Fall 2021 Home Decor

Happy Thursday, ladies!! Today I will share with you my Fall 2021 Home Decor.

I completed most of it last weekend, but only need now the real pumpkins and autumn mums when they are in store.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

For those who may be new followers, please allow me to explain a few things.

I do not have an elaborate, Southern Living-worthy, fancy home….but, I do have a “home.”

It is a rustic, farmhouse style, traditional, red-brick, touch of country home.  I love farmhouse style and want my home to be all about the word…COZY.

A place where family and friends feel comfortable and want to stay awhile…as I bake fall goodies for them in the kitchen.

I absolutely love to decorate for fall and Christmas and look forward to it every year.


Fall 2021 Home Decor

Most of my decorations have been used for years and are lovingly packed away at the end of the season.

In the dining room, I added a wreath on an bronze wreath-holder in the corner.  I usually put that wreath in another location, but I like adding it to the dining room ambiance. 

Fall 2021 Home Decor

I love little touches like adding these burlap pumpkins and flowers under the cake plate.

You can also see the pumpkin salt & pepper toward the back….this little setting is also in the dining room.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

I have a front room which has become mostly a reading room area.  This is an antique desk in the front room.

I call the front room the “white pumpkin” room.  It has the first of two fireplace hearths…

Fall 2021 Home Decor

The other white pumpkins are now in the kitchen…it was remodeled a year ago and has white cabinets…so my fun white wooden pumpkins are above the cabinets in there.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

During spring and summer, I have green faux foliage with fairy lights on a remote on the family room hearth.  I decided this year to take my fall foliage and intertwine it with the green.

That way when the days get shorter, I can turn on the fairy lights at night…along with lighting candles.  I love this at night and in early morning when I first arise.

I added a burlap bow here this year for a rustic country touch.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

Also new this year….I took my antique candlesticks and put faux pumpkins at the top instead of candles.  

They are on either side of my Thomas Kinkade picture…which also features warm, seasonal touches of light.

When my kitchen and family room were re-done last year, many attempted to talk me into painting the red brick white.

But, it just did not appeal to me…though I know it is popular.  That was before discovering my new autumn palette and discovering that I am drawn to “warm aesthetics.”

That is probably why I love the colors of this season and decorating for it so much!

I do not really care if my home is trendy or not…only inviting. 
Fall 2021 Home Decor

I also love the spicy scents of fall.  This is a potpourri I will put out soon in one of my antique bowls from my grandparents farm.

I also use the cinnamon brooms, and scented candles for an overall fall aroma throughout the house.

This is just a taste of my Fall 2021 Home Decor.  I will occasionally show you some of the little touches in other posts.

This tells you a lot about me and my home…remember it is not about fancy, but about cozy!!

Here are are some ideas currently on the market:


Fall 2021 Home Decor

I do a little decorating on a back patio off the master bedroom, and on the front porch.

But it is really God with His masterpieces of nature that is in charge of these decorations!

Fall 2021 Home Decor

Does anyone else like to decorate for fall…please share ideas…love to hear them!  Enjoy your home…and always…


By Pamela Lutrell


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