Beauty Product Review Updates

Beauty Product Review Updates

Happy Monday! Today I would like to give you a few beauty product review updates!

When I began my Style Refresh at the beginning of summer, I was also open to trying some new products.

It has been almost eight weeks, so I thought I would share my favorites with you and let you know I would purchase these again.

The reason I needed new products was mostly due to my change of coloring from a winter to a VIBRANT AUTUMN, and because my hair changed.


Beauty Product Review Updates

My favorite new product during this time has by far been my lip color!  I hope it is available for a long time.

Once Annie Castano declared me to be an AUTUMN and to take my blonde highlights to caramel low lights, I new the make up needed tweaking.

I went into the Nordstrom Beauty department and asked for a terra cotta red.  The consultant eyed me for awhile and then said…I know what you need!

Beauty Product Review Updates

This is a matte color by MAC called CHILI, and I wear it with the MAC lip pencil called Chicory.

I have tried other colors and been sent other colors for consideration…but this is my go-to….my favorite.  

It lasts…so if I am out and about, I usually do not need to re-apply. 

Perhaps I need to get more while it is still available.  If you are an “autumn,” I highly recommend you consider this color.


Beauty Product Review Updates


You might remember my consultation at the Dillard’s Lancome counter to look over new colors once I was pegged autumn.

I purchased three products that day and the one which will stay in my arsenal is the Brow Shaping Powdery Pencil in Chestnut.

This is the easiest brow pencil I have ever worked with and the perfect shade for me.  I love using it and will continue to do so.

I still have the eyeshadow palette in Tierre del Sol on my wish list…the colors are gorgeous and I loved wearing them at the store.


Beauty Product Review Updates

Most of you know that my new style began with my hair.  I stopped straightening it and embraced a darker hue.

It has taken years for me to let the waves go, but I am glad I finally listened to the many who counseled me to try it.

I had been introduced to the GK HAIR TAMING SYSTEM PRODUCTS at a salon, but decided to use them on a regular basis at home.

I really, really like these products the best.  They keep the beast tamed and my color lasts longer.

I highly recommend them ….especially if you are looking for hair care which calms frizz and curl. 

I have found the best prices on Amazon and that is the link, but read carefully all that is offered.  Some of the more expensive ones are for Brazilian Blowout type treatments.

I like the shampoo pictured here and the deep conditioner.


Beauty Product Review Updates

Last spring, I introduced you to the SONOMA LAVENDER products and this LAVENDER FOOT BALM is by far, my favorite.

My nail technician comments about how smooth and easy my pedicures are now that I have used this at night for several months.

Also, I personally believe putting lavender on my feet at night helps me to sleep…and I am happy to have any assistance in that realm.

I also use their Lavender pillow spray at night.  I do plan to keep my feet happy…that is how pleased I am with their product.

Beauty Product Review Updates

Long as we are talking about feet, I want to say that the sandals I wear most these days are by BZEES.  They are the most comfortable walking sandals I own and I never have tired feet when I go out in them.

BZEES is a brand I continue to support and recommend. 

You can find several styles at your favorite retailer: NordstromDSW, Macy’s, Dillard’s, or Kohl’s. (I love them with a little OPI Cajun Shrimp on my toes!)


Beauty Product Review Update

I have completed my Beauty Bio 45 day retinol treatment which I did to supplement my wonderful skincare routine by Chamonix.

The picture of me on today’s post was taken at the beginning of my Style Refresh and I am just now using it. 

I had actually covered my neck in the first picture because  it looking…well, “older.”

Friday This & That and a Sale UpdateI believe you can see in more recent pictures that the retinol treatment on my complexion and neck have made a difference.

I am very pleased with what I see. Beauty Bio says this 45 treatment can be repeated up to 3X a year.  I am going to consider repeating around the first of October. 

I am thrilled to see The Full Size 45 Day Reversal in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Great opportunity to try it yourself!

Both brands I use for skincare are cruelty-free and impressive with the science behind what they do.  I love my daily Chamonix. 

Since I started refreshing a “new me,” these are the beauty products I am loving the most and highly recommend.  I hope this will help some of you! 

Let me know if you have questions….thanks for being here…and as always…


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Thank you for sharing your results! I have wavy hair that I don’t wear that way, but really should give it a try, especially in summer. (I know it’s not a beauty product, but I love your scarf!). I’m trying to remember to wear lip color now that it’s not hidden, so maybe a new shade would be just the thing for a little treat!

    1. Thanks Karen! I love this Johnny Was scarf too! I have another one on the way that I was able to get with a birthday discount. Happy Monday!

  2. On lipsticks, MAC Chili became my “go to” when I too transitioned to an autumn colour palette. I love it. And I also recommend MAC Mocha for when less colour seems right. These two lipsticks see me through casual morning meetings to nights out. There is so much fun in transitioning to a more harmonious colour palette. I’m greatly enjoying reading about your style refresh. Have fun.

    1. Thank you, Kathryn for being here and following along. I will look at the Mocha color. Annie also like Casa Blanca…but it seems to be discontinued…however I did see it on Amazon.

  3. I really like you in that beige and marine blue combo, especially with the dark brown underneath. The marine blue is a good color for me also as a blue autumn, and I really like it a lot. I wish it were more readily available. Though I seldom wear red on my lips, I’m going to look at Chili the next time I’m in Ulta.

    1. I agree, Linda that I would like to see more options…I really love the kingfisher blue and right now it is difficult to find. I love being more vibrant with a red lip. I like much more than I thought I would. I do not like to go out now without.

  4. Wow! I just went to the MAC website and you can “ try on” all their lip colors accessing your camera app….loved chili but too dark for me. So fun!

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