Chico’s Fall Legging Style #3

Chico's Fall Legging Style #3

Happy fall Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to my legging report with Chico’s Fall Legging Style #3!

I have showed you two other ways to style these beautiful Tailored Ponte Leggings in Cranberry Spice.

Chico’s Fall Legging Style #1

Chico’s Fall Legging Style #2

Chico's Fall Legging Style #3

So, pour a hot morning beverage…join me on my patio…and let’s talk leggings!


Chico's Fall Legging Style #3

Mr. B and I enjoy a fun date night!  This week we are going to the fabulous Majestic Theater to see My Fair Lady...can’t wait…the ultimate reinvention story!

My legging style today is perfect for a date night…hence, the movie theater in the background.  

Chico’s has many tops this season that compliment these leggings…and I tried the column of color style to see what I would think...and I really like it.

In the past, I have covered a column of color with a third piece, but Chico’s gives us options which make that not necessary!

I am wearing the Mock Neck Tunic which is casual chic and is available in five colors. There is something very classy about the full “cranberry spice” look, and these fabrics are super comfy.

This color is not red…it is not maroon…but it is just lovely!!

You might want to look over these tops as well:


Chico's Fall Legging Style #3

Fall officially arrives this week and it brings an explosion of color in the skies, the trees, and our closets!

I hope you will join me in appreciating all of the color around us right now…it will take your joy up a level, I promise.

This photo is from my daughter’s front yard…just glorious.

Does anyone else like to wear a column of color without a third piece on top?  Please share….relish this beautiful day….and always……


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted pieces in this post for review and the words are my own.



  1. This really is a beautiful color. Usually I think of a third piece when wearing a column of color, but with your necklace and that great bag, this column really can stand alone. I like the nude color shoes you’re wearing with this. I’d love to have a dress in this color, but Chico’s has a lot of options for tops that have caught my interest, and this is a color that mixes well with many others. I can see this look you’ve styled with a scarf or a shawl that picks up the cranberry color. Really beautiful! Enjoy “My Fair Lady”!

  2. Love this column of colour on you. Also much more comfortable in the theatre without the topper. It must have been so much fun to go out to watch My Fair Lady in an actual theatre.
    A friend of mine went to one recently, and they were the only 2 people in the whole place. Enjoy these last few days of summer, and don’t forget to check out the gorgeous full moon.

    1. Thanks Diane! We actually go to the theater later this week and I can’t wait. Also, I am a moon child…I love the moon and according to my mom, she would show it to me as a baby to calm me down. I never miss a beautiful full moon. We can enjoy it together!!

  3. I have several pieces in a similar color from Chico’s from a year or two ago called Shiraz (more purple/wine). I sometimes wore them as a two piece column of color. Its a very slimming look, and not one you see many people doing. I often wear a column in neutrals for summer. As you have shown, I think accessories are key to keeping it interesting. I’m impressed with how much mileage you have gotten out of a patterned bag. I’ve been a little afraid that I wouldn’t carry one often enough, but I’m often drawn to them.

    1. Hi Linda,
      The reason I believe this beautiful Patricia Nash bag works is because it has so many colors in the pattern that are also in my new autumn color palette…so it goes with all of the clothes I am now wearing. I think the key really is to select a bag with goes with the majority of colors in your wardrobe….this one does and I am enjoying it immensely.

  4. I love the color. I think you will be able to come up with some great color combinations with this color. As much as I love color combinations, I also love monochromatic & color column outfits too. You not only look great, you look like you FEEL great! I think that looking like we feel great comes when we wear colors that speak to us.

    1. I so agree, Judy. I am smiling through this new color reinvention for me…I am an autumn in every sense of the word and it makes me so happy to accept and embrace it.

  5. Oh yes this cranberry duo is scrumptious! And as you say – no third piece needed with that great necklace and bag. My Fair Lady is one of my all time favorites too. Have the best time!
    Those Berry colored leggings are a real autumn hit!

    1. They are Paulette…actually I think this color will serve me well all year long. My husband has never seen My Fair Lady…I know, Shocking…but I am resisting temptation to share the story so he will watch it and hopefully enjoy.

  6. I am doing more gradient columns lately, with a slightly deeper hue in pants and paler but still unmistakably that color on top. My favorite this summer has been light khaki crops with a cream blouse. Then if I need a third piece I wear a true white sweater. I already have a fall version planned: toast colored cords, cream solid flannel shirt, and white puffy vest. I think of these as my paint chip outfits. 😁 Happy Sunday!

  7. What a great color. I do like the column of color, enhanced with the perfect length necklace and complimentary purse. This outfit looks simple, elegant and comfortable. Do you have an extra jacket or something in case of a cold theater? Not sure what would work.

    1. I do have an extra jacket, but it is not needed at all this time of year. But I have a couple for cooler weather that will easily work with these colors. Thanks Deanna.

  8. Love your cranberry spice monochromatic leggings and tunic top. Could this be a point where winter and autumn color palettes overlap? I have a few cranberry-colored tops which I enjoy wearing and think they enhance my coloring as do your choices. Seeing you returning to a theater makes me yearn to go back to New York to see some shows on Broadway which apparently are slowly opening up with masks, vaccination records or proof of negative tests. It’s so good to see some aspects of “normal” life returning. The picture taken from your daughters’s house makes me think she must live in the country and has a gorgeous view of the sunset daily.

    1. I do think it would be good for cool and warm, but I guess an expert should confirm that. And, she does live in the country and is a very busy working mom, so I hope there are moments she takes time to enjoy this view!

  9. I think I like this look the best. The style of the top & the column of color does give it a special occasion look, & I like the neutral shoe with it.
    I love the way God paints the landscape in the fall. Each week brings changes to my route when I run errands. Our colors usually peak in mid to late October but seeing the mums & pumpkins appear lets me know that Autumn is here.

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