The search for rosewood

July is going to be colorful fun

Welcome everyone! Today I continue working on my Autumn color palette with the search for rosewood.

Rosewood is a little easier than kingfisher blue.  This is how those of us in the Autumn Color Palette wear “pink.”

The search for rosewood

Last month I found this sleeveless top at Marshalls for $16 and it is the one Rosewood colored garment I currently own.

This color is more commonly called Dusty Rose…and I have been searching for the perfect nail color in dusty rose for a long time.

I described it to my nail tech as a pink with brown in it…that seemed to confuse her…but I am still searching for the perfect dusty rose nail polish…I will persevere.

The search for rosewood

As I said, rosewood is easier to locate than the blue from yesterday.  Here are a few tops I found in the color….

I liked styling this with my rose gold flats, and I found several fun rose gold shoes on the market, so here is another slide show for you…..

I also like this KAVN flat by Journee.

The search for rosewood

Autumn is more than just a season for me…it is my new color story and my “all year” wardrobe!

That is why I have been looking to expand into new colors in the palette…plus, it is so much fun!!

Outfit Note:  This outfit is from my current wardrobe with older pieces.  The linen cardigan is one I just dyed and took from white to sandy beach! The green cargo pants were JJill. The necklace Chico’s on sale. 

My Vionic rose gold flats were purchased on sale at Dillard’s last year.

Shopping Talbots with Leigh & Me


Does anyone have a dusty rose nail color to recommend?  Tomorrow is the mid-week Would You Wear It…hope to see you back then…thanks so much for being here!


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil


  1. I like your posts featuring different colors, first Kingfisher, now Rosewood. And I like how your necklace ties everything together.

  2. Speaking of rosewood….I recently purchased the V-Neck Cardi with oversized buttons in red oak from JJill. What do you think of that color for Autumn girls? I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep. Love the cardi. Wonder about the color!

    1. Hi Denise, I personally think that color is perfect for autumn-ladies! I would wear it! Looks like a great find!

  3. Sunday’s Studio nail polish. Number 25. Baked Clay is described as a dusty rose. Maybe that will work? I found it online (made in USA and $18.00).
    Love your searches for the just-right shades to wear too. And as someone else mentioned, your talent for tying things together with a cute necklace or scarf is something Intoo picked up on…..
    Happy searching!

  4. I wonder what you would think of OPI CosmoNot Tonight Honey! nail color. A nude with pearl finish with golden pink color

  5. You look so happy in your pictures ! You make me smile when I look at your blog every morning first thing. Just yesterday I was trying to decide what to pack for a trip to the mountains this week, and thought about putting my pink tee with my green pants like yours which I have never worn together before. But my winter pink is a bright, clear pink, not muted like yours. I too really like many items from JJill but so often find their color palette is more to your autumn liking than my winter colors. Enjoying your seek-and-find adventures daily.

  6. I like this combination of colors you put together. J Jill seems to typically have that shade of Rosewood either in current or sale items. They have the more muted shades it seems. Sometimes their items are more toward the lighter side of this color. Regardless, it looks very pretty with the olive pants. Even though I never see olive in my color palette, I love it and wear it and get compliments when I do. You are really nailing the color combinations in the outfits you are putting together!

  7. Good morning, Pam. I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime and enjoy it, especially since I used to live in SA (“Santone” – as we native Texans pronounce it! ) I’m stuck in DFW area now, but would love to move back. Anyway, in reference to your search for rosewood clothing, Talbots actually has some items in rosewood from last year’s collection, at super great prices. Nick + Zoe also have a few things in petal dust, which looks to be the same color. Lastly, Soft Surroundings fall preview collection catalog arrived yesterday, and I saw a couple of items that might interest you. They show a tunic as well as a long vest in what they call Atlantic teal, but it looks like your kingfisher color to me. They actually paired the tunic with mosaique leggings that include the teal, orange, blues, and browns. Just thought I would pass that info along to you. Have a blessed day!

    1. Wish you could move back, Linda!! I just looked over the new Soft Surroundings catalog and there are many fun pieces!

  8. Dusty Rose nail polish suggestion: OPI Infinite Shine “Reykjavik Has All The Hotspots”. OPI also has it in regular polish, but I find the new Infinite Shine system lasts much longer.

    Love your new transition to Autumn. Seeing your journey is inspiring.

  9. I have a rosewood tee, but because it is very light in color, I wear it as a layering piece under something deeper (pastels completely wash me out). Now that I’m paying more attention, I see the seasons are in fact very nuanced. Your vibrant (true?) autumn coloring allows you to wear lighter tones than I do as a blue autumn. To walk yesterday, I was wearing no makeup, all hair pulled into a headband, and a deep rust colored tee (very inexpensive and a dumpy, boxy cut), and stopped by a friends house. The first words out of her mouth were, you look terrific in that color! It was the equivalent of being draped in a color consult, and a real affirmation to me that I’m on the right track.

    1. Sounds like you are, Linda! How fun to get a compliment while walking…I am usually dripping with sweat!

  10. Pink & olive is another combination I would never have thought to put together, but it certainly looks good on you. I’m thinking the pinks I wear might look good with olive also. Thanks for broadening our horizons.

  11. Two of my favorite nail colors that I believe might be close to what you are looking for are OPI Mauving to Manitoba and OPI Chicago Champagne Toast. Not sure how current these colors are in the OPI line-up so I hope you can find them. I purchase a lot of my old favorite nail colors on eBay.

  12. I seem to have no problem finding muted or muddy colors. These do not suit me. I need clear colors. It must be Murphy’s Law!

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