Would You Wear It – Blue on Blue

Would You Wear It - Blue on Blue

Happy September, everyone!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It – Blue on Blue!!

We are entering my favorite time of year…from now until January…and I get so excited!!

But today…it is about learning from each other….

Would You Wear It - Blue on Blue

Please remember that these posts are answering the question…Would You Wear It, if given the chance.  They are not about WOULD YOU BUY IT.

You do not need to answer…I don’t. have a need for these or I already own something like this…

I simply ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear the garments and explain exactly why.

The comments help others to look at the styles with scrutiny and take into account fit, style, color, etc.   You may offer your ideas of how to style the looks…others love to hear those ideas. 

Just pretend you were given the clothes!

Would You Wear It - Blue on Blue

So….here you have three mannequins in blue…give them your best consumer’s eye and tell us………………………….


Now, here are blue items currently on the market……


On Monday, a reader commented about how great Leigh Ann’s red shoes looked with the cream and olive outfit.  So, just in case you need it…here are red shoes you may want to consider….

Now, please share with us if you would or would not wear the styles featured today…..and make sure you have a joyous day and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I don’t care for the solid blue in the center. I’d feel like I was in pajamas. The other two styles in the display have some contrast and that’s more appealing to me. I’d switch to a different top with the joggers, but maybe it’s just the floral print here that’s putting me off. I love the shape of the full black pants. If someone handed me these pieces, the black pants and floral top would be my choice. The column of blue in the center could have been made more appealing by styling it with a scarf or some jewelry. They left it kind of boring. As to wearing blue head to toe, it’s not something that I’d do personally. I’ll be interested to hear from others on this!

      1. I wear columns of color so the idea of these outfits is great. I don’t however, ever wear short sleeves and only sleeveless under a jacket or sweater because of crepey arms. No one, especially me, wants to see that. I’m most comfortable in straight leg pants and wear wide leg if the fabric is soft and flowy, because , at under (!) 5’ , I always pay attention to clothes that make me look even shorter.

        1. I like the two print tops and would definitely wear them. Not a fan of this particular co!umm of blue as it reminds me of medical scrubs. the navy pants are fine, the joggers not so much for me personally, especially with the print top. Would prefer a tee.

  2. I like all things blue so I’d certainly wear any of these display pieces. I especially like the blue joggers on the left as joggers seem to be so stylish now. And that clear blue is definitely a good winter blue. I like the two printed tops although I tend to buy more solids as I get older. I too noticed Leigh Ann’s red shoes the other day, and thought at the time that I wish I had another pair since my older red shoes are worn. Perhaps I need to investigate some red or perhaps mahogany or burgundy leather shoes for cooler weather. Or I could buy some red high heels which I have always wanted but never bought! They would go well with my often all black pants and top.

    1. I definitely like the “ column of color”, and I wear it often! It will make you look taller and slimmer…and we all want that! So if you wear a jacket….have it match your bottom OR if your jacket is a different color, have your top under the jacket, match it to your bottom! You can make it POP with a great necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

  3. I love the idea of the contrasting outfit. It is simple but stands out. If the all blue had a contrasting topper, with perhaps a scarf or long necklace, it would be more attractive to my eye. A column of color!

  4. I love the blues in these outfits but only the black pants are something I’d actually take home. The other garments just don’t strike a chord with me (style) and my sense of what I look good in. Joggers are popular but mine are black and grey and I like it that way. They just fit in with my preference for casual neutral vibe. I’m not a fan of prints personally.

  5. good morning! the center outfit….if we remove the pocket on the top and make it a shirttail hem, i love this outfit and would wear it.
    the black pants and top , if i could change the trim around the sleeves and neck, i do love the print and the cut of the pants, so yes i would wear it.
    the joggers are a no, the zippers and the cuffs are going to really accent my chunkiness, but i do like the color of the pants and the print of the top.

  6. Blue on blue is fine for me, although I usually mix several shades of blue. Here I would not wear the clothes on the left, because I like to have some sleeves and because the pants are too casual-casual for me (I wear occasionally these pants, which are tighter at the level of the ankles, but then in a more structured fabric). I may wear the two other sets (and mix them). For the central set, I would definitely add a scarf or a necklace, some rings, etc, but it seems a very good basis for different looks and I like this particular shade of blue. Have a nice day.

  7. The front and center outfit – Would not wear it. Too much the same color for me.

    The outfit to the right – yes. Floral top, black pants. It looks good, my style (floral).

    The outfit to the left – maybe. But probably with some changes. I need to dress professionally for work. Very little definition of professional though. I don’t think joggers look professional. I would totally wear that top. Put that top with the black pants, or maybe even the pants in the middle, and yes! that outfit would be a go for me.

  8. I love the colors of blue on the left. They are good vibrant hues for me. The colors on the right are a little bland for me ( pale skin, gray hair( I am very careful about sleeveless because of ugly upper arms and because I am thick in the middle I try to stay away from joggers that gather at the ankle and make me look “rounder”. So, better colors for me on the left….better style for me on the right.

