Bohemian Style is all in the details

Bohemian Style is all in the details

Welcome, everyone!  Today I am discussing how my new bohemian style is all in the details.

I love details!  “Creative and artistic” have always been in my style adjective mix.

Fun accessories allow me the creativity to do so much now with my style.

Bohemian style is all in the details

I think I mentioned that when I removed all of the wrong colors and styles from my closet,  I was surprised looking at what was left behind.

There were many pieces in my autumn color palette and many in my boho style.  Somehow in the past, I knew this was me, but still strayed from it as I tried “winter” palettes and modern/professional dress.

It has been fun to see that I was “on target” at one time with a bohemian/romantic look…everything I am wearing today has been in my closet for years.

Bohemian style is all in the details

EXCEPT, this bracelet I recently found at Goodwill San Antonio and.a scarf headband recently purchased at Target.

The bronze necklace was an old consignment purchase.  The kimono and rust pants are past purchases at Soft Surroundings, and brown tank is from Chico’s.Bohemian style is all in the details

I have learned so much through this process.  One lesson is understanding that my true style personality is easy and enjoyable.

I always struggled with styles such as the right white shirt or even the right black top, but now understand why I could not find exactly “the right ones.”  The ones that ended the search.

I want to look my very confident best every day (life is short, why not) so this eye opening style reinvention has been so great for me and I decided to be “all in.”

This means I am back to a focus on accessories…enjoying thrift shopping…and looking for creative expression. 


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If you took everything out of your wardrobe that was not in your best color palette, what would be left? It was eye opening to me…it might be worth a try for some of you!  Thanks for being here….now….


Little Touches of Boho Slideshow….

By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil


  1. This is a stunning outfit Pam. The colors and style are so on point with your new style message! Just beautiful! I love your hair that way…it looks to be pulled back a little, you mentioned a scarf hairband and I was trying to zoom in to see it! I’m going to have to head over to Target and look for some of those because I grew my bangs out and sometimes my hair gets on my nerves when it falls in my face!! Anyway, this is such a great look! You mentioned before taking the “off” colors and styles out of the closet, and I started doing that and need to continue. That will be my fun rainy weekend project. I’m looking forward to creating a list of wardrobe gaps to take shopping once this process is complete. I haven’t found much that needed to exit, but it’s ongoing!

  2. Good morning Pam, I have been working on cleaning my closet to reflect my summer color pallet these past 2 months and a black Eileen Fischer top, which has been with me for over 15 years, survived. This top has “fit” through my many body size changes and I just can’t give it up. Even though I don’t wear it often due to it being black, I love it and it always survives my closet purges. Your journey has been my journey as well! Have a great day.

  3. Hi Karen, I got two headbands at Target and they had a lot to choose from! Enjoy your closet clean…go for your best!

  4. Hi Betty, I actually kept two Eileen Fisher black jackets and a tunic that I have really enjoyed in the past. I followed advice and moved them to another closet to see how often I go to them. So far, I haven’t once …we will see if I do in colder weather months.

  5. i am so intrigued by that San Antonio Goodwill accessory store, when travel gets easier, im grabbing a friend and coming to check it out….
    that ruana on you is fantastic!

  6. Such a great look. Good thing these survived the many closet purges. Somewhere deep inside you knew that there was a reason to keep them. Perfect, even down to the buttons on the pant hems. That kimono will be so wonderfull with all the deep fall vibrant shades of your palette and for your bohemian side will never go out of style. Good look.

  7. You look beautiful! This new Autumn palette is truly you! That Ruana with those pants (great color) and hair pulled back some….just a terrific look.
    Your journey has been the most interesting in that you’re dedicated to it….you’ve jumped right in!
    Have fun!

  8. Thanks Paulette…I am learning the benefits of being focused and dedicated to this new path. It has inspired me in so many ways!

