Today’s News for Women Over 50

Today's News for Women Over 50

Good morning and welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50.

Since my Style Refresh took over the majority of the summer posts, I have not done one of these news roundups for awhile.

I thought it might be good to catch up with what is happening in the world that may be of interest to you.

If you are new to the audience, I occasionally curate lifestyle headlines which may be of help and interest to the audience.

However, this is a NO POLITICS zone…so you will not discover that type of news here. 

Also, if you read something that prompts you to make a change in your health routine, I always encourage you to discuss it with your primary care physician to make sure you are on the right path.


Today's news for women over 50

I believe this article from Forbes will resonate with many of you…it did with me.  Read: Marilyn Monroe’s Dress Size Myth: Why Fashion Must Size Up.

Interested to hear comments on this one!

Today's News for Women Over 50

Apparently, CROCS are making a huge comeback!  From the BBC: FASHION FOR CROCS CONTINUES TO BREAK RECORDS.

What do you think?  Are you a fan?

Today's News for Women Over 50

I know many of us here love our Chico’s, so I thought you might like to read about some recent employee changes they made.

Check put the Chico’s Appointments from the PR Newswire.


Today's News for Women Over 50

Apparently longevity continues to rise all the past 110…possibly more will go to 127!   From CNBC, read RESEARCHERS SAY THAT LIVING PAST 110 IS ON THE RISE – HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO TO GET THERE.

Now, confess…how often do you change out your toothbrush??

Today's News for Women Over 50

Before the pandemic hit and during most of it, I was tied to the treadmill…and slowly walked less and less on it.

But, in the last six weeks, I have started at least three days a week walking 2-3 miles in the neighborhood.  It has to be early for me to avoid the intense heat. 

So, I was particularly interested in this article from VeryWell Fit: IS TREADMILL OR OUTSIDE WALKING BETTER FOR YOU?

Which do you prefer?

Today's News for Women Over 50

Another result of the pandemic was more time online and reading…especially when we were all quarantined to home.

Age brings challenges to eyesight anyway, so perhaps it was escalated in the past 20 months.  From the Ladders: 5 SIMPLE TIPS TO PROMOTE YOUR EYESIGHT AS YOU AGE.


Today's News for Women Over 50

Better Homes & Gardens recently gave us a slideshow of quiche recipes and I love a great quiche!  So, find it here: BREAKFAST QUICHE RECIPES TO SERIOUSLY UPGRADE YOUR MORNING EGGS.

We love to eat breakfast for dinner…anyone else?

Let’s end today with a feel good story from the Washington Post.  It just made me smile (Her smile is lovely)  and hope it will you as well: AT 94 SHE FINALLY DID IT.

Today's News for Women Over 50



I hope you enjoyed the selection of news today.  Please comment on any or all of the stories, then go out and have a wonderful day!







Today's News for Women Over 50

Today's News for Women Over 50


  1. Wow, there’s a lot here! The clothing size article is interesting…I have long known about vanity sizing, and thus don’t think it’s some great thing to fit into smaller sizes knowing they are purposely done to get us to what!? Deny the truth? I am one who takes multiple sizes in the dressing room because even in the same store I usually wear different sizes. Fit is key, not the number/size. I really don’t like the look of Crocs, but wear them at my son’s house when I take the dog out in the yard because they go on quickly. They look big and clunky. My middle grandson, who has more pairs of shoes than I do, loves Crocs and has changed to them over his previous Adidas “slides” after his athletic competitions. I don’t get the attraction, but they are quick to get on your feet! I prefer outdoor walking to a treadmill, because of the boredom factor. Outside, there’s always something to see. I need to do this more than just on dog days. My exercise routine has really slipped. The 94-year old lady in the wedding dress, good for her!!! What a great smile, and she looks terrific! And why not, you know? Maybe we should all do things like that if we want to. They’d probably get irritated in bridal stores, but it sure would be fun to grab a friend and try on wedding dresses! I made mine and would love to have the experience of trying off-the-rack just once! Thank you for all the interesting things to read! Have a wonderful Sunday Pam!

    1. Interesting features here- wow! I too walk outside since retirement about 2-3 Mike’s a day and early in am! I do better in fall, winter and early springtime as it’s not as humid here. Whew!
      Longevity? My parents lived long but were nit always what I’d call healthy. Mom had a heart attack and stroke at 82. Yet she lived to nearly 101. Luckily the stroke left few side effects. She had great hospital care and rehab and ate more healthily with walking more after those scares. Dad lived into his 90s but had fallen and broke his hip. I pray I stay as active and healthy as I am now! Positive attitudes do help!

      1. You are so right, Paulette, positive attitudes and finding the blessings in each day make a huge difference! Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. i have recently started walking outside in the mornings also. i just like the quiet of it…and greeting all the neighborhood dogs as they get their spin outside before their parents go to work. also like seeing what everybody is doing landscape and paint scheme wise..and am always tickled when their garage doors are open….and there isnt any space for cars…i live in a 1000 sq foot townhouse with no garage and have always had the mantra “if i only had more space”…but my wonderful neighbors show me, my house wouldnt look any different
    crocs, oh ya gotta go to their website, they have some cute stuff, not just the ones mario batale made famous…
    im with karen on the wedding dresses…my first was made by a lady down the street, very simple…the second wasnt one at all, i got married in Lake Tahoe in jean shorts, tennis shoes and a Tee shirt…(that marriage is 20 this year) so one of my favorite binges is the show “Say Yes to the Dress”. Even though im screaming at my TV when they are dropping 10 grand on a dress, that stuff is just so darn pretty!

