Would You Wear It – Statement Prints

Would You Wear It - Statement Prints

Can you believe it? Today is the last Saturday of June!  That went fast…and it is time for Would You Wear It – Statement Prints!

This is the day that my friend, Jennifer, and I select fashion displays that made us wonder what you would think of the clothing…so we bring you two blogs seeking your answers.

Would You Wear It - Statement Prints

I personally think a statement print is one which is very memorable.  That is what I came up with in seeking commonality between these two garments.

This display was found last week at Soft Surroundings.

Would You Wear It - Statement Prints

So, put on your best fashion stylist hat and make sure you use constructive, personal thought ….and tell us…




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Thank you to everyone who has been reading, following and supporting my desire to find a new style that is ME for my new phase of life.

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This has been so much fun and know there is more fun coming!  Make sure you tell us what you think of the display.  Then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s display…and always…



By Pamela Lutrell



  1. No, the prints are way too big and loud for me. I am interested in the wicker bag. So cute!

  2. These prints are so different from each other, but I love them both. While the dress is too bare for my taste, the pattern is so cheerful and lively. The blouse is serene and visually “cooling” for our hot, humid weather. I do think I’d like it better with shorter sleeves, though. The colors in both pieces are gorgeous.

  3. I just love that dress! Love the style and that print is beautiful! Yes to the dress!
    The blouse as shown doesn’t have the same feel. It appears heavy and the print doesn’t do it for me. Strange —as I naturally gravitate to blues and many greens but not in this blouse. Maybe the long sleeves are the turn-off for me?

  4. Finally! Some clothes that look summery!

    The green & purple shirt is very me. I’ll have to check it out.

    The red sleeveless maxi dress is very nice. But for somebody else.

    I like the bag, just wish it were smaller.

  5. love both prints! couldnt wear the dress though, cant do braless and looking at it, i dont think there is any way the straps wouldnt show…really like that blouse though!

  6. The prints on both of these items are gorgeous. However, the dress is much too orange toned for me and it is not bra friendly, and there is no way I could see wearing that comfortably. The blouse is something I would wear, roll up the sleeves a bit and add a large silver abstract pendant to sit right in the V. There is a bit much of the green for my cooler pallet but, could it work? It has been such fun following along with your new journey, I keep going back and checking out some of the info.

  7. The dress is a big no, wrong colors and wrong shape. However, I love the shirt. I would probably add a belt to give it and me a shape and would roll up the sleeves, If it too low cut, a cami underneath would correct that.
    I love Would You Wear it! Always look forward to what you have found for us .

  8. I like them both, and the bag. I imagine the dress over a tank or t-shirt, maybe even a swim suit. The blue blouse looks like it too could go from pool to picnic.

  9. That is definitely a warm and cool display of colors. I like them both. The usual issue of a bra with the dress. Yes, you could probably find a strapless that was cut deep enough in front not to show but I find those bras supremely uncomfortable, they always end up “ digging in” my back. That sort of defeats the purpose of wearing an easy, breezy dress. And then there’s the usual issue of skin exposure…The other outfit is fine, easy to wear. Opposite of the drama going on in the dress.

  10. Both prints appeal to me and I have some of the same type(s) in my wardrobe. The blue and green set on the right would be perfect as it is, with the light blue pants, or light green or etc… (I have a very similar one, in fact). It is difficult to find nice, interesting prints, with a red basis, and thus I would have been very much interested in the dress, but its shape is impossible for me, I need some sleeves even in summer to feel at ease in town and it is probably a bit too long anyway. Have a nice week-end !

  11. Oh, the abstract green blouse is a yes! I would pair it with jeans though, as my preference over a pastel lilac. I’ll honor my “Spring” classification and not say yes to the sundress. Even though it’s pretty.

    I think the dress (color way/pattern) would look great on you though!

  12. I love the blouse. Totally my colours. At first glance, I thought the dress was a jumpsuit. Not sure why but less interesting to me as a dress.

  13. Re the blouse; love its pattern and colours (reminds me of Claude Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ impressionist painting) and the fact it is long-sleeved (can always roll up) a ‘perhaps’ to it as would prefer it with a collar which I feel gives more option for bottoms styling. i.e.: Fitted or relaxed and for myself would most likely choose a color other than the greens for coordination as favour blues and purples.

    As to the dress, a definite ‘no’ to it namely due its neckline and armhole cut as limits the choice in a bra and feel that even a strapless with the option of clear/silicone straps wouldn’t work. Do like its pattern, colors and choice of neckline/strap trim but it is a style I wouldn’t wear even if I was younger. Last but not least, do like the tote bag but would prefer it in a smaller scale but could see it working very well with a pair of sandals in a tone of cognac. -Brenda-

  14. The dress is beautiful. I love the bright colours. I’m just wondering what kind of bra you would wear with it or would you need to go bra less.

  15. I like both the dress & the blouse. If I was limited to only one item, I would choose the dress because it’s ready to go as is – shoes & purse & out the door. Although I would want to see the back of the dress. With jeans or a skirt, I would tie the blouse to reduce the amount of material. I totally love the straw bag!!

  16. The dress is a definite no. It is wrong color palette & the wrong style for me. The blouse is a maybe. I like the soft cool colors but would need to see & feel it in person.

  17. The dress is pretty but I couldn’t wear anything that bare at the shoulders or arms….I need a supportive bra. I would definitely wear the blouse….love sleeves even in the summer, now that I go out for dinner occasional in air conditioned restaurants. I can pictures with a gauzy midi or maxi skirt..

  18. LOVE that dress; it is absolutely me in every way! I rarely wear dresses even in hot weather, but I’d wear this one in a minute with a denim jacket, big hoop earrings & red espadrilles. I like the overall style of the blue blouse, especially the neckline, but subdued watercolour prints tend to wash me out & I don’t think the green is sharp enough to overcome that. I’d try it on, though. And that bag with the tassels? It would have come home with me, no question!

  19. Strapless uplift bras are marvels of engineering & miracle workers! I wear camisoles a lot — under jackets, open shirts, semi-sheer blouses — & almost always wear a strapless bra under them so I don’t have a second set of straps showing. You want to have them professionally fitted, if possible, because they’re structurally complex so they support & stay up without making you feel like you’re in a corset, but if you get a well-fitted one they’re very comfortable, even if you’re full-chested.

  20. I like both items. The red dress would not be flattering to me, but if it came in blue tones I would try it. The blouse is exactly the kind of top I would try, although I would have to think about whether it’s too much like tops I already have. I know you have changed your colors, but a lot of the winter pictures look quite flattering.

  21. I really like both prints,although they are what a designer friend calls “notice me”prints.One needs to be careful how often and where one wears a notice me print Because they are memorable, one does not want people thinking-“here she comes in the dress again or whatever item one is wearing. I prefer people remembering that I looked nice, rather than what I was wearing. Best wishes

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