Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities

Happy Friday! Drum roll, please…let’s finish the week with Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2!

With Annie’s help, my new style falls predominately into BOHEMIAN!

When she first declared me to be Bohemian, my back kind of bristled….I have been wearing professional classic pieces so long!

Annie immediately said…do not get hung up in all the different descriptions of Bohemian, but look at the definition used by Castanohel.

Bohemian style is an adventurer with curves.  A woman who is natural, relaxed, artistic, and feminine.

So how did I go from thinking this assessment might be wrong to embracing it?

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

I believe I was being prepared for this some time ago when I was looking at the style adjectives for my readers and recommending clothing for them.

Some of you might remember I worked with a wildlife photographer from Michigan named Janet.  Janet’s adjectives are earthy, feminine, classic, sporty and artistic….I now know she is a Huntswoman…like Annie!

But I mentioned at the time that her adjectives really resonated with me…especially earthy, feminine and artistic.  Not adjectives I have ever considered for me….though artistic is close to creative.

That post came to mind when I was pondering my interpretation of BOHEMIAN.  Then I thought about my lifestyle….currently a bit more relaxed than it has been.

My artistic side has always been a part of me.  I think that is why I love to thrift and show up at our local Goodwills on a regular basis.

My home decor is eclectic…a mixture of quality pieces but not matchy/matchy at all.

In considering my personality and my new lifestyle (along with Annie’s definition), I was able to embrace the word BOHEMIAN. 


Style REfresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

Annie believes I am a BOHEMIAN/ROMANTIC, and I am currently thinking through what that might mean to my wardrobe.

There are many elements of HUNTSWOMAN that I am drawn to, and of GYPSEY.  

Since I am still working through this…I want to continue shopping with my Foundational Five adjective system.  The five adjectives help me to know what I want to say with my wardrobe.

Therefore, my new adjectives are JOYFUL, EARTHY (to me earthy is a relaxed autumn woman), APPROACHABLE, ARTISTIC, and FEMININE.  Embracing my femininity in all of this has been a big step for me.

I think the professional world had me too focused on menswear and I am one of those people that wearing all classic style ages me. 

In the past year, I got hung up with trying to look elegant or chic.  I now understand why those adjectives were just not working for me.

Bohemian does feel like a style I have previously worn, but got away from in the last six years.  I also see how I can take it to a polished level and still be me when I need to.  

I do prefer more structure than a traditional bohemian look many of us are familiar with in the USA.  So…the work in progress continues, but this time with more direction!

NOTE: The kimono I am wearing today has been in my closet for a long time, and was from Soft Surroundings.


Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

Annie has taught me to remember that I am warm and soft….I should wear flowy garments but not oversized…the flowy garments need to fit well. (But, I promise that I will not be wearing a kimono every day!)

I should wear deep V neck tops, or those with a small rounded neckline…but not bateau or collared shirts.

For me, she recommends dark denim only…again this is what I previously wore in the first 5 years of the blog.

Accessories are my friends again!  I will do an accessory post soon.  My new wavy hair fits right in with this style. 

For best prints, Annie recommends large florals and paisley.  Again, not something I usually wear but I am open to trying them out.

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 2

I am very hopeful that with my adjectives and the guidance from Annie Castano,  each day can dawn on a newly fashioned Pamela-Style.  It excites me and will keep me confident and strong.

As I said earlier, I have decided to follow Annie’s guidelines…do what she says…and see where it takes me. 

Next week, I will have posts about makeup with my new color guidelines…accessories…how an autumn dresses in the summer….and beginning to shop with new color and personality considerations.

Tomorrow, of course, Jennifer and I will be here with Would You Wear It!


By Pamela Lutrell





  1. I totally agree with Annie that you are a bohemian; you shine in flowy, more fitted kimonas like the one in the photo. You also like color and items with an artisan appeal. They give you a warm, approachable look and show that you are comfortable in your skin. I have read you faithfully for a couple of years and think is the real you, not stark and dark.

