feeling it’s going to explain why I have a closet (closets) full of clothes, yet never feel as put together as I expected to when I purchased the items. I think I’m trying to copy other people’s style that I admire. It never looks the same on me 😕

    I’m looking forward to each installment of this journey.

  16. I understand, Cindy… I have done the same thing! It’s time to be ME!

  17. Thanks for sharing these style personalities. As a petite I struggle with outfits that can overwhelm me, I would say I love the romantic/classic and am learning. Looking forward to reading tomorrow!!

  18. I’m not sure, but I think I’m a huntswoman. I love jewelry, but especially the mixed and hammered metals, which I think would be “acceptable” to the style, or jewelry might be my signature take on it. Otherwise, I love textures, natural fabrics, stripes, plaids, houndstooth, and some structure. Guessing you is difficult, because you yourself said you have not always been dressing to please yourself. I would say a paired down bohemian, because of all those flowing prints, but I’m not sure because you also seem to love stricture.

  19. This is one of those posts I need to read 2 or 3 more times . . . it surprises me to discover I don’t think I’m the style I would have said I was! And I’m not even fully that, as I embrace some of the elements of classic (yes, it surprised the dickens out of me, too), but when it comes to accessories, especially jewelry, I am most decidedly NOT classic. Which me is ME, I wonder: the no-nonsense engineer in jeans, work boots & a hard hat wrestling a 4X4 through axel-deep mud to get to a project site, the department head in a suit & pumps & full warpaint giving a progress report on that project to government ministers & corporate bigwigs or the woman in leather & jeans on the back of a Harley Davidson? I dunno. She’s in there amidst all 3 somewhere 🙂 Looking forward to reading more and more . . . and please thank Annie & everyone else involved in this for their generosity of spirit, time & passion to talk with us all! What a gift you’re all giving us.

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