Would You Wear It – Black & White

Would You Wear It Black & White

Welcome to the Saturday Would You Wear It and today I am featuring Black & White!

On Saturday’s, my friend, Jennifer and I team up to bring you two fashion displays from our respective communities.

We look for displays which are interesting and where we can learn from one another.

Would You Wear It - Black & White

I found this display at Chico’s at The Quarry and it certainly fits that description, of having several interesting pieces to evaluate.

There are many things here we can discuss when pondering to make a purchase of a particular garment.

Use your best consumer’s eye and comment in such a way as to be constructive and helpful to other women.  The comments are read and enjoyed by all.

Would You Wear It Black & White

So look these three stylish mannequins over, and tell us in detail, ladies…………………………………………….



If you are shopping in San Antonio, head over to The Quarry to see this display…ask for Hector and tell him, I sent you!!

Now, what do you think of the display…stop by A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s display…enjoy your Saturday and make sure you………………….


By Pamela Lutrell






  1. Black and white, yes, absolutely! This color palette always works for me and is a favorite. I do like the dress here and would try it on to be sure the length was right for me, but I like it simply styled with the scarf. Very chic and cool for summer. The jacket would not work for me due to the cut and the large print. Just not my style. The white shirt is interesting, but too long for me personally. It’s also a little too fussy for me, but it’s pretty for someone taller. The pants are fine, basic looks that would work with many different looks. Black and white and navy and white definitely work for me. I really do like the dress!

  2. My version of black and white is a solid black top and white jeans.
    I like the black tank dress and would wear it with a jean jacket and a colorful scarf or necklace. Nothing else is for me. The jacket and the ruffle shirt have too much going on. The chain necklaces with the jacket are so big and unnecessary. The jacket is distracting already. Happy Saturday!

  3. Black and white near my face aren’t my most flattering colors and these styles don’t fit my more casual retured lifestyle so I would pass although they’re lovely outfits that would look stunning on others

  4. I really love the jacket, top and pant in black/white palatte. I think id wear it without the necklace as shown in the slideshow…..at least for summer events. The center look is not something I would wear. I don’t care for the white blouse at all. The black dress with both scarf and long loose necklace would be nice but I’d consider eliminating either the scarf or the necklace, wearing only one of these.

  5. I like all 3 outfits on the mannequins, but do not wear black, or black/white. Even if the jacket and tunic were in different colors, I don’t think I’d like them for myself – they’re too dramatic for me and that’s not my style. I’m really enjoying following along with your style journey – and you inspired me to dye a couple of pieces that I liked but wasn’t wearing much because the color wasn’t quite right.

  6. Black and white is one of my go-to colour combinations. I would definitely wear the dress – the scarf is gorgeous! The dress could be worn under a white denim jacket or a light sweater of any colour. The ruffled tunic blouse is a bit fussy for my taste and the boxing’s of the jacket would not suit me. However, the pants and the tank top are great basics and could be worn with almost anything.

    1. I especially love the dress and have one just like it from Chicos last year. I wear it with a bright parrot scarf and sandals or sneakers. In winter I layer it with a pullover sweater and boots. The black print jacket is versatile and could be worn with the dress or white pants. A white shirt is always a classic year round.

  7. I would love these pieces as a base for evenings on a Cruise. The jacket and shirt could be used to dress up jeans. The dress can be styled with a variety of scarves and sweaters.

  8. Black & white are delightful to me! The jacket is unique – would try it on although it looks a bit stiff -would want to make sure it is comfortable to move in. I like the second pair of pants better than the first pair – maybe due to the darker black color. The black top is basic but I would pass on it.. I love white shirts but I not sure about the bib – would try it on. The dress is styled well – would buy dress & scarf!

  9. First impression…these outfits don’t excite me. I do like black and white, but 2 of these are a little too fussy for me. I never liked a ruffled neckline and the large print on the jacket, I think, would overwhelm my 5’2″ frame. The tank dress is nice and I own a few in black, so obviously I would wear that! I wouldn’t style it so dramatically as shown. I would wear a white jean jacket with it. I like the white links necklace that’s on the mannequin with the print jacket. I would wear that with the tank dress and jean jacket. White sneakers would probably be my shoe choice to finish off the casual look.

  10. Black and white are in my wheelhouse. The jacket has too many competing patterns but I agree that the rest of the pieces would make a perfect travel base. I love the blouse and there is a possibility I could wear it as a dress as it does not come in petite. I would have to wear the collar open as I don’t have a long neck and would pair it with a choker perhaps even belt it with a thin black belt.

    1. Jacket is too boxy and too busy.
      Ruffle on blouse too formal.
      Love the dress, but scarf is to bulky and too white.

  11. I love the black & white jacket on the left but as a general rule I do not wear black and white without a bold color underneath or with it. I did see that particular jacket comes in blue & white which is a better color choice for me personally. I love the accessories. Chicos always has great choices in their jewelry line. I no longer wear dresses so I would not buy these outfits except for the jacket in the blue & white combination. As always, I enjoy your posts every day. You are an inspiration to all of your readers.