  2. Bohemian/Romantic sounds spot on for you! How exciting! Can’t wait to see what your take on what an Autumn should wear in summer will be. It is interesting that these are styles and colors you intuitively wore a few years ago. Sometimes our beauty or style sixth sense just knows what works for us!

  3. Thank you, as. Laurie. I wish I had not strayed from it but have learned lessons I hope to pass on.

  4. This is so exciting. Welcome to the feminine side of fashion. Those kimonos that you love have always been attracted to are your true style. When we think of bohemian that is that wee bit over the top, perhaps they are gypsy/bohemian and are that bit more flambouyant. I do like Annie’s description of it and it is that soft element that will bring it out. Flowy does not have to mean a caftan and I am eager to see where this takes you and hope you are comfortable in your new clarity. Strange isn’t it that you kept that kimono all this time even if it was not in your percieved colours at the time. Good for you. Oh, almost forgot, what is your purple like? That has to be a colour that a bohemian would wear in some tone or shade.

  5. I have thought in previous posts where you featured Soft Surroundings that it really looked like “your look”. Just from how you describe yourself and your approach to life. Colorful, joyful, positive… this outfit today does hit all of those new adjectives. So glad you’re not abandoning the Foundational Five!! Whew, that’s like my guidepost for shopping! While adjectives do change, I know I’ll always use this system. I can see where your artistic and creative side really comes through in the Bohemian style. You mentioned being a combination, while having a predominant style word. That’s freeing, because I think all of us have more elements to our style than just one description. Today I’m starting my day in a natural style because I’m with my favorite pup, then driving to NY this afternoon for my grandson’s graduation where I’ll be decked out in my classic best! I feel great both ways! These colors really are so pretty on you. What fun to embrace some new adjectives and get to do some shopping!!

  6. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement, Diane! The purple is more of an eggplant purple..which I love.

  7. I am not surprised that Annie thinks you bohemian. I remember you saying how you used to dress more artistically but had moved away from that fashion . But you have many beautiful, what I consider “artistic” items of clothing and necklaces. I envy your necklaces since I do not feel that I can wear something so embellished as you do successfully. I too love my few kimonos for their color, coverage, and artistic flair. Your kimono today is so pretty but has too much orange and mossy green in it for me. However, it fits your autumn colors perfectly. I plan to print Annie’s descriptions so I can settle on my type although I know I feel more strongly gamine than any other.

  8. Gamine is such a fun style! I envy the cute, funky, petite gamines. Have fun with it if that is you, Celia!

  9. I agree, Anne’s choice for you is definitely you. It will be exciting to see your choices for clothes, make-up etc. The best for you always.

  10. Hugs to you!! Your smile & eyes light up. You are so engaging & encouraging. You are very approachable. I am happy to read about your journey! I am learning a lot too! I am betting you will find an elegantly designed outfit or two that you will spice up with your unique style. You are always in my prayers!

  11. Thank you! What a blessing it is to have someone praying for me! I cannot thank you enough!!

  12. You look beautiful and happy. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  13. Bohemian was my first guess, and I think you’ve been a closet Bohemiam for a long time. 😀 Why? Your choice of accessories for one & your creatively for another. Good for you! Getting dressed should be FUN!

  14. What an exciting journey for you, Pamela and yes I agree that your fashion style is Bohemian and am so looking forward to where it leads you in your choice of wardrobe.

    As for myself, never had my colours done but would consider my style as a combination of #4 (Huntsman – a mix of Classic/Natural) and #3 (Adventurer/Natural) in that order. On the Meyers Briggs Personality Test which I have had done several times; I read as a combination of an INTJ (only 2% of the population has it and it is rarer to be a female) including specific traits of an ESTP Personality plus my Horoscope Sign is Sagittarius (Adventurer /Natural) which also could very well explain my choices in clothing. Also, my celebrity example would be Helen Mirren (an ESTP) as have always admired her fashion sense, not to mention our body type and colouring is close to identical as so are our ages. (Now if only I had her bank account …. lol!)

    Sincerely do love what you have chosen for your first piece reveal in garments as IMHO the colour palette is very flattering on you and relates to your five ‘new’ adjectives as well.

