Would You Wear It – Shades of Gray

Would You Wear It - Shades of Gray

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Shades of Gray!

It’s that fun day of the week when I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, to bring you two fashion displays to consider.

Would You Wear It - Shades of Gray

Jennifer and I ask you to look over the displays with your best “fashion-consumer-stylist” eye and tell everyone if you would or would not wear the styles.

Then explain why in order to help other consumers scrutinize the looks. 

Would You Wear It - Shades of Gray

So, what do you think about my display from Nordstrom……..


Fall wardrobe assessment

The Anniversary Sale ends tomorrow!  I am still considering the Blondo Sawyer Waterproof Booties (I need a brown boot since I switched colors)….and here are some more selections….

Would You Wear It - Shades of Gray

Also, remember to check out all of the beautiful scarves they have……Nordstrom Scarves.

Now, comment on the display and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display….then always, always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I’ve realized as I age and my brown hair has turned gray that I do gravitate to more gray colored clothing. However, as relaxing as the two dresses look, I do not wear sleeveless so those are not for me. I do like the blouse , but I do not care for the pants with such “attention” at the waist since that is the spot I most try to camouflage. There were several items in the Nordstrom slideshow that I do like as the tops come in magenta and purple which are also favorite colors. For several years I’ve considered buying a pair of Blondo booties for there waterproof quality but have not made that purchase yet, especially now that the lug sole, I believe it is called, is popular. That one will definitely have to grow on me.

      1. I would try on both dresses to see how they would look. I like grey with my white hair. Then I would add a colorful scarf to the grey one. A plaid could be fun for now and September, even with a lightweight pullover and boots. I love Blondo boots by the way. The waterproof suede works in the rainy Northwest.

  2. I do wear gray, especially charcoal, but would not wear any of these styles. Colors are not the issue here, I just don’t care for the styling of these garments. There seems to be a very specific group that can pull off a paper bag waist, and for the rest it’s just not flattering. The dresses look very dull to me. I would be moving past this display without a sideways glance. But as to the question about wearing gray, yes, definitely, in the right-for-me tone. I think a tailored gray dress with the right to accessories would be beautiful.

  3. I love grey, but not a fan of sleeveless even though I live in warm and humid SWF. I never did plaid and won’t start now. The tailored plain grey dress is pretty though and would work for the right body type. I love grey with bright white in the summer months so I could see it styled and look quite chic.

  4. This really is a lovely display. Unfortunately there is not much there that I personally would try on. I like the dress on the right, but spaghetti straps have long gone for me, otherwise the flowy nature of the dress is perfect. The dress on the left is a no only because I don’t like plaid on me and never felt comfortable in it. The pants in the middle with the paperbag waist would only add extra bulk to my own, so therefore a pass as well. I actually like the colour as a good base and then add a bit of a pop with jewellery and shoes and actually as a topper for the dress on the right ( the only way I could wear that).

  5. I’ll join the group and say I do wear grey through the seasons but would not wear any of these. I do like plaid and the detailing of the bodice on that dress. However unless it came in petite the V would be too deep and the waist too long. It would also be improved if the skirt wasn’t tiered.

  6. I like gray but nothing here appeals to me — tiers, spaghetti straps, paperbag waist, nope. I have a light gray and a charcoal cashmere sweater. Can’t wait for cool weather to wear those with dark jeans and pearls. Happy Saturday.

  7. The middle outfit isn’t my cup of tea: paperbag waist no longer a flattering style, and though I love lavender this top is a bit too pale for my coloring. I like the plaid dress but wish they had left off the last gather. This looks very summery and Northwest to me, a nod to girly outdoorswomen, and would be cute with a little white cardigan. As for the strappy grey dress: I had to zoom in to notice what lovely fabric it is and that the pleats and trim make this a pretty choice for out-to-dinner or maybe attending a wedding. I would be sure to take a nice white shoulder wrap/oversized scarf.

  8. Mannequin #1 is a hard no. I don’t like plaids. Mannequin #2 puts bulk in a bad place for my body. If I had to style this for a taller, thinner woman, I would use a fitted tank or baby tee. My rule “just one piece”. In this case one full piece, the pants. Mannequin #3, this is a pretty dress. For a wedding, I would style it with a metallic clutch, silver cuff and metallic sandals.

    I have been wearing warm colors for the past few seasons. The Vivienne Files had some beige/cognac/camel capsules that enticed me over to the warm side!

