A Fond Farewll to Summer 2021

Please join with me as I bid a fond farewell to summer 2021.

Oh, I realize that summer is still here officially on the calendar…and, yes, there is heat and humidity out my door.

However, for me…I always begin my fall with September 1…I want it to be as long as possible…since I love it so much.


A Fond Farewell to Summer 2021

I cannot remember enjoying a summer more than I have this one.

We have experienced several days of rain and managed to stay in the upper 90s the majority of time.  (We usually have many days in a row above 100)

I have enjoyed being my own boss and working with Leigh Ann to bring you great style stories.

But, of course, it was my style refresh which began in June and changed everything!

You can see in that first picture how I changed from one summer to the next. 

Last year, my closet was disjointed coming out of a long, long professional-office career.  I now know that I was dressing for other people and not for me.

Changing my colors and style has brought so much joy and confidence in this new stage of my life

My closet now is a cornucopia of saturated vibrant fall colors….not because that is the new season, but because that is the new me!

You can read all of the Style Refresh posts by going to the top of this page and clicking on Style Refresh…scroll to the last one to begin and the beginning.

A Fond farewell to summer 2021

The August issue of Harper’s Bazaar features an article by Alison S. Cohn called “Can Wearing Certain Colors Boost Your Mood?”

The author sites a 2015 study from researchers in Switzerland which concluded that “participants selected brighter, more saturated, and warmer colors for joyful expressions over fearful expressions.”

Well, I can see where that may be true; however, I believe the enjoyment I am experiencing comes from wearing the RIGHT colors for me.

I believe if my right colors were on the cool side that I would feel the same way!  It made such a difference when I decided to only wear colors that look best on me.

The outfit I am wearing today is from my old wardrobe and both the top and pant are Eileen Fisher.  I have never worn them together until now.

I can remember thinking I would only were my Eileen Fisher pants for work, but I am really enjoying them now for casual chic comfort. 

I have this washable stretch crepe slim ankle pant in several colors and kept every one of them with the closet purges this summer.

My boho-style is often expressed in accessories and I am so glad to return to layering necklaces.  The Patricia Nash yellow leather goes nicely with a past design from Marla Wynne.  The yellow pendant is on sale for $17!!

The Patricia Nash coin necklace will probably be on my Christmas list…hope family pays attention!  


A fond farewell to summer 2021

So, I join two of my precious grandchildren bidding a fond farewell to summer.

I am excited to go forward as a new me…looking for ways to interpret my new style to fit me…as a Vibrant Autumn.

That doesn’t put me in a box at all…in fact, it as been the most freeing experience… taking me outside of the box I was in.  One more heartfelt thank you to Annie Castano…the stylist who guided me through the changes.

A fond farewell to summer 2021

So, let’s look forward together to this new season…a season of color and joy!  I saw this sign at Hobby Lobby and thought…that is perfect!!


A fond farewell to summer 2021

Chico’s also is bidding a fond farewell to summer with their Summer Send Off Sale (up to 60% off some garments) and today a Flash Sale: $59 Brigitte Ankles when you purchase a $50 Woven Satin Shirt.

The scarf that goes with this topper is on sale and very tempting at $29…..FLORAL ANIMAL PRINT OBLONG SCARF….

Does anyone else mentally switch their thinking to fall on September 1?? I will be decorating my home this weekend…and can’t wait to get started.

Thank you so much for being here…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography assistance from Leigh Ann Cecil.


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