Would You Wear It – Hues of Blue + A little giveaway

Would You Wear It - Hues of Blue

Happy last day of July 2021!  Welcome to the Saturday Would You Wear It – Hues of Blue & A little giveaway!

On Saturdays, I team up with my friend, Jennifer, and we both bring fashion displays for your scrutiny.

We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear what you see on the display and explain constructively why you feel the way you do.

Pretend like you are shopping with friends, and tell us what you would tell a friend about what you see….the comments are read and enjoyed by all.

We learn so much for one another.

Would You Wear It - Hues of Blue

Blue has been a star on the fashion scene for several seasons now, and continues to show up in displays.

Make sure to include the details in your evaluation….design details and accessories.

Remember, you are commenting on the clothing…this is not about price…it is about if you consider it something you would or would not wear.

Would You Wear It - Hues of Blue

So, tell us, ladies………………………………………………………….


Would You Wear It - Hues of Blue

My display today is from Chico’s and here is Leigh Ann modeling a blue denim shirt and skirt currently in store.

I have all of this in today’s slideshow….

BIG NEWS:  if you love the ruanas and tanks…you can save big through tomorrow, plus on Sunday, a new special begins..

Tank Tops are only $19 when you purchase a Poncho or  Ruana for $59 That’s over $50 in savings!  Limited Time – ends 8/1

Styles starting at $19

National Girlfriends Day – 8/1 (Sunday)

Girlfriend Jeans are $59 when you buy a Pima Cotton Tunic for $39





Would You Wear It - Hues of Blue

This necklace is from my personal Chico’s accessory collection and I love it, but will no longer be wearing these colors….no more white for me and the hue of the blue is off for an “autumn.”

I would like to gift it to one of you who wear the cooler color palettes! 

All you need to do, is tell me below that you want your name in the hat and that you follow me through email (register on my home page) and follow my Facebook page,  OVER 50 FEELING 40 on Facebook. 

I will literally draw a name and announce next Friday.  It is a fun piece to own if you love blue & white!

I just want to know it has a good home!!

Oh…one more thing…make sure I have the best email for you so I can contact the winner and where to send.

OK…remember to tell us if you would or would not wear the display…go see Jennifer’s display at A WELL STYLED LIFE…also tell me if you want your name in the hat…and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell




  2. Thanks Kathleen..,make sure you subscribe through email and follow on Facebook! Thanks!

  3. I would definitely wear the blue shirt and white pants. That looks so classy and I do like this shade of blue. The long kimono is a definite “no.” I don’t care for the large print and honestly can’t wear that length without looking like I’m being swallowed up! Even if it was shorter, the print doesn’t appeal to me. I love the necklace you’re giving away, and while I’m a blog subscriber, I am not on FB. Happy Saturday Pam!

  4. Oh, my…you hit MY COLORS today!! When I look at my closet, I realize that the vast majority of my clothing is blue! I do love the long blue tunic , and the blue patterned kimono, and have been looking at them for several days now, thinking of their purchase. However, since I am short, 5’2”, and petite, I’ve wondered if the kimono in particular would overwhelm my short body as it appears longer than others I’ve bought from Chico’s. Most kimonos from Chico’s are sized somewhat, but this beautiful one appears to be one size only.
    I’d love to be gifted your necklace not only because it fits my winter colors, but more so because it comes from you! You are the second thing I look at on my iPad every morning after I check the overnight number of positive covid cases locally. Hope you have a happy weekend.

  5. I love blue and follow you on both Facebook and via email. The necklace colors would work perfectly for me. However, I would not wear the blue top on the left because of the details on the sleeves. That would put extra bulk right in line with my bosom which is enough already. While I like kimonos, the length on this one (as well as the tassels) are too much. I do like the slim pants and white top. I have an outfit similar to the one on the right, but the kimono is shorter.

  6. I would absolutely wear the blue shirt. I love the print on the kimono! If it were “less”, a loose jacket, a blouse, a shall, I would happily wear it also but the kimono is way beyond my style. It does inspire me to look for a similar print fabric and sew something with it.

