Would You Wear It – Tops with Detail

Would You Wear It - Tops with Detail

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It – Tops with Detail!

For these posts, I ask that. you look over the fashion display and tell us if you would or would not wear the clothing and explain why.

Please be constructive and helpful with your comments…we learn a lot about shopping and what other consumers see in the clothing.

Would You Wear It - Tops with Detail

These three tops and a jacket have a lot of detail going on so tell us……………………………



Would You Wear It - Tops with Detail

Today’s display is from Chico’s and they have a lot of detail going on right now.  This simple sleeve cuff is fun with chains and goes on a sweater which comes in several colors.

You can see me in the sweater here…..

Would You War It - tops with detail

Also, lace and cutouts are fun details in store right now….nice for a bohemian/romantic. 

Would You Wear It - Tops with Details

Here is a slideshow which includes all of the garments in today’s post….

So, now tell us ladies…would you wear the garments in today’s display and help us to understand your decisions…as always,


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I do like the jacket and would wear that. Also like a striped tee shirt, but not this one. To me, the fabric looks very thin and the pockets with buttons are so poorly placed. The floral top in the back just doesn’t appeal at all with that pattern. The shirt under the jacket is okay, but I’d probably pass by this display unless I was shopping for a jacket. I like the two tops that you are wearing much more than what’s on display. They should have you walk through the store so shoppers could see those!

  2. I like the jacket as it is nice and long. Also the top in the middle as it has a pop of color. I do not care for the other tops on the manneqins. I like the lace blouse you are wearing and in the slide show but not the color canyon red, the ecru might be a contender for me. Chicos has some very nice items but in some I need “plus” sizes which they do not have that I can tell.

  3. love the sweater on you, i want to try those on when i have a chance. and the cut out blouse too, again need to try it on, because im not sure about the length on me.
    on the display, the striped pull over i kinda like, the details on the shoulder are ok, the length of the sleeves and the small stripe would be ok on me, but the front pocket placement, that would make me walk on by…because of my symmetry issues (the ones husband says are nonexistent) but i can always see. same with the printed pullover sweater on the mannequin, i dont wear prints on tops that are unbalanced in any way, not because i dont like them, i just dont like them on me…the elongated jacket i would like to try on…the length of tops and jackets are a make or break for me, big rear end and im long waisted . the printed blouse under the jacket just doesnt grab me.

  4. That Khaki green short sleeve sweater top that you are wearing in this post fits you and looks fabulous. Often you choose tops that are two sizes too big and they tend to make you look larger than you are….this is much better

  5. I feel as Karen does as I like the tops you wore much better than the ones on the display. The buttons on the striped shirt are located at the wrong place for women with sizeable breasts. I’m trying to steer away from patterned tops but I do like both patterns on those shirts. I do like the longer denim jacket, and I’ve read that denim on denim is on trend. The rolled sleeves on the sweater you wore is a small but likable detail to me. And I love the long lace-embellished top, but the colors are not good for me. However, you look great in the canyon red color which looks more orange than red to me. Did you see the jasper jewelry items that the Chico’s website and Chico’s Shoppers Facebook group is so crazy over? It does look beautiful but quite expensive.

  6. Hi Charlene, They do have size 3 1/2 and 4 which would be for a plus size woman. You should stop by a store and try them to see what you think.

  7. Hi Sheryl, when you go in store check out the petite section. I bet some of these options are in petites.

  8. Yes…the jasper jewelry is great…beautiful designs and perfect for those who wear cool colors. I do think the Canyon red is more orange than red!

  9. Good morning! I own the elongated denim jacket and wear it frequently. It is particularly nice for air travel because it has huge pockets on the inside as well as the deep ones on the outside. The interior pockets securely hold a phone, slim wallet, luggage claim tickets, and my asthma inhaler without bulging. In short, the pockets hold everything a small purse will hold while not counting as a “personal item”.
    Regarding the tops, the the print on the button up shirt is too busy for my taste and the striped one just doesn’t appeal. I would wear the others, including the ones from the dressing room photos. The cream sweater with the large print and the dark orange top are particularly appealing to me.

  10. Hi Lauren, I do not know what size you are, but for years I have lived in between misses and plus. I do not select items two sizes too big, but I do wear kimonos and oversized garments occasionally….I have recently been losing weight so I am able to wear smaller sizes and tops which fit better. Since I have been blogging for 11 years, my audience has watched this up and down weight journey and I hope will rejoice with me as I become a healthier size. (I still love fun toppers though and expect to see them occasionally!)

