Why fall wardrobe assessments are best done now

Happy Tuesday!  Though it is July, let’s discuss why fall wardrobe assessments are best done now.

Many of us are perfectly fine to discuss Christmas in July and even watch movies and plan our holidays, but balk at the mention of our fall wardrobes.

Like it or not, some mannequins are beginning to change over to fall looks.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale always has us thinking ahead, so now is actually the best time to assess your fall wardrobe.


Why fall wardrobe assessments are best done now

Now is a great time, to look over your fall (and even winter) clothing and assess its overall value to your wardrobe.

Your lifestyle may have changed in the last year, or, like me your colors!  This fall will be very different from my past professional-office life. My style personality has changed and my needs have changed. 

I always look over my fall and winter wardrobe in July to remember what I have…so I won’t purchase something similar again.

Online stylist, Annie Castano, has a great motto….Buy Less, Choose Well.  I have it written in my planner at the top and embracing it as a new goal.

It is always good to look over your fall (and even winter) pieces in the summer when you can give those garments the time to really determine if they need to stick around. 

It is also a great time to clean or dry clean what you are keeping.   Then everything is ready-for-wear and stored properly when cool breezes blow.



Fall wardrobe assessment are best done now

Another reason fall wardrobe decisions are best made now has everything to do with COLOR!

I have already shared with you the PANTONE COLORS FOR FALL 2021.  These are the trend colors that you will see dominating the showrooms of retailers.

If your best colors include these colors, that is exciting for you and shopping will be easier.  However, if your best colors do not include the trend colors, you may want to look closer at the summer clearance sales and see if you find what you are looking for there.

The trend colors I will want to see close up are Mykonos Blue, Adobe, Fire Whirl, Root Beet, Soybean and Olive Branch.  I hope the Mykonos Blue is as attractive as the Kingfisher Blue that is in my approved autumn palette.

The trend yellow and green are not in my palette…so I will keep an eye out for the ones that are before fall. 

Remember,  a successful wardrobe is what looks best on us and breeds confidence…it is not about what’s on trend.  We will shine in our best colors and should wear them every day!


Fall wardrobe assessments are best done now

My first assessment of my fall wardrobe revealed black sweaters, black tops, black jackets and two black coats….yes, I was dedicated to my first (wrong) analysis as a WINTER.

But, I have new dedication to Annie’s determination that I am a vibrant autumn.  So, on my list I placed under need….a cold weather coat. 

Except for our February BIG FREEZE in Texas (where I think I wore everything I own inside the house!), we did not see that many cold days.  I did not realize at the time it was a La Nina season.

However, just a few days ago, I read an article in USA TODAY:  La Nina climate pattern should return this fall and last through winter.  Here is what to expect.

I remember vividly one La Nina season, because we did not wear our coats at all and we discussed it as a family.

If I see the perfect coat, in the perfect color and at the perfect price, I will probably take advantage of it, but for now I am removing COAT from my list.

During our warmer fall and winters, we layer often and wear mostly jackets and cardigans.

This third decision is meant to encourage you to check out articles like this or the old Farmer’s Almanac and see if there are any changes you need to know about for the coming cool weather seasons.

It is always good to plan for what might lie ahead…La Nina means warm for us, but means COLDER for many of you in the northern part of the country.

There are so many pretty coats and raincoats already on store sites…..


Fall Wardrobe Assessment

A big part of my recent fall wardrobe assessment was looking at my accessories for the coming season.

I rediscovered these sparkly gold flats by SOFFT that I purchased a few years back at Marshall’s.  They are fun and comfy and will be very in-style this year.

In fact a new pair of gold flats was placed on my list…I want a more vibrant metallic gold…it definitely goes with my colors and style personality….and there will be more on the market this year.

Make sure your particularly assess your shoes and scarves.  New accessories are an affordable way to breathe life into your wardrobe and not spend your total clothing budget.

Also on my list this year…a comfortable brown bootie.  Yes, to replace the black ones I wore often.


Fall wardrobe assessment

Just from personal experience… and if you do not have this issue…I am officially jealous.

I am one of those sizes (The universal size 16) that seem to sell out the fastest when new collections are introduced.  If you see something you are drawn to, it may be worth ordering it and then do a return if it is not what you expected.

Sometimes when I wait, I miss out.  There are many times that is perfectly fine, but other times I get really sad I did not order.   (Of course, it has to meet all of my shopping criteria!)

Now, that I know for sure my colors, I hope to grab the perfect pieces when I see them….I don’t know if the early bird gets the worm…but may get the gorgeous jacket!

Your homework, ladies, is to assess your fall wardrobe needs now…in July…and be ready for the coming season.  

Look at colors, lifestyle, needs and replacements for “tired” garments.  Also, assess your accessories.  I am big on “lists” so write it down! 

You will be so glad you did it now and did wait until September. 


By Pamela Lutrell

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