The search for kingfisher blue

Good Monday morning to everyone!! Today let’s discuss the search for kingfisher blue I have been on….

I have been researching more colors in my new color palette and wanted to mention a couple of them this week. 

When I searched Kingfisher Blue on the web, the first thing that popped up was the image at the top of this post.  You can see it is kind of teal, kind of turquoise, kind brilliant blue….all rolled into one.

But, the first box in the second row, made me stop and say…AH HA….that is in my closet right now!

The search for kingfisher blue

This is a older JJill topper I have owned for some time and now gives me the kingfisher blue which is in my autumn color palette.

I never paired it with burnt orange before…but you can see in the bird that it is lovely. 

So, I am currently wearing it with my recent knit top purchase at the Gap…which was about $8.

The search for kingfisher blue

This is a scarf I have owned also for years, and it has the orange and the kingfisher blue in it. I think I have worn it maybe twice.

Again, before this color reinvention, I never would have put these together!! Exploring my new colors has opened up so many possibilities for me.

I look at my closet completely different now and walk into it with more excitement!

The search for kingfisher bloue

This little bracelet is a fun find from Goodwill San Antonio’s accessory store.

I love this bracelet and it goes so well with an outfit like what I am wearing.  I hope whoever donated it to Goodwill knows that it found a good home!

I know I want more of this color, but right now, it is not easy to find….but I will keep my search going.

When I searched “garments for women in kingfisher blue,” this slideshow is what I got…you can see there are many different interpretations!

Do you ever have colors you get into your head that you want and cannot really find them?  Please share…would love to know the colors!  I will show you another one tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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