Fall 2021 Home Decor

Fall 2021 Home Decor

Happy Thursday, ladies!! Today I will share with you my Fall 2021 Home Decor.

I completed most of it last weekend, but only need now the real pumpkins and autumn mums when they are in store.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

For those who may be new followers, please allow me to explain a few things.

I do not have an elaborate, Southern Living-worthy, fancy home….but, I do have a “home.”

It is a rustic, farmhouse style, traditional, red-brick, touch of country home.  I love farmhouse style and want my home to be all about the word…COZY.

A place where family and friends feel comfortable and want to stay awhile…as I bake fall goodies for them in the kitchen.

I absolutely love to decorate for fall and Christmas and look forward to it every year.


Fall 2021 Home Decor

Most of my decorations have been used for years and are lovingly packed away at the end of the season.

In the dining room, I added a wreath on an bronze wreath-holder in the corner.  I usually put that wreath in another location, but I like adding it to the dining room ambiance. 

Fall 2021 Home Decor

I love little touches like adding these burlap pumpkins and flowers under the cake plate.

You can also see the pumpkin salt & pepper toward the back….this little setting is also in the dining room.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

I have a front room which has become mostly a reading room area.  This is an antique desk in the front room.

I call the front room the “white pumpkin” room.  It has the first of two fireplace hearths…

Fall 2021 Home Decor

The other white pumpkins are now in the kitchen…it was remodeled a year ago and has white cabinets…so my fun white wooden pumpkins are above the cabinets in there.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

During spring and summer, I have green faux foliage with fairy lights on a remote on the family room hearth.  I decided this year to take my fall foliage and intertwine it with the green.

That way when the days get shorter, I can turn on the fairy lights at night…along with lighting candles.  I love this at night and in early morning when I first arise.

I added a burlap bow here this year for a rustic country touch.

Fall 2021 Home Decor

Also new this year….I took my antique candlesticks and put faux pumpkins at the top instead of candles.  

They are on either side of my Thomas Kinkade picture…which also features warm, seasonal touches of light.

When my kitchen and family room were re-done last year, many attempted to talk me into painting the red brick white.

But, it just did not appeal to me…though I know it is popular.  That was before discovering my new autumn palette and discovering that I am drawn to “warm aesthetics.”

That is probably why I love the colors of this season and decorating for it so much!

I do not really care if my home is trendy or not…only inviting. 
Fall 2021 Home Decor

I also love the spicy scents of fall.  This is a potpourri I will put out soon in one of my antique bowls from my grandparents farm.

I also use the cinnamon brooms, and scented candles for an overall fall aroma throughout the house.

This is just a taste of my Fall 2021 Home Decor.  I will occasionally show you some of the little touches in other posts.

This tells you a lot about me and my home…remember it is not about fancy, but about cozy!!

Here are are some ideas currently on the market:


Fall 2021 Home Decor

I do a little decorating on a back patio off the master bedroom, and on the front porch.

But it is really God with His masterpieces of nature that is in charge of these decorations!

Fall 2021 Home Decor

Does anyone else like to decorate for fall…please share ideas…love to hear them!  Enjoy your home…and always…


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. This is really beautiful Pam! Definitely is your season and your love of all things autumn really shows through. I know you are still having hot weather, but with the decor, you would not know that because you have brought that cozy ambiance into the rooms. I like the idea of the fairy lights as the days get shorter. I’m still in temporary housing so don’t have autumn decor available (everything is still in storage), but NEXT fall I’m looking forward to cozying things up for this season. This year I’ll be focusing on Christmas in my new place. I will live vicariously through your lovely fall decor!!

    1. I understand Karen. I couldn’t do full decorating when my kitchen was under renovation. Happy to provide it for you this year and excited for your new home!!

  2. Fall is my favorite season, too, and I decorated my home last Friday – after all, it’s September, right?

  3. Well, you have sparked my decorating energy for fall. I have to go to the basement and sort through the ceramic and metal pumpkins and other fall decorations. Tomorrow I am going to get the mums for the front entry and the kitchen deck. That should get me started. Your place looks wonderful, and cosy is the word. I am not one for keeping up with the newest renovations and magazine worth rooms, I am all for comfy and cosy especially for our rather long winters.

