The search for kingfisher blue

The search for kingfisher blue

Good Monday morning to everyone!! Today let’s discuss the search for kingfisher blue I have been on….

I have been researching more colors in my new color palette and wanted to mention a couple of them this week. 

When I searched Kingfisher Blue on the web, the first thing that popped up was the image at the top of this post.  You can see it is kind of teal, kind of turquoise, kind brilliant blue….all rolled into one.

But, the first box in the second row, made me stop and say…AH HA….that is in my closet right now!

The search for kingfisher blue

This is a older JJill topper I have owned for some time and now gives me the kingfisher blue which is in my autumn color palette.

I never paired it with burnt orange before…but you can see in the bird that it is lovely. 

So, I am currently wearing it with my recent knit top purchase at the Gap…which was about $8.

The search for kingfisher blue

This is a scarf I have owned also for years, and it has the orange and the kingfisher blue in it. I think I have worn it maybe twice.

Again, before this color reinvention, I never would have put these together!! Exploring my new colors has opened up so many possibilities for me.

I look at my closet completely different now and walk into it with more excitement!

The search for kingfisher bloue

This little bracelet is a fun find from Goodwill San Antonio’s accessory store.

I love this bracelet and it goes so well with an outfit like what I am wearing.  I hope whoever donated it to Goodwill knows that it found a good home!

I know I want more of this color, but right now, it is not easy to find….but I will keep my search going.

When I searched “garments for women in kingfisher blue,” this slideshow is what I got…you can see there are many different interpretations!

Do you ever have colors you get into your head that you want and cannot really find them?  Please share…would love to know the colors!  I will show you another one tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Question, Pam: you don’t have physical color swatches? We all know that colors aren’t always accurate on computer screens.

    A cheap & easy source of color swatches is paint chips. One quilt designer I follow uses them for the mystery quilts she designs. Each quilt she provides a list of paint chips that illustrate the colors she used. You get the chips at a big box store & then take them to the fabric store.

  2. This happens all the time. You go in search of a specific color or even a specific style and it’s nowhere to be found!! But you found it right in your closet! I like your combination of colors, and the shade of your Kingfisher blue. I like some interpretations of the color better than others, but the bird itself is beautiful, isn’t it? Putting outfits together in the color combinations we find in nature seems to work so well. God makes no mistakes in His creation and whether we’re combining plants in our gardens or clothes from our closets, these combinations from nature seem to be winners! What a fun bracelet you found, and so perfect for your new color palette!

  3. Thanks so much for your post! I am a blue autumn and Kingfisher is my very favorite color! I’m always on the hunt for warm navy, dark brown, royal purple, and lizard grey! You look fabulous in your autumn outfits!

  4. im chuckling, because i have two pieces right now that patiently wait for just the right shade to come through the door….one is a pair of shorts that may be related to the kingfisher color, they are kind of a blue, kind of a green…at any rate not one darn thing in the closet is right for a match…except of course the usual white or black…theyve been in the drawer for years, but they fit well and i still like the color so they stay…the other is one of the chicos ruanas from last year…..i prefer tanks under those and while ive got quite a collection of tanks, none are just right….its kind of a beige with little splotches of sky blue and orange….its got a little black so i could wear it with a column of black but the material is so wispy i feel like it wants a creamier color under it. and i love your combo of the blue and orange, i wouldnt have thought of it either, but it really is striking and pretty.

  5. I did not realize this color is called kingfisher blue, but I realize even though I am a winter, I have several items in my closet that are this shade of blue. I’m really drawn to any blue color and do realize “my winter blue” is a more pure, bright blue, rather than a muted blue as I see this color. But as you say, wear what makes you happy and makes you smile, so I’ll probably hang on to my few kingfisher blue. You look lovely in your blue and burnt orange . Isn’t is rewarding to realize you have items that can be worn together …thankful you did not toss them out during some closet purge.

  6. Good morning! Kingfisher blue and marine blue are the two colors that I scoop up when I see them. JJill is where my kingfishers and teals are most often found. Marine pieces I have picked up at Talbots when I have seen them. Have you ever shopped Kettlewell out of England? Free shipping and returns on orders over $100. Excellent quality. The colors…
    I also am always looking for an off white or ivory ‘white shirt’!
    I love the kingfisher and teals with my orange jersey. Need to find a scarf! You are looking fab.

  7. Gorgeous outfit! So nice that it came together so well with a topper from your closet, and a little used scarf that you already had on hand. It all goes together perfectly and you look radiant. I also love-love-love the bracelet.

  8. I really like the challenge that you have for using what is in your closet for your new color collection. I am looking at my closet differently now and will try to use more of the ones I thought might not work.
    The scarf you are wearing is perfect to combine the two colors, great look.

  9. I just love that shade/hue of blue-green! You look extraordinary in it and even combined with bright /light cinnamon color! A great combination coming to us from the natural world! !

  10. How great is that with the colour hiding in your closet waiting for the aha moment. It is so frustrating to try to find a colour that in your head is perfect, but in reality is so elusive. There is a shade of soft purple/pink that I had in a top that I loved and was told I looked really good in, and I cannot find it yet. I have brought home what I thought was good enough, but as we all know, good enough is not perfect. That combination is so pretty and fun. Isn’t it interesting how the same colour name can be so different in others eyes. Stick with the bird for inspiration.

  11. I do not have the physical color swatches and completely agree that it would make a difference from online color. Thanks for bring it up!

  12. Hi Karen, God is the master painter…it never ceases to amaze me the beauty in the world. I love to use nature for inspiration! Happy Monday!

  13. Thank you Laurie! It is fun to hunt for our perfect palette. Have fun with your blue autumn styles!

  14. I do not think I ever would have put this together without my color reinvention…but now, I see so much….so many more possibilities in my closet. It is fun!

