July is going to be colorful fun!

July is going to be colorful fun

Happy July, everyone!  After my recent style refresh, I know for a fact….July is going to be colorful fun!

As I told you yesterday afternoon in an email, July is my favorite summer month for many reasons.

Today officially marks the day I began blogging and am now going into my eleventh year!

Thank you to all those readers who have been here over the years…you mean so much to me and I appreciate each and every one!


July is going to be colorful fun

Leigh Ann is lurking behind me in this picture and I particularly wanted you to notice her cute top!

Some of you may have already caught on that Annie Castano of CASTANOHEL also told Leigh Ann that she is an autumn as well, though she is best in lighter shades of autumn.

How fun is that?  We can shop together now in the same color palette! 

July is going to be colorful fun

As I have pointed out for all of you who are autumns, there are many great colors on the racks right now!  Plus I have see previews of gorgeous colors for us to come for fall.

Now, everyone may want to look over the PANTONE FASHION COLOR TREND REPORT for this fall…you will see great colors on the racks for all of us….keep that in mind when shopping. 

July is going to be colorful fun

Leigh Ann and I are different style personalities, so we will be looking for different clothing in our colors, but we can help one another with the interpretations.

Leigh Ann is an adventurer/natural woman and I am bohemian/romantic!


July is going to be colorful fun

Here is Annie’s copyrighted autumn color palette…and it will go shopping with us!

July is full of the best sales...clearance sales, final clearance on last winter garments; and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with first fall items on sale. 

I always have fun shopping in July ….including early Christmas shopping for family!  It is simply the best!

Of course, when Leigh Ann & I go shopping for the blog audience we will look for other pieces to try on for you…but it will also be fun to have a friend in the same color palette to shop with!

I am particularly on the hunt right now for pieces in the colors KINGFISHER and MOSS GREEN.  

One thing I know is that July is going to be a colorful month!  Hope all of you will be here for the fun……………Happy July! and make sure you all……………………………………………….


Let’s get this party started…..





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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary! You have covered so much and shared so much of your life that it has been a pleasure to follow along and ‘get to know’ you. This latest adventure with Annie is amazing and to have Leigh Ann to share that with is such a bonus. The picture you have changed to at the top right is a wonderful representation of the new you and you are beaming. Now that you know both of your personality types, you can help sort out the racks when shopping and just skip by those that don’t work. This is why I prefer to shop alone at times as the other person may not understand the desire to stick to a look that works for me. Have a great day.

  2. I’m seeing much more of your yellow reds in clothing today than my blue reds, or so it seems. You should have many choices with the numerous yellows, mossy greens, browns that I see. I too like that kingfisher color, and have a couple of items in that color although my winter coloration needs a more intense, purer blue. Your adventure continues, and I look forward to your sharing.

  3. Hi Celia, as Leigh Ann and I get out shopping we hope to show items in a variety of palettes for the readers. That will be the plan!

  4. I have enjoyed following you and reading Over 50 for the last 11 years! Can’t believe it has been that long but I remember when I started to forgo fashion/beauty magazines and look at blogs instead. I appreciate you being realistic, keeping your readers finances in mind when choosing items and for being honest about your own journey. Congratulations Pam!

  5. Thank you, Linda! Readers like you and your encouragement have helped me hang in there! I appreciate all of you so much!

  6. I agree, lots of autumnal colors available in summer clothes this year. I know there are years when almost no brown shows up at all. I do notice you in blue denim jeans. Does Annie consider those a neutral, or are they ok when worn on the bottom? Are you going to wear a traditional, blue denim jacket? The latter is such a workhorse in my wardrobe that I have them in different sizes for weight fluctuation. I know they make them in colors, but they still would not be as versatile as the traditional blue.

  7. Hi Linda! Annie counseled me to wear dark denim and avoid the lighter blues. I did keep my light blue JJill jeans and will see how often I visit them in this change. What Annie has taught me is that the colors closest to your face are the most important. I also kept black pants and denim. Again, I will see how often I go there before I decide to remove them.

  8. Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog! I have enjoyed following you for several years and have learned quite a bit while doing so. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in the coming months and years!

  9. The time has certainly flown by… especially when I consider where I was when I started following your blog! Congratulations on so many successful, helpful years! Your variety of topics keeps things so interesting and fresh! You do a great job at this Pam! I’m looking forward to seeing how color plays into fall and winter clothing. We see so many darker shades and I’m interested in brightening up my winter wardrobe this year. Since winter lasts so long here, I think it will be uplifting to wear more colorful pieces. I don’t share your color palette, but am learning a lot through your experiences!

  10. Karen, I have to say that though we have never met face to face, you are like family to me! Thank you for all of your support. And yes…we will have a colorful cold weather season this year! It will be fun!

  11. Congratulations on your 11th Blog-aversary! I’m a new follower and glad to be here. I’m learning from your Refresh and I know I’m a Huntswoman and it really feels authentic! I’m having no luck at all getting my colors sorted out though. I saw the Palette for Autumn in today’s post. Many years ago I was typed as a Winter. Can you post the Palette of colors for Winter? I’m soooo stuck LOL.

  12. Hi Karen, I am going to send you an email in five minutes! Thanks for being here!

  13. Congratulations on your 11th Blog-aversary! I’m a new follower and glad to be here. I’ve been following your Refresh and I know I’m a Huntswoman and it feels really authentic! I do need some further help in getting my colors straightened out, though. I was typed many years ago as a Winter. I saw a Palette for Autumn in today’s blog. Can you post a Palette for Winter? I’m having a very hard time deciding on which colors stay and which ones go LOL.

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