Would You Wear It – Animals & Foliage

Would You Wear It - Animals & Foliage

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Animals & Foliage?

I thought that was the best way to label today’s display from Macy’s.

Would You Wear It - Animals & Foliage

Of course, just a reminder….I ask that you look over this display and tell us if you would or would not wear the garments in the display.

Please be constructive and helpful with your comments…and you can always offer styling suggestions.  We always learn from one another in this amazing audience.

Would You Wear It - Animals & Foliage

So, please, look these three mannequins in this display over and tell us………………………………………………………….


More from Macy’s inspired by this display….


Would You Wear It - Animals & Foliage


Thank you to everyone who joined Susan and me yesterday to discuss color and reinvented style!  You can listen to the broadcast at Susan’s IG Here.

I love discussing this topic and this summer I have enjoyed finding color inspiration all around me in the beauty of this world.

So, every post ….until the end of August….I am going to share with you color inspiration from my world!  

Today is one of my hibiscus….one of my favorite flowers for their gorgeous colors!  I love it that I can still wear red in my color palette!!

But I know many of you love neutrals, so for you…………

New ideas for those who love neutrals from Chico’s:

Thanks for being here…let us know if you would wear it!  And……………………………


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. As resort wear I’d absolutely take these along on my beach casual vacation. The grey Capris could be worn anywhere and that might be the exception. The other pieces are so cute but I think my area goes a bit classic, conservative in what we wear. Of course I’m older and I just feel I look better in preppy colors and solids though my daughters friends could easily look just great in these outfits!

  2. Thank you for the link to the broadcast! I’m not on social media and am glad for the alternative! As for the display, I realize I’m in the minority here, but I think animal prints have been way overdone and I don’t wear them. I’m just tired of seeing so much of it I guess. It’s interesting that I don’t see many women wearing it when I’m out running around, but you are kind of bombarded with it in the stores. So those are a no. The foliage, it depends. I have to try things on to be sure of how prints will look and I’m really picky about print placement. I love florals and foliage fabrics, just have to be careful and choose wisely!

  3. I just watched the chat with Susan, and it was fun listening to the two of you chat about a subject that enjoy…. clothes, colours and style. I just realized that when you were going for the elegant look and style that some of the info was just not right for you personally. You can be an elegant bohemian. Anyway, back to todays looks, the only thing I might wear is the look on the left. I would wear a pink tank top pulled from the pink in the flowers, and open the blouse and tie at the waist so the pink is reflected up to deflect from all the white. I would not wear this look with the tight capris as that is a bit too much exposure, but would wear with a pink or green skirt. Everything else in the display is the wrong colour for me.

  4. I’m ready for fall. I would wear the tropical print shirt but would prefer a stronger color on the pants, such as sage or olive. The green top would be a good choice for those fall afternoons that feel summery., but I’d pair it with cream or tan and add some colorful bangles. The rest, however, leaves me cold, I like leopard print but the animal stripe doesn’t send me. The flirty sleeve on the tee is just too girly for me. I like a bit more tailoring.

  5. The foliage top and the greenish one seem perfect for me. I like in particular the length of the sleeves (in both cases) and I can imagine them both with a variety of pants (colorwise). Like Karen, I do not like animal prints, particularly the very obvious ones such as the zebra pieces. Moreover (sorry, repeating myself), I do not do shorter pieces, such as capris or shorts. Thus I would wear the tops with longer pants, or even, for the floral one, open on a simple straight off-white or kakhi, rather long, dress (if I could find any). The white top does not appeal to me (again, this sort of animal display is a bit too obvious for my taste). Have a nice week, Pam.

  6. I liked all the tops. The olive one would be a great transition piece for fall, and could be accessorized for many different looks. The tropical print is not really my style, as it feels too much like resort or cruise wear, but it’s a nice print. A zebra stripe on the bottom is a no go for my figure. I truly do not want to look like the rear end of a a zebra :). I love leopard, but have never been a big fan of other animal prints. I think what Paulette said for her part of the country applies to us in Northwest Ohio. We tend to dress more conservatively. I would and do stand out in my fashion if I want to, but not in these bottoms.

  7. I agree with you. I never hopped on the animal print bus and patiently wait for it to fade away. The green top would be cute with jeans.

  8. I normally am not drawn to tropical prints, but the print blouse appeals to me. I like the sleeve length & the white background. I like the white top for its simplicity but would prefer a short or elbow length sleeve instead of the ruffle. I would wear the olive top in another color. It looks comfortable with being voluminous. I wouldn’t wear any of the bottoms. I don’t wear capris as they are not flattering, & I prefer solid color pants. Sorry to say, the zebra print shorts remind me of short pajama bottoms.

  9. Oh, yes please, Pam! Now you’re in MY world! I dislike delicate little floral prints — they don’t fit my taste or personality — but love bold florals (especially tropicals) & animal prints. Although living in a resort area as I do can get tiresome — bad traffic & too many tourists — when I look at clothes like this I realize how much I’d hate going back to living in a “normal” place where people tend to be more uptight about what they — and others — wear. I like the casual slim-fit of the greige capris but would prefer them in a less dour colour — tan or a light khaki perhaps. The blouse works 100% with my closet & would get a LOT of wear. The styling of the moss-green top is great & I’d definitely wear it although I’m unsure of the colour; I’d have to try it on to be sure. I’ll pass on the shorts as I never wear them, but I’d wear the zebra capris all day long — except I’d trade the green top for fuchsia & pair them with zebra tennies w/ fuchsia laces (or black sandals & fuchsia nail polish!). LOL! Oh, & while I adore the jaguar (?) on the white top, I do not like the fussy sleeves & round neckline so would pass on it, too. But all in all, this whole collection suits me to a T! And the slide show is just awesome — I’d wear pretty much everything in it.

  10. I like tropical prints for summer. I also like animal prints. I love my animal print pullovers for fall and winter. I have a subtle dark print raincoat in leopard that I have had for 10 years and people still ask where I got it. Pants, I am not so inclined toward.

  11. Oh, my goodness . . .I just watched the video from yesterday and LOVED seeing you and Susan discuss colors and style. What a joy! Susan’s answer regarding keeping our seasonal color designation even through hair changes made a lot of sense: we may be able to wear higher or lower contrast versions of our color palette. I was worried I was becoming a Winter by allowing my silver strands to emerge. I think I will dub this new version of me a Snowy Spring!!! 😄 Thanks so much to you, Susan, and Annie for sharing this information.

  12. Hi Pam: great discussion with you and Susan! I never have liked wearing ‘animals’ although I confess I got some leopard mules. I also had a leopard clutch but gave it away because it was too ‘floppy’ for my taste. Foliage: no.
    My style favors geometric patterns (checks, dots, stripes and ‘abstract’ geometric prints. My default is solid color 😉

  13. I enjoyed listening to you and Susan! I learned so much from both of you. I’m interested in your clothing choices because I’m an Autumn too!

  14. Hooray, actually two casual tops with collars ….☺. That said, though do like all the garment designs I’m afraid their patterns and/or colors do not personally appeal to me (though I do own one short-sleeved zebra print blouse that I like). -Brenda-

  15. I definitely would wear foliage and animal! I own a number of foliage print tops and just love them. Animal prints are great too. I would wear all of these with the exception of the plain olive top. Not my color. Also, I don’t love the actual animal on the white top. Seems a little juvenile to me.

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