What I loved this week!

What I loved this week

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has enjoyed a great week…I did… so today I am discussing what I loved this week!

Of course, getting out and about with Leigh Ann is a highlight…so let’s begin with what we discovered.


What I loved this week

These Clarks Women’s Collection Juliet Hayes Shoes in Red Suede immediately caught my eye when in Macy’s.

I like Clarks and these are currently on sale…they are in other colors…but I love this red! 

What I loved this week

I love that on Fridays Chico’s is featuring Better Together specials! This week you can get the So Slimming Brigitte Ankle Pants for $49 when you purchase a No Iron Button-Back Tunic for $59That’s over $80 in savings!

What I loved this week

Leigh Ann and I stopped by Hobby Lobby and I LOVED seeing the arrival of fall on the shelves….this autumn-girl loves, loves, loves all things autumn!

What I loved this week


What I loved this week

My neighborhood walking is decorated with so much color that it just makes me smile as I go along my way!

This week, I started something new with it….CHEWING GUM!  That’s right, I read this article and thought…why not?…I will try it….every little bit helps, right?


What I love this week

This week I am loving washing my sweaty face after my walks with this HYDRATING PALMROSA FACIAL SOAP.

I was recently sent some products to try from Typology, a natural skincare brand made in France. 

Right now I love this soap and the way my face feels after using it.

What I love this week

I get really sweaty some mornings after walking, so I am washing my hair more often.  Thank goodness I have my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill-in Powder.  

I have used this product for years in between hair appointments.


What I loved this week

CONGRATULATIONS to Beth Lariviere!!  You have won this fun Chico’s necklace!  Watch for an email from me…I will need your mailing address to get this right out to you!

This was fun…so I will do more soon...I love passing some treasures to those of you in the cool color palettes!!

What I loved this week...

OK…it is your turn!  What did you love about this week…please share…and make sure you join Jennifer and I tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like being outside in the early morning also. It’s cooler, the birds are singing, there’s dew on the grass and it’s quiet. Great time for a walk! I enjoyed reading about the things that you saw and did this week that made you happy. I think it’s always good to step back and think about these things that might be getting pushed aside in our thoughts during stressful times. I’m going to take some time for this today. Lots of stress here lately and it’s time for more positive thinking!

  2. Lovely message- I too have lesrned so much about our natural world through my neighborhood walks. Rock formations, interesting birds and fun garden props that several families have adopted. Of course, the transition of blooming plants too! We’ve gone from the spring blooms to our summer beauties in several yards. My own yard is simply green right now. My last flowering bushes have dropped their blossoms. With all our rain this summer no parched lawns anymore. Everything is dark dark green! Lush! Love my walks!

    1. I love mine too, Paulette! And my area is finally out of drought! It took a long time but we got there…the yards are lovely!!

      1. My husband and I are spending time in my hometown in Ohio in our rv and will not leave until late October. I’ve been walking 3-4 miles most mornings and do the majority of my walking in the local cemetery. It may sound like a strange place to walk but it’s safe, shady and I look at it as spending time with my family who are buried there😊

  3. Nothing too exciting this week, however, I did meet up with 6 friends for a distanced outdoor coffee and spent a couple hours just catching up. That was nice. That Joan Rivers scalp powder is great. I have used the white for a few years now, and it works really well to blend with the hair and mask the pink scalp where it is thinning. The brush gets right in there and it stays. Those shoes are wonderful and will work right through the fall with an assortment of pants and jeans.

  4. With only a couple of exceptions, I have always viewed exercise/working out as a “should” (therefore, too busy to do) and not as enjoyment. That gradually changed when I started to walk with daily consistency in retirement. Now my walk is the highlight of my day. The world is so stunningly beautiful if you pay attention, and you can when you are walking, not whizzing along in a car. Even on trips, we have added in walking, enriching our knowledge of a place. We use a trail app that rates almost any walk or trail in the USA for difficulty, so we always know if it’s in our wheelhouse. The health benefits have been enormous, and it’s a fun, low cost/no cost thing my husband and I can do together.

  5. Looking back on your week reminds me of a habit I had while teaching high school science for years. Each day when I was checking gas outlets ( lab classroom) , turning off computer and lights, locking the door, I’d think of something nice, encouraging, funny thing that had happened that day…a student’s lightbulb moment, a student’s good test grade, a nice comment from the principal or another teacher. Now that I’m retired, I still am constantly looking for science-related concepts or thoughts to post on my Facebook page to continue teaching without my classroom. I see things on my daily walk that I show or discuss from the science aspect.

    1. I love that you look for ways to continue teaching, Celia. I believe teachers have a gift to use their whole life long!

  6. Well, I have not had the best of weeks, but am focusing on the positive. We lost my husband’s youngest brother last weekend in a terrible accident: I am grateful he was a designated donor, as someone will be the recipient of his forethought. We had a huge old oak tree split and fall late Monday afternoon, narrowly missing our house: I am grateful the house was spared, nobody was hurt, and now we have to redesign our deck and much of our backyard in the aftermath. Meanwhile, I am reminded how very kind and caring are our friends and family in our times of loss.

    1. Connie, I am so sorry about your family’s loss and so sad you are going through a lot right now. I will keep you in my prayers. Glad to see you found a silver lining.

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