Would You Wear It – Summer Animal Prints

Would You Wear It - Summer Animal Prints

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It is time for Would You Wear it – Summer Animal Prints!

Today, my friend, Jennifer, and I post fashion displays we have found around our towns and select ones which make us wonder what you would think.

We ask that you look them over with a fashion consumer’s eye and tell us personally if they would or would not work for you.  

Please explain why in an effort to help other women. 

Would You Wear It - Summer Animal Prints

So, tell us…………………………………………………………………


Today’s display is from Chico’s…where they are currently having one of their largest sales….check out the Chico’s Semi-Annual Sale.

Would You Wear It - Summer Animal Prints



Would You Wear It

Back in March (before I completely changed my style), I introduced you to these amazing accessories which will cool you off in the heat...my first post was here.

Hot Girls Pearls now has a bracelet designed to do the same thing.  You keep them in the special pouch in the freezer and when you wear the item it keeps you cooler for up to 20 minutes.

Would You Wear It - Hot Girls Pearls

During an outdoor event, that 20 minutes can make huge difference.  Check them out and see what you think.

(I have to admit…looking back at that post was a confirmation to me that my Style Refresh was a great decision!)


Would You Wear It - Summer Animal Prints

This summer has been “all about color” around my house.  So for Father’s Day, I bought my son and Mr. B shirts in the same colors….Annie confirmed they are both autumns.

Wouldn’t you know it…they showed up at a lunch in the same shirts even wearing the same type of jeans!  I neglected to share with them that I got them the same colors.

Pretty funny!!

Wanted to end with a smile…make sure you visit Jennifer’s display at A WELL STYLED LIFE…comment here and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted the bracelet for review and the words are my own.


  1. The shorts and animal print top on left are cute and stylish and I’d definitely give a second look as well as try them on. A definite maybe! If style with flat sandals or a cute flat espadrille with complementary colors. The outfit on right ,for some reason, doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    1. I loved the outfit on the left. I would wear it with red flats or sandals and a light weight red necklace. I do love red with animal print. The outfit on the right is nice, and I would wear it in the fall. All that material says autumn weather.

  2. I’ve been patiently waiting for the animal print fad to disappear. I guess it’s still going on. Not for me. I feel ridiculous in those prints. and don’t own any. I do like the handbag. Happy Saturday!

  3. Due to the fact that the natural animal prints are not flattering to my skin, I have given up on them. I find the dyed prints tiresome after a bit. I do have a couple black and white ones still in the closet, but not pulling them out much lately. I think these will look wonderful for you Pamela, and would love to see you in the one on the right. Funny about the two shirts, were they OK with that.

  4. No, I would not wear these. The colors don’t work for me. That necklace is good for someone else, but it is not my style. Chico’s does have a lot of pretty things, and I understand why women like the store, but I find very little there that feels right for me.

  5. I not only would wear the outfit on the left, I actually did buy the print in a tank the other day. I like leopard anyway, and it really flatters my blue autumn coloring. It was one of a few pieces I bought on deep discount. It is almost a neutral in my new wardrobe, even warming up a coolish pink cardigan I thought I was going to have to donate. I think the tote shown is too heavy for a shorts and tee look; I would prefer straw or canvas. The outfit on the right is not a silhouette I favor, as I find the flowing top over capris unflattering. Capris that hit me in the wide part of the calf look way worse on me than the shorts on the left.

  6. Too much brown and beige print for me. I can wear a scarf and bracelet or belt and bracelet with a core black outfit but only do it in the winter. It tried a T-shirt in it when the trend started and after sitting in the drawer for three years it was donated. I have two redheaded friends that can pull it off and have all the jewelry to go with it. I think it is now considered a classic for those who can wear it.

  7. I prefer my animal print to be in accessories (belt, scarf, etc) The proportion on these outfits seems ‘off’ to my eye – the longer top and shorter bottom (shorts and capris)

  8. Well, I do not like animal prints. I have one , more greenish and almost no animal print at all, in a classic shape, from years ago when they were not everywhere, but I wear it rarely. I do not do shorts nor shorter pants. The colors of the display, though, I like, in particular the way the red vitalizes the brown/solf yellow/ocre. It is an interesting combination I would like to try (without animal print and longer pants, perhaps at the beginning of September). And I would have a closer look at the necklaces ! Have a nice week-end, Pam.

  9. I rarely wear animal prints, especially in brown/beige colour range as this colour palate Te is. It flattering to my skin tone. So firm no from me on these outfits.

  10. The necklaces certainly interest me and do like the tote as IMO has an Artisan appeal however would prefer it on a smaller scale. As to the garments: Bottoms – a no due to their color as too close to my skin tone (might appear from a long distance I wasn’t wearing anything … lol!). Tops – not my styles though do wear animal prints but the ones I have (winter and summer wardrobes) do not have the off-white/ivory backgrounds and are in the black or the brown, gray families. (Also have accessories that read the same – scarves/ jewelry / footwear and one handbag.)
    Do the love the shade of red but sadly it’s a colour that doesn’t suit me. -Brenda-

  11. I like the idea of the outfit on the left. I like the fit of the top & would wear it if it were in snow leopard. The shorts would need to be a bit longer & black to go with the snow leopard print. The outfit on the right is not for me. Aside from being the wrong color palette, the print of the topper is too large for my taste, & I don’t care for the shape. Pants that length aren’t flattering to me.

  12. Well, I do love animal prints but I don’t care for the display here. It seems a bit too much.

    However, I would definitely wear the top on the left … it’s the right style and length for me and know I would get a lot of wear out of this top. In fact, I’m going to website now!! The necklace (IMHO) is just not right with this top. I find that it clashes with the top.

    I also like the animal print jacket on the right — but don’t care for it with the red tank top.

    The bag is lovely, but is too busy with the animal prints.

  13. I’m wearing jeans rolled to mid-calf, a loose short-sleeved leopard-print shirt & big Lucite leopard-print earrings as I type this, so my initial response is “heck, yeah!” In truth, these colours don’t do a lot for me but the animal prints themselves do & I like them, so this is one of the times I ignore the colour & go with the style. But in this case I’d pass on the outfits shown. The square neck on the one doesn’t work for me & the bag & necklace are all wrong for casual shorts & I don’t care for the outfit on the right at all — there are already 3 colours in the top (chocolate, caramel & beige) & I just don’t think the red adds anything. I might like it better were it allowed to hang open & not tied at the waist and/or it was paired with long pants & not capris, which seem to throw the proportions off. And since I’m complaining about everything else, I may as well add that I don’t care for that necklace, either! LOL! I DO like the bag (just not with the leopard, which distracts from what would otherwise be a striking pattern). I like Chico’s usually, but I think they missed it with this display — the leopard begs for more sizzle than beige capris & shorts & ill-chosen jewelry!

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