Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities

Happy Friday! Drum roll, please…let’s finish the week with Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2!

With Annie’s help, my new style falls predominately into BOHEMIAN!

When she first declared me to be Bohemian, my back kind of bristled….I have been wearing professional classic pieces so long!

Annie immediately said…do not get hung up in all the different descriptions of Bohemian, but look at the definition used by Castanohel.

Bohemian style is an adventurer with curves.  A woman who is natural, relaxed, artistic, and feminine.

So how did I go from thinking this assessment might be wrong to embracing it?

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

I believe I was being prepared for this some time ago when I was looking at the style adjectives for my readers and recommending clothing for them.

Some of you might remember I worked with a wildlife photographer from Michigan named Janet.  Janet’s adjectives are earthy, feminine, classic, sporty and artistic….I now know she is a Huntswoman…like Annie!

But I mentioned at the time that her adjectives really resonated with me…especially earthy, feminine and artistic.  Not adjectives I have ever considered for me….though artistic is close to creative.

That post came to mind when I was pondering my interpretation of BOHEMIAN.  Then I thought about my lifestyle….currently a bit more relaxed than it has been.

My artistic side has always been a part of me.  I think that is why I love to thrift and show up at our local Goodwills on a regular basis.

My home decor is eclectic…a mixture of quality pieces but not matchy/matchy at all.

In considering my personality and my new lifestyle (along with Annie’s definition), I was able to embrace the word BOHEMIAN. 


Style REfresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

Annie believes I am a BOHEMIAN/ROMANTIC, and I am currently thinking through what that might mean to my wardrobe.

There are many elements of HUNTSWOMAN that I am drawn to, and of GYPSEY.  

Since I am still working through this…I want to continue shopping with my Foundational Five adjective system.  The five adjectives help me to know what I want to say with my wardrobe.

Therefore, my new adjectives are JOYFUL, EARTHY (to me earthy is a relaxed autumn woman), APPROACHABLE, ARTISTIC, and FEMININE.  Embracing my femininity in all of this has been a big step for me.

I think the professional world had me too focused on menswear and I am one of those people that wearing all classic style ages me. 

In the past year, I got hung up with trying to look elegant or chic.  I now understand why those adjectives were just not working for me.

Bohemian does feel like a style I have previously worn, but got away from in the last six years.  I also see how I can take it to a polished level and still be me when I need to.  

I do prefer more structure than a traditional bohemian look many of us are familiar with in the USA.  So…the work in progress continues, but this time with more direction!

NOTE: The kimono I am wearing today has been in my closet for a long time, and was from Soft Surroundings.


Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

Annie has taught me to remember that I am warm and soft….I should wear flowy garments but not oversized…the flowy garments need to fit well. (But, I promise that I will not be wearing a kimono every day!)

I should wear deep V neck tops, or those with a small rounded neckline…but not bateau or collared shirts.

For me, she recommends dark denim only…again this is what I previously wore in the first 5 years of the blog.

Accessories are my friends again!  I will do an accessory post soon.  My new wavy hair fits right in with this style. 

For best prints, Annie recommends large florals and paisley.  Again, not something I usually wear but I am open to trying them out.

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

I am very hopeful that with my adjectives and the guidance from Annie Castano,  each day can dawn on a newly fashioned Pamela-Style.  It excites me and will keep me confident and strong.

As I said earlier, I have decided to follow Annie’s guidelines…do what she says…and see where it takes me. 

Next week, I will have posts about makeup with my new color guidelines…accessories…how an autumn dresses in the summer….and beginning to shop with new color and personality considerations.

Tomorrow, of course, Jennifer and I will be here with Would You Wear It!


By Pamela Lutrell




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