  7. Love the blues, and the necklace is perfect! I subscribe to your email and follow you on Facebook. Have a wonderful Saturday!

  8. I love these colors and are definitely in my cooler palette. I follow you on Facebook and I get your e-mail’s. I look forward to your posts every day! From hot and humid Central Mississippi!

  9. I like the overall look of the blue and white. I have tried the blue shirt and found the sleeve treatment is not for me. I don’t care for ruanas in general.

  10. I love blues and wear navy and some other shades nearly all the time! I especially love the outfit on the right with the Ruana! I wouldn’t change a thing!
    The shirt on left is a good piece and could take us right into fall with a top piece, like cardigan, jacket or similar.
    This grouping really got my attention!

  11. I love blue and happily wear most shades. Outfits here not for me. The blue tunic is gorgeous but the sleeve ties and large o-rings are too much for me. The kimono is cute but the print is too big and I’ll pass on the tassels. Happy Saturday.

  12. Though I think the blues in both garments are lovely, a ‘no’ to both pieces namely because of their design. ( i.e.: Personally don’t care for grommets on clothing nor bows. Question how the tassels on the kimono would launder. ) As to the pants, prefer more fitted but do like the necklaces shown with them. All said; I can see all three pieces appealing to someone else, however they are just not my style preference. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Good luck to all those who are entering the draw as so generous of you Pamela to offer such unique and pretty piece of jewelry.

  13. Please put my name in the hat – I think the necklace is beautiful!

    I also really like the blue top, except for the bows on the sleeves. It looks lovely with the white pants.

  14. Please throw my name in the hat! I wear cool colors all the time. I am a “winter.”

  15. toss my name in the hat, i follow on both email and facebook.
    that ruana is pretty popular on the chicos fan page, but im a fan of the shorter ruanas. i made the mistake of getting two of the very long ones last year, and they are relegated to swimsuit covers…the long ones wear me instead of me wearing them..and if it were shorter due to the tassels, those just dont appeal to me. the blue blouse isnt for me because of the length and the tie detail on the sleeves..now i have had tie details on the sleeves but it was seasons ago with the open sleeve style with the thinner materials, but i find that particular length of top enhances my widest portion. so even just a little shorter works for me but not this length. not to worry though, my chicos wish list stays long, and as the sales come around and round, sometimes i get lucky!

  16. Please throw my name into the draw for the necklace. I am subscribed and follow on FB. If you were to look in my closet you would find a ton of blue so the necklace would be much loved.

  17. Yes, to following on email and liking the necklace. I LOVE blue/ white for summer, and always get compliments when wearing the combo. The duster might be too overwhelming , but it’s lovely. I would like the blouse better without the bows.

  18. I love the outfits especially because of the colors. I am definitely a blue person, this is my favorite color.

  19. I love blue and would definitely wear this beautiful necklace. I love the blue kimono too. I follow you on Facebook and really enjoy your posts, especially your recent ones on your journey with your new colors.

  20. Throw my name in! I’m a winter and those are my colors, kiddo! I follow you through your emails and will find you on Facebiok as I did not know you have a fb presence before now! I would definitely try the blue shirt in today’s didplay….

  21. Wow, such a lot of comments today. If I was going past the display, I would certainly stop to check out the details as I love the colours. The pull over top would be a problem for me with a shoulder that does not agree with that snug material, if it was a knit type it would be in my shopping cart. The ruana is gorgeous, but the length would only work as a swimsuit cover. If it was hip length or asymetrical hem without the tassels I would certainly try it. I don’t need any more white bottoms and especially with fall coming in a couple months. Thanks for showing us the items in another season than yours and Leigh Ann’s. I don’t have facebook, so will be pleased to see a worthy recipiant get the necklace. That is a fun idea for an item that you can no longer wear. Thanks for letting us know about girlfriends day, as I did not know, and will be making a few phone calls.

  22. I would like to throw my name in the hat. I followed her email and I also follow on Instagram.
    As for the mannikins this morning. I love the blue shirt and white pants. And I really like the Rewana/dress but I’m not sure about how long that is. I am pretty short. But the colors are beautiful.

