Discover your style at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Discover your unique style at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s Fri-yah!! And the day I can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to discover my own style.

As I told you on Monday, I am looking at the sale this year through new lenses of color and personal style.

That makes it so much easier and there are some great prices and pieces in this year’s sale.

Today I am wearing a top that is in the sale…a Vince Camuto Leopard V-Neck Top….definitely autumn boho.

This top actually has more brown in it than black…so I like it for my new wardrobe. 

Here are the pieces I am ordering today for me to look over at home:


Discover Your style at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


After spending time at the store and online, I have seen something for every style in this sale and the prices are excellent for the quality received.

Now, here are more picks for those of you who have various unique styles…remember these are the first sale prices for the new fall season ahead….

Discover your style at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

And, don’t forget the accessories!! Here are some of my favorites…

Discover your style at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

San Antonio shoppers, remember, you can find Nordstrom at the Shops at La Cantera…and enjoy a lovely shopping experience.  Enjoy the Anniversary Sale!

I want to thank everyone who has asked about shopping with my links to support this blog…if you click through to the site from any images in the slideshow and purchase something else, I will earn a small commission.

It is much appreciated and supports what I do here…it is now my main source of income.  I appreciate all of you.

Have fun with the sale…I will see you tomorrow for Would You Wear It on two blogs…and make sure that you always, always…..


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil



  1. I love the Vince Camuto blouse Leopard V-neck top you are wearing. I did not see a plus size option available. I also like the Vince Camuto Open Front Knit Jacket. I look forward to seeing how you style that. I like both of the colors that it comes in. I am not an Autumn (a cool summer) but I am enjoying all the colorful posts as you discover your new styles and colors that suit you best. Of all the blogs I read, yours is the one best suited for me overall. Thanks again and keep smiling and writing inspiring posts for your readers.

  2. I’ll be curious if you keep and find the tulip slip-on sneakers comfortable. I’ve been eyeing them for a while as I’m always looking for shoes that are comfortable and will stay on my feet. I saw a friend wearing them this week, and she said she had put an insole in hers to give more support. You have selected several items that appear to have the correct colors with a little bit of boho attitude to them. Look forward to your sharing your thoughts on the different items. Have an enjoyable weekend.

  3. You as well, Celia…I think that Vince Camuto knit jacket also is a bit of romantic…which I look for in addition to boho. Have a wonderful weekend!

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