  11. I like the jacket and the striped tee-shirt (although the fabric might be too thin, I would have to check this). I would put the two together with cotton or linen straight trousers (in a light, off-white tone). The prints on the other tops do not appeal to me at all. And I like you very much in the orange/red lace blouse, the color is beautiful on you and the style suits you perfectly. Lace is very nice, but not the most practical fabric, unfortunately, but for any event that does not involve cooking or, worse, washing dishes, it would be perfect.

  12. Of the three shown, I would be drawn to the middle one with the floral detail and would try that on. I would also wear that with grey straight leg jeans or a skirt in that pink shade. The stripe top is a no due to the buttons and detail on the breast area. Once again, I am not a wearer of denim jackets, so no to that look as well. On the other hand, the canyon red, or burnt orange in my eye, is a fantastic look and the little sweater top is cute on you, but for your boho side needs a scarf or substantial necklace. You do look great in them.

  13. I love these smaller details in today’s selection, and always enjoy looking for them in clothes I’m considering. The denim jacket looks comfortable and versatile. I might try that one. The shirt under it looks good with it, and interesting, but I wear more knits than shirts. The striped shirt has the pockets and studs in a very unfortunate place for anyone (me!) who carries extra weight on top. I actually tried on the floral knit shirt a while ago in store, and the light, cooler pink background completely washed me out. In person, it is a lovely print. I’ve noticed your weight loss, but you always look great, regardless of where you are on that journey, and I appreciate your honesty, openness, and willingness to put the real “you” out there. We are all works in progress, which is as it should be.

  14. I have not purchased from Chicos for some time. I am frustrated with their sizing. Sometimes a certain size fits but other times, no. so I don’t order from them

  15. I like the far left and middle looks. Totally not a fan of where the pockets are placed on the striped tee. You look great in your tops, today.

  16. Love these pieces with the exception of the floral top center. I absolutely would wear the jacket and small floral shirt underneath it. Really nice pieces together or separately! I’d wear the striped tee shirt too! Very nice!

  17. I bought the jacket on a trip and wore it almost everyday. It’s a nice length and fits me perfectly. It’s a little more fitted than the over sized styles that have been around for awhile. It’s a great weight as it’s not a heavy denim. It was great to wear in the car and in cool restaurants. It’s going to be on heavy rotation this fall and a great travel piece

  18. I like the jacket & would wear it. The length is longer than most jean jackets, & the seaming add verticality. The blouse under it is just ok. I like the smaller print, & the color combination is interesting. I don’t care for the floral top in the back. It just isn’t my taste. The pocket placement & buttons on the striped tee make it a no. It would draw too much attention to my chest.

  19. My favorites are the two pieces that you are wearing. The detail on the olive sleeve brings the eye up towards your face. It would look good with your scarf collection, too. I love the orange lace, particularly for a more stand-out occasion. I am personally swimming in Talbot knit tops, which I love and need as basics, but that lace tells me that I am ready again to embrace more blouse looks. The color is the same as my Essie I Canyon nail polish. I hope you purchased that blouse. It looks fab on you. Regarding the other items, I am not drawn to them. As a natural classic, the classic in me looks at the placement of those large florals and I shy away. I think a tall dramatic might look interesting in them. The pockets on the thinly made striped top would not do justice to a more busty woman , but at least the stripes match! I love the idea of a print shirt peaking out from the jacket. I will remember that this autumn when I pull out my jackets. I just purchased a Barbour khaki one with a corduroy collar from NAS and will copy that look. Thank you!

  20. The lace top is my absolute favorite! So figure flattering and cheerful. I also really like the length and style of the denim jacket. The green top is pretty but a little drab for my style. I find I look more cheerful if I wear more cheerful colors. Just me and my complexion coloring I think!

  21. I like tops with details and the ones you’re wearing are lovely on you! The ones on the mannequins are less appealing: I’m more apt to choose a solid color with details than a floral and the bold floral pattern on the top in the back would overwhelm my smaller frame. I like a narrow stripe in a top (great layering piece) but detest ‘boob pockets’ (I realize that’s a personal peeve); I would never choose a top that had those with buttons and flaps on them. I would definitely wear that jacket!

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