Building good health over 50 should make you smile

Building good health over 50 should make you smile

Hello friends!  Today I want to discuss how building good health over 50 should make you smile!

You are looking at Kat, my new fitness instructor and she is all about joy in a workout.

Let’s face it, if I do not enjoy my workout, then I am not going to do it.

So, I am thrilled to discover TAPfit where I am literally tapping into my love of dance!

Building good health over 50 should make you smile

I loved tap dancing as a child, so when the designers (Kat and her sisters) of TAPFIT asked me to review their program, I said a resounding YES, that sounds like so much fun…and it is.

The TAPfit beginners kit comes with slip-on taps for your shoes, a tapping mat and if you need it a CD.  I am using their online program. 

Building good health over 50 should make you smile!

I literally started yesterday and I do plan to post a video at some point, but here is what I know so far…

  1. I needed Mr. B to help me get the tap shoe on my sneakers…it needed a stronger hand.  I plan to just leave them on these shoes.
  2. I tried this on the carpet in my office, but I believe it will work better to move it to a flat floor like I have downstairs.
  3. You might want a chair nearby…this is a good balance workout as well as cardio.
  4. If you tapped when you were younger like me, the steps do come easily back.  If you are new to tap, you should practice the foundational steps for awhile before beginning the workouts.
  5. Kat is a fun and happy instructor…the whole thing made me smile.

I will be reporting back in and do hope to make a video doing this…as silly as I may look…but I love a workout that makes me happy and this one does.

Building good health over 50 should make you smile

When I got up yesterday, we had storms predicted to stay around all day.  So, before I did TAPfit, I actually did a cardio workout with Pahla B…she makes me smile too!  I really enjoy her workouts!


Building good health over 50 should be fun

I also recommend that you follow a morning workout with something healthy that you love.  I am really into this healthy bowl of oatmeal with blueberries…and topped with a little honey and lavender!

Building good health over 50 should be fun

I always select local honey made with the local wildflowers…and this one does have lavender in it.

Using the local honey will help build immunity with allergies…and I can use all of the help I can get with that! 

I am actually shopping for new workout clothing….which has been a long time coming…I need to look my best for my tap performances…right?  

Here is a slideshow of items I have found….

Any other tap dancers out there?  What type of workouts make you smile?  Please share and make sure that you…………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided this program for review and the words are my own.



  1. Good for you! Sounds like you have found something fun!! Exercise is so critical to good health. I am looking for a program that won’t aggravate my lower back problem.

  2. I’m still following Pahla’s 5-0 weight loss plan and exercise videos after you recommended them about two months ago. I have been going to yoga twice a week for about five years, and have definitely noticed more flexibility although I definitely struggle with arthritis in my knee and bursitis in my hips. Since I started Pahla’s weight loss program, I’ve lost about five pounds which is exciting to me, and hope to lose 15 more. I do one of her videos most days, and try to walk a mile when it’s not blazing hot or raining. I’ve certainly become aware of the number of calories I’m eating since my total should only be 1200 per day. I’m sleeping better and drinking much more water. Thank you for your recommendation. You’ve put me on the path to a loss of retirement weight, and a healthier older body.

  3. Happy to help, Celia and thanks for sharing. It does help to be aware of calorie intake whether we do it on an APP or on our own. I watch calories now more than I ever have.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Good for you Pam! How inspirational! I go through phases when I get really tired of workouts. Usually when I’ve been overdoing for months. I’m in that “sick of it” phase now, sad to say. I can do yoga without being negative about it, so that’s my go-to when the walking and weights are losing their appeal. I have found that buying new workout wear is a motivator for me. It’s good that you found a program that you enjoy and have fun with. I’ve never been a tap dancer, but it always had looked challenging!

  5. I have bought myself some new exercise gear too, as I find it both motivating and more comfortable than “stretched out old tanks are fine; it’s just exercise.” Good leggings keep areas from chafing, as does a newer sports bra, and the right leggings are good for workouts, trail walking, and even errands afterwards. My faves are the Zella leggings from Nordstrom and the fit line from Talbots. I just bought a beautiful pair of olive leggings on clearance from Eddie Bauer, as I thought it would be nice to have some in my autumn palette. Nowadays, since retiring, I’ve decided all my daily activities are worth honoring in my life, rather than my entire clothing budget going for things to wear to work.

  6. Good for you Pam! Sounds like a cool discovery ( or re-discovery) to feeling fit. Tapping! I don’t tap but do love to create by own Zumba classes at home! Lol. I also attend yoga classes and practice Yeung style Tai Chi (Yeung family) . I feel these classes and my 2-3 mile walks are keeping me invigorated and sleeping like a baby!

  7. It is for sure more challenging now over childhood…but I still like it! Thanks Karen!

  8. Good way to look at workout clothing, Linda…clothes that honor your life. I like that!

  9. I just added Eddie Bauer to my shopping links page at the top of the blog. Thanks for asking me to share this Linda!

  10. I tapped briefly as a child along with ballet, until we stopped into the piano store next to the dance studio one day! So I have extra fit and slim fingers, LOL. 😁 I might check out your new tap program. Sounds fun and definitely a change up from traditional exercise videos. I miss aqua aerobics, but we have not yet resumed close quartered classes here. I enjoy long walks listening to my Chirp books.

  11. I started working out with Pahla B since you mentioned her videos in May. I really like them and appreciate the info. I never would have found it on my own. I complete a different one most days and feel and I think ultimately look better and happier! Thank you for your research.

  12. A tap workout! How interesting. Always amazed at what you come up with. I tapped way back when, but not long enough to have lots of memories of it. Good luck with it. Will look forward to a video.

  13. This tap dancing is very interesting! I have never done it but have always thought it would be fun! Might have to check it out! Thanks for reviewing it.

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