Wardrobe editing with dye and a new eye

Wardrobe editing with dye and a new eye

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  The fun continues today as we discuss wardrobe editing with dye and a new eye!

Recently, I shared with you about the advice online stylist Annie Castano gave me to use dye on garments I like but are wrong for my new Vibrant autumn colors. 

The first post on the dye is here.

That was where I took a JJill linen cardigan from soft pink to warm rosewood red.

Wardrobe editing with dye and a new eye

Right before I met Annie and she showed me that I was not a WINTER but an AUTUMN, I had purchased this linen cardigan and lobster print shell at Talbot’s.

You can see here that I tried it on when my hair still had blonde highlights and my eyewear frames were still black. (Annie changed all that!)

I really thought the original outfit was a fun summer look, but Annie shared with me that I should no longer wear white/white. My best colors are warmer.

So, when she taught me how easy the DYLON Dyes are….I immediately was convinced to make this look into multiple looks. 


Wardrobe editing with dye and a new eye


This first look shows the cardigan I dyed to be rosewood red which matches the lobsters perfectly!

I am wearing it here with white pants, but they are away from my face with the color near my face.  These pants have been in my wardrobe for years and are from Soft Surroundings.

You can see the detail at the bottom is perfectly bohemian/romantic.   I have taken my new editing eye into the closet watching the details that work and do not work. 

Wardrobe editing with dye and a new eye

This gold bracelet with the crab is another older piece that I do not wear often.  But, I think it was meant to go with this outfit!.

Such fun…remember gold and bronze jewelry are not my accessories of choice with the new palette.


Wardrobe editing with dye and a new eye

The original white Talbot’s cardigan is now Sandy Beach (Dylon color) and I will be able to wear it well into fall!

They do have this cardigan available in a similar color (Rich Flax)…but it was a lot cheaper to dye it over purchasing another one.

Annie has also taught me to look at pattern mixing closely as key to bohemian style.  So, I was bold with this Chico’s tank and a Johnny Was scarf I was gifted months ago.  

When I dyed this cardigan, I also tossed in a white Eileen Fisher tunic, and a Macy’s INC top.  You will see them soon, and doing three garments worked well.

Remember, it has to be the POD and you need to have a front loading washer.  I have experienced NO problems so far. 

With the dye, I was able to keep three garments I really like, and expand their impact with multiple outfits that will cross seasons. 

You will find some great linen cardigans and dusters still on the market with many on sale…check out JJILL’S SALE, and here is a slide show:

Taking control of my wardrobe again has been fun…and using the dye to expand it? Well, even more fun! I have a pod of Espresso Brown waiting to be used.  

If you have done this, please share your experience and make sure you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil




  1. I’m glad you kept those cute white pants! Practically speaking, you show how to still use our clothes even though they may not be 100% perfect for us. LOVE your new look!

  2. That sweater turned out perfectly and the difference from the stark white is so obvious on you. Have any of the items you dyed been a blend of fabrics or only natural fibres? The website says that a mix will take the dye differently. Can’t wait to see how the espresso turns out. Love the scarf.

  3. I love how your new style is emerging! It is fun to watch how you are turning your wardrobe into great colors for you to wear. I was told I was a summer years ago. It is pretty true but there are some winter colors that I look OK in. I wish I had a Johnny Was scarf. You look great in today’s new picture!

  4. I am only using white and black on the bottom right now, Anne. It needs to be away from my face for my best look. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. The answer to your question will be seen on Friday…I am going to show you what happens when you do a fabric blend…you can decide what you think! I am looking forward to the espresso as well!

  6. Sue, I made the decision that I don’t want to look OK anymore…but look my vibrant, joyful best. Try only wearing your summer colors for awhile and see what you think. It might surprise you are you feel about your wardrobe. I found some great Johnny Was at a local consignment shop recently…you might call your consignment shops and see if they have any scarves…or check ebay. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

  7. Wow! Dye looks great! Love the color rosewood on you. You truly are an autumn! Very lovely.

  8. I so agree with this comment! You truly are an autumn and it is so much fun watching your transformation. You are guiding us all! Thank you.

  9. You look fabulous and happy. I have tried Rit with a friend and it was a learning curve. Various fabrics take color so differently. Saving white tops to dye in off white or blush when I get better at it. So you can use the Dylon in only a front loader? I have a top loader.
    I look forward to your posts every day.

  10. The instructions say only on a front loader. I do not understand why…but this is way easier than the old-Rit-dye process.
    You are so kind, Deborah…I look forward to being here every day!

  11. Hi Pamela,
    I love what you’re doing with your colors and dye etc.
    The green tank you have on from Chico’s, is that a current one? It’s so pretty, but I couldn’t find it on their site.
    Love the crab bracelet with your top! So fun!

  12. Hi Nancy, thank you! The top was from earlier in spring. I saw it in the sale but it may be sold out now. It is a fun one!

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