Just a touch of boho works

Just a touch of boho works

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today I want to discuss how just a touch of boho works!

Bohemian style has a loud voice…one I am happy to speak…however, I am learning how I want to shape the “loud voice” for me.

I am certain that some days will be louder than others…but standing out has never been an issue for me.

My current journey is one of learning to balance my bohemian/romantic style and how I will make It uniquely me.

Again, here is my post with the 10 Style Personalities explained within. 

Just a touch of boho works

I discovered these So Slimming Hem-Detail Girlfriend Crops with just a touch of boho in the details.

Not only do these allow me to make a nod to boho on the days I want to speak a little quieter, but they are also in a PALE SAND color.

Since I am moving from wearing white/white, this color is perfect for my summer looks and fits so well. 

Just a touch of boho works

On this day when I stopped by the library, I styled the jeans with an older Chico’s top, and my older Cole Haan bronze ballet flats.

My slideshow today features some boho styles currently at Chico’s in all voices and colors:

Thanks for joining me today for one more look at how I am refreshing my style.  Tomorrow, I will have more from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…and I hope all of you will………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post and the words are my own.


  1. I must have a little bit of bohemian in me because I like so many of these items in your slide show today, and usually am drawn to clothing that has a bit of something unique or unusual. However, because I am small and petite, I have to be careful to not be overwhelmed by the detail or necklace. I’ve bought necklaces at Chico’s that are so beautiful, but once I receive them, I realize they are too much for my small frame. I do like that small detail on your crops, and know that those crops are so comfortable.

    1. I understand, Celia! You might enjoy the style personality called Gamine which is for a small framed woman who likes a touch of “funky” This is what Audrey Hepburn was considered to be.

      1. Pam, that was what is decided I best fit when I read through the 10 different styles. That’s where my gamine and boho sometimes conflict because of my body shape. A little funk and a little style!

  2. You look terrific in your outfit today again. The colour of the crops is such a great find. Isn’t it great that your colours are popping up this summer for you to rework your closet. There are some really fun items in the slide show today, and many suit my tastes as well. After seeing so much of your refresh style, I am thinking I have had a touch of boho in my romantic style for quite some time. Interesting…..

    1. In looking back at old photos, Diane, I see it has been me for a long time and I squelched it in an attempt to fit in the professional office life. I am feeling more like me with each day of the style refresh!

  3. One of the few items in the Nordy sale I’m longing to add to my wardrobe is a brown and cream plaid, quilted Ralph Lauren jacket, so maybe I really -am- a Huntswoman. I’m one hundred percent sold on the colors, but pretty skeptical on the personalities, as I think your 5 adjectives are much more likely to lead to better choices and a more personal style than a label. “Pared down boho” sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it really does seem to describe the style you are evolving for yourself. I love your new look! It’s a very fresh, easy take on the style, and hits that “approachable” adjective.

    1. I love using my adjectives, Linda. It helps so much, but have worked on this quite boho style as well as the louder versions. I am having such fun playing with it!

  4. I saw that colorful Chico’s necklace ( on your slideshow) a couple weeks ago and immediately thought of you! And I love those adorable cream pants,too. Chico’s is a great store, especially for Boho.

  5. Hi Pam, it has been fun following you on your new journey in color and style.

    I have a comment/suggestion. It would be so helpful if your photos could be enlarged by tapping. A tap or double tap on your picture merely lets me pin it via Pinterest. But if I am viewing on my phone or tablet (which I often do) I would love to be able to enlarge the photo within your blog to be able to more clearly see a detail. I am able to double tap Jennifer’s photos (A Well Styled Life) and the Pinterest option shows first, but then the real photo is available to permit enlargement. This option would be most helpful! 🙏

    1. Hi Barbara, I have that option already. I just checked and it and it is working. I have no idea why it doesn’t work for you. I will see if my web designer has an answer, but it is working.

  6. I went back and read about the 10 personalities. I wasn’t surprised to identify as natural but I was surprised to identify as boho. I’m going to have some fun changing things up a little.

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