4 ways to shop sales effectively for reinvented style

Shop sales effectively

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Today I am discussing 4 ways to shop sales effectively for reinvented style.

I believe it was Dianne who asked me to share what I bought at the July sales…so I decided to tell you in a conversation.

Please enjoy this video which shares how I believe you can effectively reinvent your style through summer sale shopping….(I am still learning about video…this one needs better light…but Practice helps!)

These brands still have great pieces of all colors at great prices…..spend some time on their sites and have fun with it!

Chico’s Sale

Talbot’s Sale

JJill Sale

Kohl’s Sale

Thanks for being here and starting a new month with me!!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I just love your videos Pam! Always feels like we’re having a chat in person! I like what you are wearing today in the photo and video, and it encourages me because it’s simple, yet classy, and uses your new palette in the scarf. Encouraging because it appears that when we make color changes in our wardrobes, we can still keep some of our pieces that we’ve enjoyed wearing and use accessories to bring in new or different colors. I know that at some point I’ll be switching palettes (thinking ahead to maybe gray hair, maybe…) and it’s good to think I can transition with subtle changes rather than having to get rid of everything and start all over! Hopefully that makes sense! You got lots of beautiful things at the sales.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it, Karen. Still working through issues like best light, Etc. if you follow people on Instagram, go look at Annie Castano. She just worked with a woman with gray hair and you can listen to her talk about it. That might help you!

  3. Well, that was fun. You got some fantastic deals on quality items to get you going with your new look. The outfit that you have on in the video is beautiful on you and so simple to just throw on a gorgeous scarf to up the style. Happy Girlfriends day, have a great one.

  4. What great pieces you found for your new palette! Where did you find the top you are wearing in the video?

  5. I just love watching your change in clothing to beautiful colors for you! The video was great and you need to do more of them! You had some great deals in your clothing buying! Love it!

  6. Enjoyed today’s video. I am trying to learn from you to be more organized in my purchases. Scarves have always been a favorite accessory of mine. As you showed the different tops, I could see that you need to try each top with each scarf in that collection. It appears to me you could mix and match all late summer and fall and have a different look each day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Pam I really enjoyed the video! You’ve found some great basic foundations in such pretty colors! The statement pieces are so pretty too. I’m loving your new style.
    I can’t believe you’ve been hiding/fighting that gorgeous wavy hair! Your new look is so fun, flirty and feminine! I’m looking forward to following this romantic bohemian fashion adventure. 😃

  8. I enjoyed your video, Pam. Keep them coming. It is so helpful to to see you handling and discussing the pieces. I recently made a return to Talbots in person after mostly shopping on line for the past few seasons. I was surprised to see many items there and other mall stores in autumnal colors but on sale. Like you, I did indulge in an inexpensive way. I am looking forward to buying a few key pieces in September by using my points and September birthday bonuses, which is a convenient month since that is my season. Thank you for spending time with your followers. It’s a full time job!

  9. That is my goal! To have a wardrobe I can generate many styles out of. Thanks for being here.

  10. Thanks so much, Betty! I am looking forward to following it as well and see where it takes me.

  11. Loved your on line video. Always on e mail checking trends with You.
    Keep it up. Thanks Sue from Canada.

  12. This is the best full time job I have had in years, Deborah…to spend time with you is a joy. Thanks for the encouragement on the videos…I hope to do more.

  13. I really enjoyed the video and I hope you will make more of them! It was a lot of fun to see your “sales” purchases. I am streamlining my wardrobe and taking some inspiration from your journey which you share with your blog readers. I love how many people are becoming more intentional with clothing purchases, especially buying higher quality items over fast fashion.

  14. I loved your video, Pam! You’re a natural! I’m not sure what my color palette is since I’ve been “labeled” winter through summer. I guess I’m sort of a “neutral”. LOL! I do know which colors I feel best in though. You and Jennifer have both inspired me to wear scarves. I’m going to have to check out Johnny Was. Your scarves are beautiful!

  15. Hi Pamela. I watched your new video on YouTube and also scrolled down to your March 2015 video. What a good ending to your story. We are all benefitting from your decision to make your changes. The illustration of trash bag and recycling was excellent. I know I enjoy every posting and thank you for all the work you put into bringing us your blog and videos. Your new clothes are great, wonderful choices and prices, I am looking forward to seeing how you style them. Your videos are well done, it is like having a chat with a friend.

  16. Thank you, Irene!! That is what I want the videos to be…chats with friends! Blessings!

  17. So many great finds for the new you! I love to shop off season, but as you have previously noted, sometimes finding things in the right size can be a problem if you are a popular size. I need to sort through my scarves as I’m sure I have some that I can pass along to someone else.

  18. Sale shopping is like a treasure hunt! Despite some frustrations, it’s fun to find the right garments at amazing prices!

  19. Pam, you look and sound fantastic in the video! The jeans you are wearing fit you so well, can you say the brand or where you found them? Thank you for all the sale tips.

  20. Haha! I first thought” how can she afford all new clothes?”. Then I finished the video. Wow! You did great!

  21. Yes! These are Bzees. I wear a lot of their shoes because the comfort is amazing. You can go their website but several department stores carry the brand!

  22. Very helpful video- I am such a visual person. I follow you on facebook and email. I would love to win the necklace since it is in my color and style palate. I’m enjoying your transformation and appreciate your sharing such valuable information- Mary Lou

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