Would You Wear It - Blue on Blue

Happy September, everyone!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It – Blue on Blue!!

We are entering my favorite time of year…from now until January…and I get so excited!!

But today…it is about learning from each other….

Would You Wear It - Blue on Blue

Please remember that these posts are answering the question…Would You Wear It, if given the chance.  They are not about WOULD YOU BUY IT.

You do not need to answer…I don’t. have a need for these or I already own something like this…

I simply ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear the garments and explain exactly why.

The comments help others to look at the styles with scrutiny and take into account fit, style, color, etc.   You may offer your ideas of how to style the looks…others love to hear those ideas. 

Just pretend you were given the clothes!

Would You Wear It - Blue on Blue

So….here you have three mannequins in blue…give them your best consumer’s eye and tell us………………………….


Now, here are blue items currently on the market……


On Monday, a reader commented about how great Leigh Ann’s red shoes looked with the cream and olive outfit.  So, just in case you need it…here are red shoes you may want to consider….

Now, please share with us if you would or would not wear the styles featured today…..and make sure you have a joyous day and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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