  12. The dress would be great (actually have a similar Lands End one that I like very much) and I wear with a scarf, cardigan or jacket. The blouse is a no go due to those ruffles! Not good for those ‘endowed’ ladies or me having to endure that style for many years in my Air Force Dress Mess. The jacket pattern is busy, so I’d pass on that. Alway enjoy Chico’s shopping but I generally stick with basics when shopping there.

  13. Thank you for including black and white in a post. They seem to be having a somewhat unpopular moment. People are craving color and I can certainly understand why. I look best in black or white, however. I like color, too, and love to accessorize with red, pink, green, and various shades of blue. I think I must be a winter.
    I would wear the dress on the right with one of my Nic and Zoe 4 -way tie cardigans and my new pink sneakers from the Healthy Feet store.

  14. I used to love black and white, but I realize now it’s not flattering on me. I wouldn’t wear the jacket, as I find that much going on in a boxy garment would make me look dumpy. The ruffled blouse is not something I own, but might get on board for it in the right colors – it would make a nice wedding guest or event outfit with metallic or glittery accessories. The ruffles are not tiered or wide across the chest. It does nod to my huntswoman style by referencing a formal riding outfit. I love and own a black tank dress already. I like how it’s styled here … cool, chic, and elegant. There are many ways I can dress this up or down, and still have it suit my blue autumn coloring. A different colored scarf, lots of big gold hammered jewelry, amber nuggets, or an olive jacket or vest immediately come to mind.

  15. I like to jazz up black and white with a pop of colour. I like the black dress but would need a topoer. Either soft pink, blue or fuchsia would be my preference. I do like the outfit on the left but agree the tip may be overpowering. I like the print behind it even better. It is more my style. This WYWI was fun to do.

  16. I love black and white!!! These outfits are a mixed bag for me. The jacket would overwhelm me so I would avoid. The white blouse is too fussy. I do have a long tunic-style blouse from Chico’s in white and in red that I pair with jeans or slim slacks. I would wear the dress and scarf. I would hem the dress to the correct length for me.

  17. I love black and white as basics. The jacket looks too boxy to be flattering on me. And while I love ruffles on other people, I feel silly in them. The white blouse is also too long. I look my best when I follow the 1/3, 2/3 rule. Tunic tops cut me in half. I would love to have pants from Chico’s travelers collection, but even in the tall the inseam is only 31-32” and I need 34”. I would love a long black dress to pair with white or denim jean jackets, but this wouldn’t be long enough for me either.

  18. I need to have a decent tan to pull off black near my face, so the dress would be limited to vacation wear. I love how it is styled here, and would do a similar look with a navy blue dress I have that is that same tank style. The other two outfits are more elaborate than I generally wear.

  19. I would wear the outfit on the left with the exception of the necklace, which is too overpowering for me. The jacket over the solid column of black would be good for a evening out at nice restaurant or a dressy affair. Black & white is a good color combo for me. The white blouse is a bit too fussy for my simple taste. The black tank dress is too long for me. I like the scarf, but there is a lot of fabric there for the hot muggy Midwest summer, especially worn up around the neck. I like the long silver chains for their simplicity & versatility.

  20. When in doubt, the combination of black ‘n white is my ‘go to’. As to the garments; a ‘no’ to both styles of pants as not particularly fond of straight leg design unless tapered plus a ‘no’ to the tunic ruffled blouse. Re the printed jacket, a possible ‘yes’ to it but as am not sure of how its large print would read on me as might be too overwhelming and would pair it with white bottoms (high end crepe or polyester) and a black silk camisole top. As purpose would be special occasion wear; accessories would be strappy heeled footwear and a small scaled handbag or clutch. Jewelry would be just a cuff beaded bracelet (seed/bugle beads or similar) and coordinated cluster earrings. Last but not least; the black dress a definite ‘yes’ as have something very similar which has proven to be one of my most versatile pieces in my wardrobe as with little effort can be dressed up or down to suit most occasions by just changing out accessories. Also shall add particularly love the fact, it can be worn with just about any type of footwear.

  21. Black & white & black OR white are my best & favourite colours, so these items should all work for me. Alas, not so much. The jacket on the left is too busy & structured & would look costumey on me, as though I were trying to play grown-up. The dress on the right is too long & the neckline’s all wrong for me & I no longer go sleeveless, but it would look spectacular — especially as it’s styled here — on the right person. The ruffled tunic in the middle is gorgeous and I’d wear it either with the collar turned up as it is here or with 2 or 3 buttons undone & the sleeves turned up, but only after shortening it about 6-10″ as it’s way too long for my height (or lack of height, more correctly!). I think it would look great with slim-fitting black crepe, velvet or leather pants, patent pumps & lots of silver jewelry.

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