  23. Hi Mari! Make sure you follow me on Facebook! I put the link in the post!

  24. The colours are lovely but the pieces don’t come in petite. I love the look of ruanas, especially on you, however when I try one on I look like Sponge Bob Square Pants. The print is pretty but would need to be 1/8th the size on a garment for someone petite. I like the details on the sleeves of the top but they would be too long and fall below my elbows. Leigh Ann’s look I would wear without the pockets and with the skirt just at or above the knee. Your necklace would pop on that outfit.

  25. Blue is a calm color for me- it reminds me of the ocean where I love to walk-I am a loyal email subscriber!

  26. I love the necklace! Please throw my name in the hat! I follow you on email and Facebook. Thanks for being so generous!

  27. I love the crispness of the blue shirt. It looks like you can remove the arm ties so I think it’s a good buy for the long haul. I would pass on the rest.

  28. I follow you on Facebook and email. I am a all shades of blue lover. My closet is over half book. This necklace would be perfect in my wardrobe. Please put your name in the hat.

  29. The Chico’s display is very appealing. Ditch the grommeted bow ties and I would take home both looks. The ruana is perfect for my frame. I might nip off the tassels if they felt like too much, but know I would wear that piece a lot on vacations. Your necklace is striking! I do not have a Facebook account, but do follow here via e-mail, and on Instagram so if that qualifies me, please do add my name to the hat. Thanks!

  30. I follow you and Jennifer most days so perhaps I qualify. Are Canadians welcome? Lovw the bluish lavender shurt on the left. Locevits classy lines and its standup collar. Not big on white pants. The dirt so easily findds me but paired with blue denim skinny jeans it would be perfect for me. Haven’t tried the long kimono style yet but I love this colour cimbo and it makes me happy nit blue. Q: What is the diff between kimono like this and a duster. Have a great weekend. First time in a ling time I have liked both fashions in WYWI.

  31. Hi Susan…..of course Canadians can enter! You need to subscribe to my email and follow me on Facebook and you are IN! Thanks for asking!

  32. I like the blue tunic over white pants, except for those bows on the sleeves. The outfit with the kimono topper is in colors I like and wear, but I do not wear kimonos. I do like the shirt and skirt Leigh Ann is wearing, and may look for that skirt next time I’m near a Chico’s. Honestly though, Chico’s is not really my style. I like a more classic look, and displays in that store have too many competing details for my taste.

  33. I love blue and wear it often. The necklace would look great with several Chico’s tops I already own. I do follow you on Facebook and by email. The huge bows on the shirt are a no, and while I love ruanas/kimonos on others I can’t wear them. I would wear the denim shirt Leann is modeling, though.

  34. I am a petite like Leigh Anne so I would wear the blue shirt she is wearing. Some of the more flowing pieces would overpower me. I follow you and please put my name int hehat. I am a winter and love blues. Thanks for your interesting posts.

  35. Love the blue shirt. I’ve followed you by email or a while now and added you to my Facebook follows this morning. I have several things that the necklace would look good with!

  36. Blue is one of my signature colors. I would absolutely wear the blue tunic and white pants. The kimono/ruana might be a possibility if it wasn’t too long on me; how tall is Leigh Ann? The white top looks very snug, maybe tighter than my comfort level but maybe I could size up? The necklace is stunning so please consider me as a contender…I’m already following you

  37. I love the blue blouse! It is a great length, and the bows add a bit of interest. The wrap is also very pretty, but it might be too long for me. The necklace is beautiful!

  38. I’m am drawn immediately to the solid blue tunic. I love the grommets and think they give a twist to a classic look. I love the ruana but I’m not comfortable in them and have finally realized I’m a classic style. I’ve bought several and only wear them to go over my swimsuit. I love anything blue and am surprised the necklace is not a blue you can wear–so, I’d love to love it for you! Just wondering, I’ve understood turquoise is a universal color, was it included in your palate?