  15. Very thankful that I did not toss this Celia…but I almost did because I was looking at it with the colors I previously styled it with. This orange underneath it was a gamechanger and saved the topper for me!

  16. Are you familiar with Kettlewell? They group clothes by seasonal colors in their online catalog, so you can just focus on what is in your autumn palette. When you open the menu there is an option to shop by colour; under that is shop by season. They are based in the UK, but ship free to the US for orders over $100..

  17. Thanks Deborah…and yes, I am familiar with Kettlewell…they do good work!

  18. This bracelet is one that makes me smile…and it only cost me $2.50 at the thrift store. I know I will wear it often. Thanks for commenting Deanna!

  19. I saw this scarf in a complete different way when I embraced my autumn coloring. I previously wore it with a white top and grey pants…but now it pops with the colors within it.
    Thanks so much for being here, Audrey.

  20. I know…isn’t the bird amazing!! Thanks Diane…hope you find your color search!

  21. I love your look, but color is a little bit subjective, isn’t it? I’ve always thought of kingfisher as having much more of a teal/turquoise vibe than your topper, which I would call closer to true blue or a light cobalt (might just be my screen). What makes this work I think is the terra-cotta accent. As a blue autumn, I lean more into neutral territory and spent some time yesterday (while allegedly cleaning my closet) trying on some combos with very warm colors against cooler neutrals. Some were fails, but a couple of successes were there too. On another note, have you had any success finding eggplant this year? Since embracing my true self, I’m finding a very, very deep, smoky eggplant (especially with olive) to be my most flattering color of all. And sadly, I have almost none of it!

  22. I love eggplant and have not seen it so far. Will let you know if I do, Linda!

  23. Wow, the orange and kingfisher blue look beautiful together, and that scarf is just icing on the cake! You look great in that combo.

    I’m a winter, and with my “COVID white” hair, I’m really drawn to color near my face. Those winter colors are pretty elusive right now, and I’m getting bored with my primarily navy and white summer wardrobe, with a little red thrown in as an accent. I’d love to find a bright pink or cobalt blue jacket for our Pennsylvania winter!

  24. I will watch for one for you Barb and let you know when I see it. Good news is that several brands are showing bright pink for fall. Let me see what I can find!

  25. I’m also a white haired winter and have been waiting for the last few years for a true blue/red to make it’s reappearance. Not this year, they are all very much the orange/reds. Being a strong blue lover I could very much wear your kingfisher colour but the top row kingfisher colours I’ve been caught by a few times. The bright blue I find most suitable is often titled ‘ perriwinkle’.

  26. I think you will be surprised at the colors about to hit for winters! Do not be discouraged!

  27. I have been a fan of the orange and blue combination for a very long time! They are opposites on the color wheel and I think that makes a dramatic look. Yellows and purples together, or red shades and green ( think red and olive green, not necessarily the“Christmasy” combination !) are often unexpectedly lovely and fresh together. You discovered this with your beautiful “new” outfit!
    I also enthusiastically agree with others that nature is a fantastic inspiration for color combinations.
    Loving all the conversation about color!
    You look great in all your new colors and styles!

  28. Thanks for your great post today. I didn’t realize how well blue and orange go together. I’m now going to wear orange with my dark blue jeans. I even found a scarf in my closet to match it. What a surprise!

  29. The Kingfisher blue is beautiful! Two Falls ago; searched high and low for a specific shade of green in a lightweight turtle neck sweater to wear with a blazer and low ‘n behold found one in a Thrift Store that looked brand new, was the perfect size and colour.
    For me it was like winning the jackpot … lol! Do love your bracelet as well. -Brenda-

  30. Gorgeous! I love the color combination & wear it myself. I want to see more of the orange shirt & the orange in the scarf – maybe try different scarf arrangements. The scarf would look great in your hair too. An orange pin on the blue jacket would be lovely too.

    I often start with a scarf & wade through my closet to see what color combinations I can

  31. Like you, I would not have thought to put the burnt orange & kingfisher blue together, but it is a perfect combination for you. With the scarf & bracelet, your out fit looks very polished. At times, I have had trouble finding lilac or lighter shades of purple. I can wear those, but the darker purples are not for me.

  32. Welcome to how I have felt, Judy…such a surprise to discover new ways to wear color …and so much fun!

  33. I understand that excitement when thrift shopping, Brenda. I have experienced it often!

  34. Your post today is so interesting!

    I love trying out new color combinations and you just gave me the inspiration to see if I can find something new to put together from my closet!!! I have lots of scarves … I think I’ll start there!

    I think I am an “autumn” but I like black and look good in it. Is this possible?

    Thank you, Pam! I’ve enjoyed your transformation.

  35. I’m obviously no ornithologist, because I’ve always called this shade of turquoisey-tealy blue “peacock” blue! LOL! There are dozens of variations, obviously, each working better with different skin/hair colours but I can spot the one that works for my Winter colouring half a store away & have a few pieces in my closet. I absolutely love it & am glad it’s one of the ones that still works — beautifully, it turns out — with my “new” charcoal & silver hair. [I still call it “new” because even after a year it STILL startles me when I look in a mirror & see it after 5 decades of blonde.] Your burnt orange & kingfisher go together beautifully, btw, & that scarf . . . !

  36. I have several items in that color–slacks, jacket, sweater and 2 long sleeve coordinating tops. I purchased them 2 or 3 years ago at Chicos. They called it Victorian blue. You might search the secondary market or online for it. They are a beautiful color and I can’t wait until it is cooler to pull them out–and now I will try the burnt orange to accent it.

  37. Love these colors on you Pamela! One color I am sometimes looking for is magenta. I love purple in any shade. Colors change every season and sometimes it is hard to find the exact shade you had before.

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