  15. I’ve been trying to determine my style from your post yesterday. I realized I have no idea and I don’t know where to start. That look is fabulous on you. You’re sparkling!

  16. I agree Anne…I think I have been a closet Bohemian attempting to be someone else! Shopping is a lot more fun right now!

  17. Thank you for sharing, Brenda and for the encouragement. Sounds like your own evaluation process is a good one.

  18. Hi Tina, It has really helped me to understand me better as I looked back at what I previously wore and the pieces I love…I noted that. Then I looked at my home decor and noted what I love and observed about me there. Then I looked at my body type and colors…and noted those. I also no I have a bold personality…not shy to speak out…so telling me I am a VIBRANT autumn really communicated to me. It might help you to just write down some personal observations about you…especially your loves and dislikes when it comes to clothing and home decor… then revisit the personality list and see what you learn. OH yes, and body shape is a part of the equation…I am a larger curvy woman…so I would not ever be considered a GAMINE or PRINCESS.

  19. Someone mentioned your necklaces. Your true style has been hiding in there all along. Remember the orangey faux coral piece? That says it all. That is you! Bohemian it is.

  20. Love it! And I guessed right about your Bohemian “roots”. What delights me about this is how we all have these preconceived notions about who we are, often based on the roles we play (or played) in our careers & the wardrobe choices designated by that career (sometimes by the work culture, right or wrong, & sometimes by necessity, as my own often was). Having that challenged by someone who can see us through unbiased eyes is a hoot — and, yes, I can see where it might lead to some bristling as those notions get turned on their ear & we’re invited to see ourselves through new eyes. I wound up thinking for hours last night about the comment I’d made on Part 1 & realized I’m still trying to define my “new” style in retirement by old work/career roles I no longer even have! Finding that new style is more a matter of rediscovering the person I always was beyond the roles. She’s an elusive creature, I’m finding, but you & Annie are certainly helping me get a grasp on her!

  21. I so hope we can help, Janet. So much of this has been illuminating for me about who I am and how I changed for others!

  22. This is just so exciting. Your real personality is shining through. I can;t wait to see your style continue to develop. I agree about your necklaces. And now your hair is so much softer. Love your look. Your happiness is contagious! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  23. Your outfit today is very becoming. You mentioned being a closet Bohemian & trying to be someone else. I have gone through that during various times in my life. These posts on style personality have been so informative. I now know why when trying on garments I have admired on others, they have made me feel as if I were in a costume. I really wanted to like them, but I didn’t feel like myself. Those garments weren’t meant for me.

  24. That’s exactly right and I think all of us have probably experienced this. Shopping is actually easier and more fun right now…I know what to walk away from. Thanks Becky!

  25. Oh my goodness, I’m not too sharp and definitely need to brush up on my shorthand and proof reading skills as #4 should have read: Huntswoman (not Huntsman). ☺ Sorry about that. -Brenda-

  26. Ah, love this look, Pamela…the colors, the style, this is so much more YOU! Also, I hope you won’t mind my suggesting you experiment…pulling your hair up/back from your face, show off those ears with the lovely artistic earrings…(hmmm, and while I’m here…adding some auburn highlights to your hair…fun, fun, fun!)

  27. So sad, Marlene…ears are a problem. I have a ripped ear…ripped in my 20s and was repaired and then ripped again. I occasionally wear clip ons but they are rarely fun!

  28. Love love love this new direction you are exploring Pam you look SO GOOD !!! Enjoy doing something different good for the soul. Happy weekend 🙂

  29. So fun to read about this! That kimono is YOU! So pretty.
    Are you still going to take adjectives from people and pick out clothing with a slide show?
    Always wanted to send you mine, but obviously didn’t…yet! I have loved and bought some of the things you suggested for other people.
    Happy weekend!

  30. Hi Nancy, yes! I would love to keep doing slideshows for reader adjectives. Please send yours to me!!

  31. Hi Pam, I’m finding your journey fascinating. I think she pegged your style and colors perfectly. I have a question..did she say why you shouldn’t wear bateau necks or button downs? I do not like either of those styles on me so I’m wondering about that.

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