Thursday’s This & That

Thursday's This & That

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Today is a Thursday’s This & That post where I cover several different topics.

This is our hottest part of the summer and with high humidity it has been especially grueling…the sad part is that there are years it lasts until October…hopefully not this year!

I am so ready for fall!


Thursday's This & That

So, when I went to see my allergist yesterday, I tossed on this Karen Kane tunic I purchased at Dillard’s a couple of years back…it is cool and easy…and I know large…but cool & easy is the key!

Speaking of Dillard’s ….they have a GREAT sandal sale in progress with top comfort brands included.  Here are a few…to see more, just click through one of these pictures to their site!


Thursday's This & That

Thursday's This & That

I had so much fun helping my friend, Karen, get ready for her son’s destination wedding in Hawaii.  

She wanted flowy, easy, beachy style….and she looked great for the wedding (in navy blue) and the welcome dinner (coral).

Her dresses were found at Soft Surroundings for the coral, and Stein Mart for the blue, and her cute sandals at Ross.  Her gold bracelet is from Chico’s.

She proved you can look fabulous as the Mother of the Groom with affordable fashion!


Thursday's This & That

I was asked questions after the broadcast with Susan on Tuesday.  I know I have mentioned these products before, but here they are again!

First question: How do you do your hair?  Well, it came like this 68 years ago…so I wash it and let it air dry.  But, the products are very important.  I love this GK Taming System Products, to tame the beast and control the frizz. 

Thursday's This & That

Second Question: What lipstick were you wearing?

It is a MAC matte lip color called Chili, and I pair it with the MAC lip pencil called Chicory…and I purchased them at Nordstrom!

I love this color so much that I purchased extra just in case the color goes away…that has happened to me several times! 

New motto:  If. you love it, secure it!

Thursday's This & That

Third Question: What skincare products do you use?

For the past 3 1/2 years, I have used Chamonix all natural, antioxidant products every day.

I love the way my skin looks with this line and highly recommend. 

The fourth question was about the clothing hanging behind me during the video.  

I really just hung those garments there to add color, but I do love both pieces.  They are from eleven years ago by a designer named Jana Kos, who sadly left the designing world under her own label.

I loved her clothes!


Thursdays This 7 That

This parrot is our color inspiration summer shot for today.  One of my grandsons LOVES parrots, so when we went to the San Antonio Zoo last week, we made sure to see them.

They are gorgeous and vibrant.  He is just fascinated with them right now. 


I think I will throw some frozen fruit in my water and cool off this afternoon!  Let me know if you have any more questions for today….

I know the world is crazy right now….take it one day at a time….choose joy as often as possible….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Your friend looks perfect for a beach wedding, I love both the dresses she has on. Your tunic is great for a hot day, if it was much smaller it might be touching your skin, and with extra fabric it can flow and keep the air moving. We are in a hot humid stretch again and the idea of some frozen fruit in a cold glass sounds really refreshing, enjoy.

  2. What pretty wedding dresses! You can positively look wonderful without spending a fortune! The fruit looks so refreshing in your water. Definitely going to do this today for a treat…we have the very high humidity too and dressing up some ice water looks like a delicious way to beat the heat!

  3. Great video yesterday. It was interesting to see both warm seasons, but such different style personalities. I too am finding shopping much easier with a palette. I relate to Susan’s gamine more than to your bohemian, but neither is right for me (I’m still not sure where I land, but I’m starting to see the benefit of knowing it). I admire Susan’s glasses. Some would say yellow is a very bold and restrictive choice, but on her it was not at all, because that color is so good on her. And you both were right, you do not have to have tons of black to get dressed every day. That last only took me about 30 years to learn!

  4. Great post packed with information! I really love the outfits your friend wore for the wedding. Especially the navy blue dress from Stein Mart. Can you share the brand? I would love that dress!! I live in Illinois, and would love to get my colors done. Any suggestions on how to find a spot-on consultation? I am going to watch your “color” clip with Susan later this evening. Maybe the answer will be in there??

  5. I love your tunic top. It is so exotic. And the choices for your friend Karen as mother of the groom were excellent! She looks relaxed but elegant. Perfect clothing choices for a destination beach wedding.

  6. It took me a long time too, Linda! I understand! The video was fun…I love Susan’s gamine style…if I was petite, it would be a consideration for me!
    Thanks so much…

  7. Deanna, I am going to email you this afternoon with color consultation information. I will respond to this comment either this evening or tomorrow with the brand of the dress. She needs to look at it after work.

  8. She did nail it…didn’t she, Beth. I am so glad you like the necklace you won here!

  9. The tunic you wore to the allergist is adorable and definitely a keeper. You may want to consider taking it in a bit as you have lost weight. Yay for you!

  10. I’ve found your blog quite recently and noticed you were from San Antonio. Since I lived there for 50 years before I started roaming around, I look forward to other mentions and photos of the metropolis I’ll always consider to be my home. Am currently still in Texas but anticipate a move to the Kansas City area very soon; I’ll miss the many people I have ties to there but know I will be able to visit.
    I’m enjoying the blog.

  11. Thanks Nancy…I feature San Antonio often…hope the images will evoke good memories.

  12. I’m with Deanna…..still trying to figure out my color palette and style. I’ve been typed as a summer and recently a winter. I think Jennifer (A Well Styled Life) also had this problem. A gal at Dillard’s makeup counter said I was a creamy neutral, whatever that is. I would appreciate it if you know of anyone in my area that does consultations. I really enjoyed your video with Susan! Thanks!

  13. The wedding harkens back to 1970s weddings with barefoot brides in peasant dresses and daisy crowns. Of course this is updated in 2021. What could be better?

  14. I find the “soft romantic” to be a middle path. It has some feminine touches like ruffles and florals, but toned down from bohemian. It’s not quite as pared-down as gamine. Color is not as bold as boho. Maybe this could be described as boho meets Audrey Hepburn, for those of us who can’t be pigeonholed in one or the other.

  15. Of course not, Pam! I’m in Albuquerque, N.M. I’m another southwestern gal. Not much humidity here though. Thank goodness! Also, I really like your chili lipstick – it’s similar to what I like to wear.

  16. Thanks! I really like San Antonio too! Unfortunately, I Googled color analysis consultants and all that I found were hair salons and a couple of wedding and event stylists. Hopefully Susan will start doing online consultations sometime soon. You both look so happy and confident in your personal style and color seasons.

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