What fall fashion says about current times

What fall fashion says about current times

Happy Monday, ladies!  Let’s discuss what fall fashion says about current times!

I went out to The Shops at La Cantera recently…made some observations and spoke to those in the fashion industry and learned more about what we will see this fall.

What fall fashion says about current times

This is my friend Denise who works at Dillard’s in the Shops at La Cantera.

According to sales figures, she is literally one of the top sales associates around and knows the industry.

Here is what I learned…

What fall fashion says about the current times

We will continue to see designs on the more casual side…even for some professional wear.

More women are working from home and some areas have slowed down the “return to normal” yet again. 

More in our age group chose to retire to leave the professional office life for other options…(I am one of those!)

What fall fashion says about the current times

While there are fun neutral styles on the horizon…fall fashion will be bright with color.

Artists, fashion designers, marketing professionals, graphic artists, interior designers….all study and know the psychology of color.

The world has been and continues to be under great stress, and women are craving color…so the fashion industry will deliver…to put smiles on our faces.

Fashion and home decor are two areas where consumers found enjoyment through the pandemic and the focus will be there for fall.  And, yes…in all color palettes!


What fall fashion says about current times

Denise showed me a lookbook from one of my favorite professional brands, Ming Wang.  

Statement jewelry will be everywhere this fall and for the first time, Ming Wang, will join in the fun and is offering more casual style.  

I am pleased to see that these amazing necklaces are also affordable and will be carried by Dillard’s.

But, check out this fun slideshow for a taste of statement jewelry you can wear now…I love statement necklaces!

What fall fashion says about current times

Like jewelry and scarves, shoes will be fun, bold and colorful for fall.  These espadrilles are offered on Johnny Was.

Shoes will be offered in metallics, embellished, decorated and bold colors.  So if you want fun on your feet, you will be able to find it.

Here are a few ideas of what we will see more of going forward…

Remember, vibrant color, smiling, and joy just seem to go together like cake and ice cream.   

I know that for me beginning to wear vibrant color again has added to my joy and smiling.  It does lift the spirits. 

Even if you are someone who wears predominantly neutrals, you might think of ways to pop color more in order to pop a smile!

But, let me ask you…how does wearing more color make you feel and are you turning to it more lately…please share….and no matter what you wear, make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

Remember to go HERE and put your name in the hat to win a fun statement necklace (for those who wear cool colors)!



  1. I have been on a mission to add more color to my mostly dark shades winter wardrobe. It’s a challenge walking past my favorite neutrals to seek more color, but that’s my goal. I’m glad to see statement necklaces are staying around. I enjoy this look on occasion and find that they look like little pieces of wearable art. The ones you have in the slideshow are beautiful! It seems like things will continue to trend toward casual, but in fashion we can pretty much do what makes us feel happy and confident, so there’s something for everyone. I’m looking forward to shopping for color!

  2. It makes me really happy to see that statement necklaces are still very much a thing. I have not stopped wearing them anyway. Personally, I am not so much a neutral wearing person, and tend to wear colour most of the time, so I will be a happy girl to see lots of it out there this fall and winter and will check to see what area is lacking in my wardrobe. As for shoes, I still won’t be purchasing any of the slides no matter how gorgeous they are, you only need to slip on stairs once to decide to eliminate that from happening again. Looks like there are many options of amazing footwear to choose from otherwise. Thanks for doing the legwork for us and keeping up with the new fall collections.

  3. I do love to wear color summer or winter and normally include something colorful even if wearing all black or all white which I also like. Being a “winter” color-wise, my best colors are jewel colors…bright greens, blues, purples, pinks, not muted. I’m drawn to statement necklaces but since I am small in statute and shape, I feel that they, like large kimonos , can overwhelm me. However, I do have several that I have purchased from Chico’s recently that I’m hoping I can wear without looking funny or weird. In the past I have wore some interesting shoes so my husband says, but as I struggle to find shoes which are comfortable and will stay on my feet, I’ve lately stayed with black or brown shoes. Maybe now is the time to venture out again.
    Don’t know if I got my name “in the pot” for your beautiful necklace give away, but I am on both your email and Facebook accounts.

  4. If the shift to casual is here to stay (which I’m happy about), fashion will need to move to more color and statement accessories to dress these casual pieces up. So to me this is a very logical step. I’m glad to see the statement necklaces coming back. I was never very interested in the layered, delicate necklace look. I continued to wear my colorful, large pendants even though the stacked chains were in for so long. It’s too much a part of my basic style to change that up. I’m moving toward much more color, now that I don’t have to have the “dark, practical, professional” clothing.

  5. I have lots of color in my wardrobe since I gravitated towards colorful tops and scarves when teaching. I am actually trending the other direction now! Trying to cultivate a more serene look day to day. The colorful will always have a place as my vacation wardrobe though. As with this past year’s whole house refresh, I am choosing a softer, more soothing look that better reflects the calm I seek, the refuge from stressors. In clothing I am craving less contrast, less pattern, more focus on embracing my quieter side. I have let my sprinkling of silvery strands come in, and am focusing on a simplified and more natural makeup as well.

    1. Sounds like you have a good personal plan, Connie. Hopefully, we all can strive for our own type of style and determine how to best make it happen. Soft neutrals are very much a part of the fall fashion pieces…so you will see inspiration you like as well.

  6. I love wearing color, be it colorful clothes or colorful jewelry/scarves. I wear neutral colors too but always with statement jewelry or a striking scarf. I love living in a colorful home too. Color lifts our spirits!

  7. Great news! I’m happy to see all the brights & bolds! The statement necklaces and shoes in the slide show are making me smile! We need this! Thanks for peppy styles and colors! I’m here for it! 😄🤩🤗

  8. I like wearing color on top with a neutral bottom. Though I have never been a fan of colorful pants, I have worn a print skirt with a solid top from time to time. Statement necklaces usually don’t appeal to me, but there were a few styles in the slideshow that had possibilities. The colorful shoes looked fun, but like Diane, I won’t be purchasing any slides. I tend to walk out of them & don’t like the slapping noise they make when I walk. Thanks for sharing some of the fall trends with us.

  9. I am so glad to know that color will be everywhere this fall! I wasn’t seeing much at all coming out of !that! big sale. Never mind! I bought colorful sweaters in the spring, and a bright fall coat at the summer sales. Might as well cheer up myself and the streets of my city. The world is grim enough, already. Coral and cobalt, here we come!

  10. I love color especially now that I’m retired and not dressing for the corporate board room!
    I’m a spring/summer but throw in other colors too that I like. I don’t adhere to color charts but at my age have a good idea what works best with my blue eyes and blonde/fair coloring.
    At 5’11” bold prints are such fun, in fact fashion has become a great source of pleasure.
    So glad you are finding and sharing what works for you!

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