  3. Wow Pam, such a lot of informative articles again today. The sizes issue is one very frustrating dilema. The issue of fit in online shopping is one of the reasons I have such difficulty with it. Waist to hip ratio is always a problem. I am going to dig deeper into Tru Fit and such to read more. As for the crocs boom, I have never been a fan of them for myself or grown ups in general. They are fun for kids to decorate with those clip on charms. I can see them as around the house or gardening footwear, but not out as streetwear. I know medical professionals and chefs are known to wear them, but I bet they are glad to get out of them at the end of the day. Perhaps if I was a different style type I would feel differently but i like my shoes to be feminine in some way. The living longer article is quite interesting, but I am not a fan of sticking around that long. My body has already decided that aging is happening and those ideas to stop ageing are not here yet. Personally I would be worried about the financial aspect of another 40 years that would impact housing and so on. I do like the idea of a good nap in the afternoon along with the other healthy suggestions. Walking and eye health are great articles as well. Marth made me smile as well. She looks so adorable in that wedding dress. What a supportive and wonderful grandaughter to make that happen for her. Well, that was a fun and informative hour this morning, thanks Pam for expanding my mind once again.
    Have a great Sunday.

    1. You are so welcome, Diane! I have never worn Crocs I think for the same reason you said. I actually think sneakers are more attractive. But one of my grandsons loves his Paw Patrol crocs!!

  4. Lots here of interest; thank you, Pamela. I walk nearly every day, 2.5-3 miles. I will walk outside in any weather (except dangerously icy), even in rainy weather or sub zero temperatures, though I hate it when the summer humidity is high. We usually pick a different park or trail daily. There is a trail app which rates the difficulty of nearly every park or trail in the USA, and we have had great luck with finding ones we can do, even while traveling. It has helped my health and mood immensely, and helps to keep my husband healthy too. We view it as as an English style “ramble.” We walk at a brisk pace, but don’t power walk. We try to keep a good balance of fitness and enjoyment of nature, which helps keep us consistently interested and willing. If your feet hurt, try a smooth dirt or pea gravel trail … it makes a huge difference! Sometimes we take our breakfast muffin or smoothie and have it on the trail. Just small things to keep it fun. As for Crocs, hard no. My feet get hot and sweaty. As for medical people, my son and daughter in law work in medicine, and most there r in Birks (what they wear) or Dansko clogs. Oh, and count me in as one who buys almost all on line, and almost always brings in multiple sizes with the intent to return. Once in a Christopher and Banks, I found the exact same jackets with the exact same size tag varied by three inches. Very frustrating! But money talks, and it will get straightened out when retailers realize they are losing money with returns.

    1. Thanks for sharing Linda! I think you are right about the returns…so hope most pay attention!

  5. Great roundup of articles! My 83 year old mother has AMD, and has lost all central vision now. She was a smoker until age 69, and that one terrible habit alone has cost her much health. With COPD, a damaged windpipe from needing extended care and tube placement, to poor circulation and general weakness from never having the stamina to exercise, she is living with the consequences of her choices. It is sad because it was all so preventable. I am thrilled to see the decline in smoking rates, but still hope for a time when tobacco is completely absent from our lives.
    Yes to both treadmills AND walking outdoors! My favorite though is the elliptical machine. I just love the feel of that particular motion. Also Yes to eggs! Staying at a Bavarian-styled inn (Pension, actually) this past week, we enjoyed soft-boiled eggs each morning with pumpernickel bread. They were delicious and we have ordered an egg piercing device for home to easily crack into our own eggs going forward.

  6. Terrific articles Pamela! I was going to skip over this, as I”m pressed for time today, but I’m so glad I didn’t! That wedding gown! Oh my goodness, how wonderful!
    Quiche? Love it. I order frozen quiches from QVC; a brand called Oak Stove Kitchens. Not doing an ad for them here, but for those who don’t feel like making their own, these are great. They’re mini quiches for one, and they have different flavors. They’re not always available to I stock up! I just pop one in the microwave when I feel like having a luxurious breakfast or dinner!
    My mother just turned 100 this year and going strong! She’ll be the one to reach 130!
    It truly is amazing how many people are living longer. When I was young, 100 was quite a feat.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Oh, I forgot, the update about Chico’s was interesting too. It’s been one of my favorite “go to” stores for a long time. Glad they’re hanging around.

  7. Great round-up of goodies today, Pam, thanks. We walk outside daily but I also like my treadmill (husband doesn’t as he’s 6’5″ & his stride is too long for the one we have altho it’s fine for me). I set my tablet up with various on-line walking tours — I’m presently halfway through a walk around Scotland — or books on tape to limit the boredom factor. A hard no to Crocs: life’s too short to wear ugly shoes 🙂 I know there’s a trend lately toward sneakers with thick soles but I feel like a Percheron clomping around in them & avoid them, Crocs, birks & anything similar as I don’t find them any more comfortable than good-quality attractive shoes. But a big YES to eggs! We both love them & are fortunate to have friends who have laying hens, so get them fresh. I know the hens who lay our eggs by name & thank them personally when we’re out there. They seem to appreciate the attention (& the table scraps we take them). I find quiche fiddly things to make so buy locally-made ones & freeze them. Oh, & I change our toothbrushes every 3 months (I swear my husband never notices, but I do)! It’s been a “thing” with me ever since my sister-the-dental-hygienist lectured me about it decades ago 🙂

  8. I used to only wear crocs for gardening, but on a trip to Hawaii I found some sandals at the Crocs store that are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn! They have a flat sturdy platform and 2 wide straps. They’re the only sandals I’ve been able to walk in all day, day after day in hot weather. Why they aren’t more widely distributed is a mystery.

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