  9. Yes to the top on the left, but it’s really too much with the royal blue joggers. The v-neck is my favorite neckline—I’d pair with black pants and maybe a royal cardigan for the office; or make it casual with a light blue wash skinny Jean, a fun statement necklace to accent the bright blue/green, and a stewpot black sandal. No to the center outfit-monochrome and baggy really looks like pj’s. The far right outfit is just ok; it’s not bad, but nothing special. I’ve gone through phases where I bought way too many tiny floral print tops (can you say WHBM?), so seriously trying to avoid them this year.

  10. Well, the middle outfit is definitely a color I love, but this shapeless pairing reminds me too much of my husband’s scrubs from the hospital and I’m certain if I wore that head-to-toe look it would call to mind the very same for him. I would pair the top with khaki crops right now and long pants later on, adding a white cardigan and print scarf. The pants I would pair with a simple white tee or blouse, some lovely earrings and a sandal. The other two outfits don’t call my name. Thanks for the red shoe roundup. I will check to see if any of these come in wide, as I need a new pair of red shoes. I typically only wear red in my purses and shoes but I do love the happy pop of it!

  11. I would wear the joggers in a different color. The pocket hardware is pretty bright and might call attention to the hips, but it might be balanced by the diagonal line, which is always so flattering. I know matching everything is on trend, after I finally trained my eye -not- to do it so literally! The color of the center outfit is gorgeous on those who wear it well. But it is just too matched up for me. Especially with the rather baggy fit, it reminds me too much of a uniform. Several readers commented that with accessories, it would be a much nicer outfit, and I agree. Here’s where a scarf would really pay its way.

  12. I love and wear blue in every shade.

    But I would not wear these items, even if they were free.

    It’s not about color. It’s about lines, silhouettes, and fit. And these ensembles have very little. As we age, the fit and silhouettes of clothing become more important.

    The front outfit reminds me of a hospital orderly or nurse. No Bueno.

    The joggers are retro in the worst way. The sleeveless print looks out of place and is not the right length. V-neck is poorly designed.

    The print blouse on the right, maybe. But not with flowy pants. With a black pencil midi skirt, slim black belt, and pumps. That might save it.

  13. Yes I would wear all of these outfirs becayse I love blue in any shade!
    I like the blue joggers on the left with the zippers. They are a nice change from a plain pant. I like the flowered top but it may be too large apattern for a petite woman so I woul have to try this on in person. I like the dark small floral top on the right hand side of the page. I like the high collar and the little cap sleeve. I would definitely wear this outfit! I would add a nice blue beaded long necklace for interest. The outfit in the middle, I love this color of blue. I would maybe add a belt and some jewellry for interest. A narrow belt in a contrasting color or a short chunky necklace at the throat for interest would be nice and add interest.

  14. I would not wear the monochromatic blue outfit. It looks like the dental assistant’s uniforms at my dentist’s office! I know that because I wore a similar outfit there one day and everyone commented that I looked like I worked there. That’s why I wouldn’t wear it, because it looks more like a uniform to me. The jogger pant blue with the floral top doesn’t look right to me. I would not wear that either. I like the jogger’s, but I think that style pant calls for a more informal top, such as a tee shirt or a tie at the waist casual top.
    The navy/or black outfit (can’t tell color) is nice and I would wear that although I’d rather have a. top with sleeves.

  15. The middle outfit: no. The muted color of the blue top is not a good shade for me, and I need my bottoms to be in darker colors.

    The outfit on the left: yes, definitely to the top. The intense black, saturated blue and ice blue shades are good for my winter coloring, I’m tall enough to pull off a large print, and the structured cut of the shirt and V-neckline make it both casual and work appropriate (for me). I would add a necklace in the neckline. The jogger pants — probably not. Again, I try not to draw attention to my lower half with bright colors and funky details like those zippers (although I do like that it’s evident those pants have pockets!)

    The outfit on the right: yes to the pants. I am, in fact, wearing some slightly similar flowy wide-leg pants right now. Maybe to the top: I do love prints and florals and the black and the blue look like good colors to me, but it might have too much gold in it for my coloring. Also, I might have to fold the little ruffly cap sleeves under to create a more structured line — otherwise, I can foresee them being the kind of futzy detail that might drive me crazy.

  16. Although I love the colors, the only thing I might wear is the print top, & I would only wear it under a jacket or cardigan. I am not a fan of joggers because they remind me too much of sweatpants, no matter what the fabric is, & I have bad memories in conjunction with sweats. The outfit in the middle reminds of pajamas, & the pocket placement on the top seems a bit odd. I do like many of the blue items in your slide show.

  17. I agree that the middle outfit looks like PJ’s. I already have prettier options so would not go for these. I have some similar joggers in black but like blue so might try these blue ones if the price was right (for wearing jogging), but I would not go for the floral top displayed with them. I do not buy sleeveless blouses. Also, it does not look appropriate for jogging. I would try the pants on the right, and if the blouse came with more sleeve and a V neck, I would try that too. The colours would suit me and I think the pattern is pretty.

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