Autumn fun with casual style

Autumn fun with casual style

Let’s say goodbye to August together, and have some autumn fun with casual style.

Here is one thing that always confuses me…when to say “autumn” and when to say “fall.”

Personally, I like the word autumn more…but I think “fall” is used more often with fashion.

Oh well, either works for me!

Autumn fun with casual style

When Leigh Ann & I walked into Loft last week, my eye immediately went to this Plaid Pocket Sweater Blazer in Oat Heather. 

Now, I realize it is not really a bohemian piece, but with my accessories, it will work and it fits with my entire wardrobe.  The stripes are a burnt orange color.

I am still working to develop my new style…got the colors down…but how I style a new me is a work in progress.

BTW, Loft’s Labor Day Sale Begins today!

Autumn fun with casual style

I showed you here how it would work with pattern mixing, but my favorite way to wear it is with a solid knit or sweater underneath.

This is a perfect grab-n-go piece for cooler weather, and I am excited to add it to my new color palette wardrobe!

Also, these are my slim ankle jeans from Talbot’s in Tortoise Shell. 

I also think it would look good with paisley…which looks like it will be a huge trend this year.  Check out these paisley tops from Talbot’s:

Looking back at Loft, I had to show you this fun autumn sweatshirt…..


Autumn Fun with Casual Style

I actually found this lovely lady in downtown San Antonio in August!  She looks like she should be in Europe somewhere.

I liked this image with its touches of blue, black, gray, brown, and orange in the background.  Allow color all around you to give inspiration for new casual looks this fall!

Now, as we prepare to welcome in September….let’s always…


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning Pam, great find on the sweater jacket. My first thought was it looks a whole lot better on you than the mannequin. A very versatile jacket! Off to work, have a great day. Betty Bell

  2. It is so interesting how much better that looks on you. That will fit in with so much of your new wardrobe and yes, you can add many fun scarves and jewellery to change it up. The pants are great with it. Good choice. You are right, that lovely lady looks like she is sitting in an outdoor cafe in europe, just goes to show what a little effort can do. I really like the idea of that blue with a grey base. Did you notice the effect of placement of pattern on the black and white blouse in the slide show. I would like to see if that is the same for all sizes, it makes it quite slimming.

    1. That black and white blouse, size L, is hanging in my closet waiting for cooler weather. The pattern placement is as shown. The fabric is light in weight; I think it will be very soft when laundered. It looks darker in person than in the photo.

  3. You know, I would not have been tempted to try that jacket from seeing it on the mannequin, but it looks wonderful on you! This is such a polished and classy look. The fact that it’s not labeled “bohemian” really shouldn’t matter, should it? I think we have different sides to our personalities and style, and to put ourselves in a box would be to ignore those other parts of ourselves. Being all one way could get a little boring and predictable, and we sure don’t want that. This is a great look on you, and they should have your picture by the mannequin to show how much better this jacket looks in person!!

    1. I actually think styling mannequins would be such a fun job! Especially after all we have seen on Would you wear it! There are so many I want to “fix”! Thanks for the encouragement, Karen!

  4. Hello Pam, I agree with Liz, I think that your styling is much better than the one in the shop (they should hire you:)). At school in France, I learned (or learnt!) that autumn is used in British English and fall in US English. I am pleased to discover that I can use both everywhere, thanks. I really love your new color scheme, it is really inspiring and very nice on you.

  5. Wow. I wasn’t liking that jacket on the mannequin but you rock it. I have the tortoise jeans and love them. You are looking like a natural classic lately. Love it, since that is what I am. Fall! Can’t wait! Lovely in Maine as well as Texas. You look fab.

  6. You talked about the challenge of wearing the autumn seasonal color palette all year round. My challenge is to wear the spring palette in the fall and winter months, when clothing colors lean to dark and muddy, I just couldn’t bear the idea of dark clothing through the upcoming winter, after all that has happened in the world. I’m keeping it bright, light and springy this winter. Some of spring’ 2021 sweaters and pants were ideal for winter wear, so here goes. Wish me luck!

    1. You can do it! Hit the end of season sales …their are so many cool colors in sweaters, jackets and tops! Also big this year are vibrant blues and hot pinks! It is possible for all of us to wear our best colors all year long!! Have fun with it!

  7. Until I read the caption, I thought the photo of the lady in the park was in Paris! Hard to imagine it would be cool enough to wear that outfit in San Antonio right now, but since European travel is looking less and less likely, we all do the best we can to dream! Don’t let yourself get too hung up on the Bohemian label–you look great in that jacket. Even though it is a slightly more structured piece, the playful pattern and the way you style it with other patterns or chunky jewelry makes it less “business” and more “boho.” Also, I think you want to be careful about not trying to make every piece you wear scream ‘Bohemian”, which can start to look more costume-y rather than intentionally stylish. As Susan from “Une Femme” says–tools, not rules.

    1. I completely agree, Kami and that is exactly what I am practicing right now. I think less about bohemian and more about making the look my own. Thanks so much for your comment.

  8. Oh my, your comment that you had the colors down but not the style personality … same here! In fact, I’m not sure I want one of these personalities. I took some style quizzes on line and came up with things like “sporty classic,” sporty casual,” and “casual classic.” I guess that’s huntswoman, which I thought I was? I think I have a better sense of my silhouette, overall style and fit without a personality label, because I focused on all that for many years in my black ensembles. The color was where I felt I needed more education, and had a feeling I wasn’t getting right. That has been the game changer for me. I’m happier with my closet now, even spending less, than I have been for years. That said, I’ve felt you at the core were bohemian … just a more classic, pared down (dare I say elegant? :)) version. I still like your five adjectives best of all!

    1. I like the way you put that, Linda….at the core bohemian with a more classic, pared down (elegant?) version! I still use my five adjectives…they help me most of all.

  9. The sweater blazer looks much better on you. The navy would be my choice, & I can imagine it in a casual or dressy setting. I like the sound of the word autumn better than fall. Fall can have a negative vibe to it, as in taking a fall or falling down the stairs. Autumn conjures up an image of apples & pumpkins & strolls through the crisp air. I suppose fall is more prevalent in the U.S. because of all the falling leaves. I love you French looking lady.

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