  9. Yes I like grey and I would wear all of these outfits. However since I do not do sleeveless I would wear a little short sleeve bolero type jacket over them in a bright red or orange or yellow or hot pink. Nice jewellery in silver or Swarovski crystals would brighten up the grey, as would red shoes or a red bag. I would wear the paper bag pants but I would add a long sleeveless vest that went down to the hip, so that the waist would not be so visible. The pin stripe in the pant would make me look taller, which is good, as I am a petite.

  10. These outfits wouldn’t catch my eye. Too many gathers (for me) and I don’t embrace plaids or deep V necklines (the bodice detail is what I like most about these outfits however) or paper bag waists. I rarely wear sleeveless and never spaghetti straps. I do wear gray but a deeper charcoal gray is more flattering than a pale dove gray. The shades of gray in the dresses would be more flattering for my coloring than the top (which is my least favorite piece in this display) and pants.

  11. The Blondo boot you are considering looks nice. I purchased a Blondo one at the N sale with a ripple sole, fun/funky, in a golden brown suede. In person, it is less funky, very comfortable, and at the outer edge of my style zone. Just right for my new style words, especially Active, Interesting, Confident, but also the other two of Casual and Aware. I had never tried the brand before, but needed waterproof for northern Ohio, which is very wet in the winter. I was impressed with the quality for the price point, and they fit my feet, which are slightly on the wide side. I vote to at least get them and see if you like them.

  12. I like all three outfits; although, I would add a splash of red with a colorful scarf. The dress on the left with the gathering will be dated easily – would love it without the gathering.

  13. The only one that I would consider wearing is the dress on the right. But, I rarely, if ever wear spaghetti straps, being a bit bust. I like the flow of this dress. It just looks comfortable. I would have to style it with color somewhere; perhaps in a necklace or shoes. I think a scarf would be a little too “heavy” looking.
    I don’t like the pants because of the top of the waist line and I don’t think they would do much for anyone’s figure and the plaid dress isn’t very attractive to my eye, especially with the unnecessary tier.

  14. I do like the charcoal dress ! I would wear it! I’ve been working on my upper arms and with a Layer of self tanner I think id be okay or I would wear my white jean jacket with it!
    The other two outfits (dress in plaid) are a no. Just don’t care for them for me. On somebody else they may be fine.

  15. The two dresses are the perfect shade of charcoal gray for me. I cannot wear light gray, as it turns me pallid.

    It must be the time of year when fashion is transitioning to fall. Gray is not a color I see in summer styles in stores near me. Both dresses could work for fall with a jacket and booties. The spaghetti straps would look nice on cooler days with a T-shirt underneath.

    I wear a similar pant outfit all summer long.

  16. I love gray, but these outfits do not appeal to me. I like the style of the plaid dress but plaids are not flattering on me. The slip dress is just not me. The pants outfit does not look like it is flattering.

    I purchased those Blondo boots in black suede and love them.

  17. I do wear gray as it looks good with my hair & skin tone, but I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits. The dresses are to low cut for my taste, nor do I wear sleeveless garments without a third piece of some sort. I am not a fan of the paper bag waist pants or short wide crops. The top with the pants is ok, but nothing I would go out of my way to purchase.

  18. The plaid dress is a definite ‘no’ for myself as feel the tiered design is going to be short-lived so therefore is not be a worthwhile investment for myself. Also regardless that I do wear paper-bag style pants, I prefer them full length so they and the top-shown (seldom wear crew necks) are a ‘no’ as well. Last but not least; do like the design and fabric of the dress so is a ‘possible’ contender. to be added to my special occasion wardrobe. I would wear it most likely without the self-belt and replace with a much slimmer one with footwear, handbag and jewelry taking a cue from it. -Brenda-
    Footnote: As a hobby sewer, I have recycled such belts to make my own. As for a buckle if not self-covered I have found thrift stores are a good source if looking for something vintage or unique which can really make a garment your own.

  19. I love grey (have a fair portion of it in my wardrobe), I love plaid and I love stripes. However, none of these mannequins have anything to offer me.

    The plaid fabric of the dress shown on the left is lovely — but I’d prefer to see it on a jacket or a shift dress.

    I can’t wear a paper bag waist but the stiped fabric is great for summer. Full length pants with an elastic waist would be so much better!

    As for the grey dress — I might try it on. Don’t wear many dressy things these days, but the pleats look very pretty and feminine. Would be perfect for a late summer wedding or event with a rust colored shrug or shawl!

  20. I have never cared for the color grey next to my face. Would wear a grey skirt or pants with a more colorful top or jacket. So I think I would take a pass on those outfits offered today But on the right person, I a sure they would be great!

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