Shopping at Loft with Leigh & Me

Shopping at Loft with Leigh & Me

Happy final Monday in August, everyone!! Let’s celebrate as we go shopping at Loft with Leigh & Me.

Actually, this post is mostly shopping with Leigh as we show you some styles on a smaller body type.

Let’s begin with one of her favorite pieces currently in store.


Shopping at Loft with Leigh & Me

This is the Zip Sweatshirt in Bronze also comes in a creamy ecru called simply beige. 

Leigh Ann liked how it fit, felt, and gave more style than the average sweatshirt.  She is wearing a regular medium, but it is offered in petite sizing.

Shopping at Loft with Leigh & Me

She also really liked this look with the Swing Utility Jacket in Olive Leaf.  It is also available in Fresh Ochre. 

She liked the look of it with the Button Front High Rise Skinny Jeans in Natural White. 

She is wearing a regular size pant, and they also come in curvy sizing. 

Shopping at Loft with Leigh & Me

More cute comfort wear!  There are lots of fun striped tops at Loft right now…Leigh Ann is wearing the The Striped Boatneck top in warm gold…it is available in four colors. 

She is wearing them with the High Rise Kick Crop Jeans in Light Pecan…on Leigh they are a full length jean and she liked them that way. 

Here are more fun stripes from Loft:

Shopping at Loft with Leigh & me

Finally, we wanted the audience to see this Cropped Leopard V-Neck Cardigan.

Leigh likes the cardigan but would prefer it in the solid Tropical Turquoise, or the better yet (since she is a light autumn) the Candied Orange. 

All are available in petite sizes, but there was not one in store for her to try. 

Here are more cardigans currently at Loft:


Shopping at Loft with Leigh & Me

Here is another butterfly from the San Antonio Zoo Butterfly Garden.  I chose this one today because Leigh Ann loves butterflies and has created her own butterfly garden in her backyard.

Can’t you just envision a cool black, gray and blue garment with the circles and graphic lines….such inspiration all around us!

Remember, Loft is really a great option for affordable casual style and Leigh Ann wears their clothing really well.  I did find one item I liked so much I purchased it and will share it with you tomorrow…so stop by…and make sure that you…


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Olive swing jacket + white top + white jeans + red sandals!! I really like this outfit and would wear as shown. What brand are the sandals, please?

  2. Thank you, and Leigh Ann, for including some clothing on a smaller body frame. I too prefer to buy regular-sized cropped or ankle-length pants since they will be longer on my 5’2” body which I too prefer. As an old biology teacher, I’m loving your nature photo daily. Today’s picture made me think about how butterflies have different patterns on each side of their wings so when they are resting, or eating, the usually brighter colors on the tops of their wings are hidden from enemies for their protection.

  3. I rarely shop at Loft, but was interested to see the various tops they have. I do like the cropped, v-neck cardigans and might have to check those out. That’s currently a gap in my closet and they seem to have some nice ones. I like the white jeans too, good color, but not sure about those buttons!

  4. I too love the olive jacket and the cropped sweater. I’m about 5 ft 3.5 and generally wear petite in pants. I like where they hit on my leg.
    I’ll have to check Loft out!

  5. Nice shopping trip. I have never been to a Loft store. I have noticed catalogs offering more cropped sweater and jacket choices lately. I used to wear them, but have become so accustomed to the long cardigans. At 5’9″ barefoot, I think I will stick with the longer lines. I also am loving your nature series. The butterflies remind me of the gorgeous tropical moths and butterflies of Costa Rica.

  6. I heard Loft, after a big PR launch last year, quietly removed their Plus size offerings from stores. Even though I’m now in misses, I’m often in plus, and this bothers me. I like that olive jacket and the cropped sweater on Leigh Ann. She is adorable in everything! I’m ready for a buttoned, v neck crop cardigan in my closet, especially as pants are getting looser. I notice even Leigh Ann’s “skinny jeans” are more of a straight leg. Especially if she cut off or rolled that only slight bit of taper at the ankle. I have skinny jeans getting a bit too big here I might try that with. Love these store try on posts.

  7. I bet you will find some things you like, Paulette. Leigh Ann really liked this jacket alot.

  8. I know Costa Rica has some beauties…it is always fun to visit our local butterfly garden! Thanks Connie.

  9. Thanks Linda…they did remove their plus size garments. So far the larger Misses tops and jackets fit me…I have not tried their pants. But, I do have two recent jacket purchases that I really like.

  10. Like others, I love how Leigh Ann looks in the olive jacket with the light top and jeans. I think it’s a mix of colour, shape and style all working brilliantly together on her. But wondering if anyone is knowledgeable enough to explain it further.

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