  9. You look fantastic! I’ve noticed in photos how much more relaxed your body language is. Unfortunately, if I pulled all the black from my closet, I think I would be really short of clothing. To say I embraced it for work would be an understatement. I went to a consignment shop and bought several new tops in my color palette, and what a difference they made. As a blue autumn, I can wear some black, but I was wearing it with bright, cool colors, head to toe, or with high contrast black and white tops. All the black and white prints and most of the cool colors have left my closet and went to consignment or charity. It just needs to be in stages for me. I likely have more purging to do, but with another foot surgery on the horizon and not yet really resuming all activities, it’s hard to know, quantity wise, how much I will need. At the very least, I have made a commitment that all my purchases going forward will be in the new palette. (It sure made consignment shopping easy, as my store is color coded on the racks, and I bypassed whole sections!).

  10. I do feel more relaxed and more like me! I think waiting for your next purge could be a good thing, Linda. Gives you time to ponder which black items you really want to keep. I hope the next surgery goes well. I love that you have a color coded consignment shop! How cool…

  11. Love this outfit so much . Stunning colours and patterns. Would love this whole attire for myself. You look awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Your outfit is a perfect example of something I admire & think looks great on others, but now realize is not for me. The look I feel best in is one of classic simplicity, which is pretty far away from bohemian. While you look fabulous in this outfit, I know I look & feel much better in that classic white shirt or simple black tee.

  13. That’s great Becky… I am not here seeking to make clones…I am here to inspire you to discover your best style inside and out. I am so glad you know what looks best on you! I hope to bring ideas for everyone and still remain true to the new me!

  14. Smashing outfit on you Pam! I’ve been considering those scarf headbands since Dutchess Kate started to wear them. I love how it looks on you, so I may now dare a try. Your San Antonio Goodwill store is becoming famous. If ever I’m close I’ll check it out…

  15. You look happy and confident in your boho outfit, Pamela. I personally am more likely to wear jeans with a T shirt or a blouse, and I do love a classic look with simple jewelry. Like Becky, I can appreciate styles and colors that work better on someone else than they would on myself.

  16. Thanks Bee…I hope to bring style ideas for everyone. This summer has been mostly about what I have learned through my latest style refresh…but I haven’t forgotten there are others with different style personalities.

  17. That outfit looks so great on you, Pam. It’s so much fun watching you blossom as a Romantic Bohemian! I love the whole Bohemian look — and never wear it. Oh, I’ve tried, because I love the colours & patterns & textures & the creativity, but it looks like a costume on me &I feel (& look!) ridiculous. BUT. Weirdly, my home decor style is boho through & through. My home is filled with wicker & rattan & cane, plants galore, fabric art, wall hangings, wind chimes, earth & spice colours, framed art, rugs, more plants, baskets, bowls of shells & pretty stones (we live within a 10 minute walk of the shore), driftwood — and did I mention plants? Looking at our home & the strong hippie-dippy vibes it gives off you’d think I’d be wearing Indian gauze skirts & headbands & macramed earrings, but, no, my “look” has always been classic jeans & a white tee or shirt & a leather jacket, my only nod to Bohemia coming through in tons of bangles & big earrings, embellished sandals, fringed or beaded vests & an armful of beaded surfer bracelets 🙂 I won’t admit how many decades it took me to finally understand that even though I love everything about the Bohemian style when it comes to clothing, it’s just NOT “me” & no amount of wishful thinking is going to change that. So I’m following your journey a little wistfully, but enjoying every moment of it!

  18. I catch up with you every week but rarely comment. I just want to say that you look more like your true self now and it’s very appealing. It’s as if something in you has relaxed, and you look wonderful!

  19. I usually don’t comment, but I just must! Pam, you are looking fan-tas-tic! Everything, the hair, the clothing, your beautiful energy is just coming thru. What a great style journey this is, for us and for you. Finding your colors and style was just the ticket to move you to that next level. I’m so anxious to get my colors – but that just going to have to wait a little longer right now.
    But I just couldn’t go any longer without saying “wow” and thanking you.

  20. That is so kind, Jane. I do agree with you that I feel more like me and relaxed…it has been a fun process. Thank you so much!

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