Shopping Talbots with Leigh & Me

Happy joyful Thursday, ladies!  Welcome to another post of Shopping Talbot’s with Leigh & Me!

Leigh Ann and I were so excited to go to Talbot’s and try on new garments from the August Catalog, which reflects a transition from summer to fall.

First of all, I want to thank the lovely sales associates at Talbot’s in North Star Mall, San Antonio.  What a great group they have!

Shopping Talbots with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann is your petite model today and this outfit really made her smile. Here are the pieces she tried on…the jacket also comes in the fun Orange Zinnia color!

Shopping Talbot's with Leigh & Me

I started off with the Coastal Hooded Anorak in Animal Print.…if San Antonio was more of a rainy climate, I would so purchase this! 

I will have my eye on it if our weather changes from a typical fall.

Shopping Talbot's with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann and I both are shopping in the Autumn palettes, but please know many of the pieces come in different colors and have offering for you Winter and Summer ladies.

Both of us loved the Slim Ankle Jeans in Tortoise shell, and this is the only garment that Leigh Ann did not wear petite…she is wearing a size 6 here. 

She paired it with a Grazing Tiger Cotton Button Front blouse in petite (another garment we both liked a lot) and The Ragland Girlfriend Cardigan in petite and Orange Zinnia. 

Shopping Talbot's with Leigh & Ne

The stripes on the tiger blouse are an olive green and I cannot say enough great things about this Orange Zinnia color for Autumns…it is a vibrant orange/red…just lovely.

But this cardigan comes in pink, green and navy!

Shopping Talbots with Leigh & Me

The slim ankle jeans are also in other colors…but like I said, we loved the Tortoise Shell!

The blouses in the August collection are so lightweight and soft…perfect for warmer climates to wear all season.

Here are the pieces I am wearing which are all in Misses sizes…..

Shopping Talbots with Leigh & Me

Finally, I also tried on the Crewneck Colorful Cheetah tee, with the Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green.

I was glad to find blazers and jackets that only had one pocket or no pockets at the top.  I do not want to wear the double pockets on a larger chest. 

Remember if you are plus size, many of these garments are also offered in Plus Sizes.

Here are some fun options for other color palettes…

Talbot’s has so many fun options in store and online right now….thanks for shopping with Leigh & Me.   We had a great time there, and left with a full wish list! I had a birthday gift card to Talbot’s…you will see what happened with it, soon!


By Pamela Lutrell


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