  39. Oh, wow, I love the blue denim shirt on the left & would wear it a LOT — it would go with most of my wardrobe, from denim jeans to white pants. The colour, collar & neckline & casual style suits me to a “T” (although the bows at the cuffs don’t & I’d take them off). I like the colour of the kimono on the left and my cat would be in kitty heaven with all those tassels, but I don’t wear kimonos except around the house in the evening (& given the tassels I imagine it requires handwashing, which I avoid like crazy!) so probably wouldn’t buy it although I’d admire it on someone else. And as much as I love denim shirts, I’d have to pass on the one Leigh Ann is modeling (beautifully, I may add) because I avoid breast pockets & flaps on blouses when I can as they never lie flat & unattractively emphasize an area that doesn’t need it. Lots of great things to today’s slide show, though! And I’ll regretfully pass on the necklace although it would fit my wardrobe as though made for it & your generosity is amazing as I avoid social media (especially FB as it’s especially pernicious) as part of my internet security protocols (sorry!) — good luck everyone!

  40. Turquoise is not in my palette, Connie. My best blues are marine navy and kingfisher blue!

  41. I understand more than you know, Janet! I will do something similar soon that doesn’t include social!!

  42. I like the color & shape of the blue top with the white pants, but the bows on the sleeves are too fussy for me. The kimono is a no for me. The print is too bold, & the length is too long. With the fringe, it is one of those pieces that makes me feel as if I were wearing a costume. The necklace with the blue top is something I might wear as I have some similar pieces.
    I like your giveaway necklace, & I follow you on Facebook. I have tried several times to subscribe to your blog, but so far, I have been unsuccessful.

  43. The outfit on the right just would not be for me — a bit too bold for my style. I like the denim tunic on the left but would definitely try it on.

    Speaking of which, I was in Target today and was actually able to use the dressing room!! That hasn’t happened in quite some time.

    That necklace is gorgeous — it would be well worn!!! I am a follower but have not been able to register successfully via email. I do follow you on Facebook.

    Thank you, Pam!!

  44. I just registered for you Beth! We fixed all of the problems…your name is now in the hat!

  45. I would definitely wear the cute blue top on the left but the right tunic is a bit bold and long for my short stature. The necklace is beautiful and will go with many of my outfits making them “pop”. I do enjoy your blog and I follow you on the blog and just signed up to follow you on facebook!

  46. I was labeled a summer person back in the 80’s so blue is my color. Throw my name in the hat please. I subscribe and follow on FB.

  47. I would defnitely wear the blue shirt on the mannequin. The color always looks fresh especially with white or black pants. I like the tunic length and relaxed fit. I’m a no on the other one. I’ve never warmed up to the kimona or ruanna thing. It’s a great way to add color and pattern to an outfit and a good way to extra weight, but it’s just too much fabric and not enough fit for me. I prefere a scarf when I want a little extra punch. The model in the denim shirt … no to the shirt. I don’t care for flap pockets adding bulk across my bosom area, and I avoid products made of Tencel or lyocell (personal preference). I am, however, crazy about the skirt. What’s not to love? It’s a cotton/poly/spandex blend so it will shake wrinkles and have a bit of stretch for sitting.

  48. I follow you on FB and email. The necklace is lovely and I would wear it often! Blue is my color!
    Would wear outfits highlighted today!
    Thank you

  49. Love the Blue! It’s a fav color for me and would look great on my recent purchases from Chico’s. (including their new elongated denim jacket!)
    Always enjoy seeing what you are wearing and what you have to say. Thank you for your blog!

  50. Blue is my favorite color and I wear it a lot. I follow you and look forward to the daily email I receive. Not sure what my best color palate is but I love blue and it makes me happy when I wear it.

  51. I have only found your blog a blog about a month ago and just love it. I find that I relate to you on so many levels! Your journey into your color new color palette and fashion style has been exactly what I was looking for. I immediately subscribed and followed you on all of your social media platforms!

  52. Hi Pam! I follow you religiously! Actually, from the very beginning. You are a morning pick-me-up. Living just a few hours north of you, I so get the TX summers and heat.
    I am a summer and blue is sprinkled throughout my wardrobe and always has been.
    Please enter my name in the necklace give away. It is beautiful!

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