Would You Wear It – Summer Transitions

Would You Wear It

Hello, everyone and welcome to the mid-week pop-up …today, Would You Wear It – Summer Transitions!

When out and about last week, I noticed a slight nod to from summer to fall in the way the displays were created.

So, please look this display over and tell us what you think of the styles.

Would You Wear It

Tell us if you would or would not personally wear any of the pieces here, and if so how would you style them?

Please answer constructively in such a way as to help other women.

Would You Wear It

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………….


This display is from the LOFT, and I have more information in the slideshow below.  

Please note, that all of their sale pieces are an additional 40% off…making many up to 60% off!  Use the code WOW at checkout through Sunday, August 1.

There are many petite pieces on sale as well!

Would You Wear It

I even found this mannequin at a local consignment store…so the displays are beginning to warm up just a bit.

Tell us what you think of today’s featured display…and make sure you are enjoying today whatever it holds for you…


By Pamela Lutrell


Fall wardrobe assessment



  1. I’d maybe try the top on the far right, facing the display. Might look for a different color, but I like the style of it. The rest would be a pass for me. This is my first year without my shorts and I don’t miss them. So those are out. The dress in the display and the consignment dress are a definite “no”. Flared crops are a big “no” and the other top just doesn’t appeal to me with those sleeves. It’s cute on the model in the slideshow, but I’d pass. Lots of orange in the stores. It’s a great fall color!

  2. the first picture…the dress is a no, but i like that print in the blouse on the left and the style of it. the band at the bottom of the dress, unless you are very tall and willowy is not going to be favorable.
    the shorts are too short for me…i like capris or slightly shorter , just above the knee.
    the shirts, im not fond of the puffy sleeves but the pumpkin color on the far right i like very much.
    the consignment dress, ive said it before, but 30 years ago i couldve rocked that…its vivid and pretty.

  3. Well, unfortunately eveything today is a miss for me. The shorts are too short and the colours are wrong for me personally. The consignment dress is really pretty, but again not a colour that I wear. This just goes to show that when a season’s colours are popular, best to stock up, if it your style, since it may not be right the next season.

    1. I’d wear the outfit on the left…..lighter beige shorts and V neck top in a lovely tangerine color. Very pretty and it definitely appeals to me. The other looks – I’d walk by. Somehow nothing else interests me.

  4. The style of tops, yes. But not the color. This is why I don’t like fall. I don’t wear orange or gold. I wear shorts, but those are shorter than I usually like. And I don’t like the dress at all.

  5. I like the style of the knit top on the far right, but I would need it in a cool color. I don’t wear shorts or capris, and at 71 I don’t understand “chewed” or raw hems. I wouldn’t feel put together in that look, or willing to pay more for an unfinished hem. I do appreciate the pattern symmetry on the Loft top and dress, even if I wouldn’t wear them.

  6. I think it is going to be slim pickings for winters and those who are not romantic or bohemian this fall. That’s OK though because there is always black and white.

  7. I did a color and style consultation with Annie Castano also. I would wear the gold color displayed here (and brown and chestnut and olive green) but the styles are not for me. I think some women would look good in the unstructured styles and puffy sleeves but they aren’t for me. I need a structured, neat and sleek look. I’m not finding too much out there that ticks all those boxes!

  8. I like and would wear the tee on the right. I don’t like distressing on jeans, but I do like raw hems and flares, though it took me a while to get used to both (it was the same with skinny jeans … I want to hang on to that look, though it took literally years to make myself try on a pair). I’m getting used to wider pants and different leg silhouettes, and find some of them surprisingly flattering. Unfortunately, I will be completely sitting out the prairie trend, the floral trend, and the puffed and pleated trend. My personal style is more classic, minimal, or even sportier than what is trending now. So a hard pass on most of these today.

  9. I’ll be a contrarian and say I’d probably try on that dress. The horizontal line at the bottom would balance out my hips. Vertical stripes always add length, and the waistline would highlight my narrower waist. All good, and worth a try, for a triangle body shape.

  10. Now if the orange top on the left hand side had the same sleeve finish as the one on the right, I would certainly consider it as prefer a band/cuff to that of elastic. As to the other pieces; a pass since I lean towards classic in both design and fit. -Brenda-

  11. The only thing that would interest me would be the top on the far right, & then only if it were in a different color. The shorts are too short for me, & I am not a fan of the ragged hem or the length of the jeans. Since boho is not my style, the other tops & the dress do not appeal to me.

  12. Pam, would you be able to go shopping with a friend of yours who is a summer/winter person now and then? I love your autumn colors but can’t wear them. Thank you.

  13. I love fall colors in decorating, but not in clothes on me! The only mannequin I would consider, would be the crop jeans with the top shown, but overall, no, I wouldn’t’ wear these outfits and especially in that color palette.

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