  4. Your decorations make your home so cozy and inviting that I want to bring my book and snuggle under a blankie and read. I’ve never decorated inside for fall but I am looking forward to my new fall door wreath which is on its way. Thank you for sharing your lovely home!

      1. Great post. I too enjoy decorations for fall and Christmas. I have started a few fall touches including scents of fall.
        Looking forward to seeing your other fall touches.

  5. Lovely! I appreciate your love of fall and your total embrace of the season.

    Think about dry brushing your brick with an ivory color. Dry brushing lets the brick glow through the paint, and ivory will suit your decor more fully. And, it will brighten the space!

    1. Thanks for the tip, but I really, really love my red brick. Brightening the kitchen is as far as I was willing to go…I love the warmth and coziness of the red brick. I even consulted a friend who is an interior designer and asked if I could do it and have it flow with the rest of the family/kitchen area and she said OF COURSE. But the rest of the audience may need this idea…so thanks for sharing!

  6. Good Morning Pam,

    Everything looks so inviting and “cozy,” you know how to create so much love into
    your castle.
    Thanks you so much for inviting us in today.

  7. Thank you for sharing your love of decorating and your lovely home. I so see you in your home!! I too enjoy decorating for the seasons, and also lovingly pack away decorations after each season. Last year, my daughter who now has her own home, came over and took some holiday/seasonal decorations that she has fond memories of. So happy to see how she decorates her space.

    1. I love it when my children decorate their and even still look forward to when I do it. It is part of my legacy. Thanks Deanna.

  8. Your house is lovely. Since downsizing, we try not to store too much seasonal decor, and buy natural things, which makes for a fun outing to choose some, and helps the local farmers. Since I’m laid up with foot surgery, we haven’t done it yet, and I enjoyed living vicariously thorough your post. When it comes to artificial pumpkins, I’m loving those wrapped with chunky cable knit I’m seeing around and on Pinterest. As for your brick, I once used very watered down cream-colored paint to “whitewash” a brick fireplace that was too dark. I loved it because the color still came through some, but brick is an elevated material. It deserves to be treated very cautiously, only painted when it truly suits the homeowner and the space. You like your brick as is (so do I!). No need to change a classic material to be trendy.

    1. Thanks Linda! I hope your recovery is going well. I bring in natural elements to decorate the Thanksgiving table…I love doing that and wished we had the beautiful autumns where you are.

  9. How fun to see all the wonderful decorations for Fall! And I love to whom you gave credit to for our fall colors! 😉
    Take care!

    1. The one and only creator of the world who loves diversity and variety…all seasons, colors, and people! Majesty!

  10. I’d say you achieved your goal of making your home look cozy. It’s beautiful. You’ve inspired me to get going on my fall decor even though it’s still hot, humid and raining here.
    I love your mantle and the fairy lights idea. No matter the season, I usually have Luminara candles placed around the house. I like my house to glow at night.
    I also love your idea of pumpkins etc. under the cake lid. Fantastic idea! I just had coffee cake on my cake pedestal, just washed it this morning to put it away; I think I’ll keep it out now! Thanks Pamela!

    1. You are so welcome, Nancy. It is hot here too, but somehow it is more bearable with fall inside…and I also love my house to glow at night…Luminara candles are great!

  11. What a warm, inviting and stylish house you have!!! All the beautiful colors and textures really create cozy feel!

    I am big fan of red brick also, which is one of the reasons we purchased our brick home 10 years ago. The previous owners painted the brick fireplace white (which looks lovely) but I imagine how warm it would look if it had been left to the original red brick.

    I also use fairy lights … they brighten the mantle and hallways when the days grow dark earlier.

    You’ve inspired me to pull out the fall decorations!!

  12. I am drawn to Scandinavian decor, but it doesn’t work for me in real life. Instead, I am trying to take the “hygge” and apply it to my cold, Scandy-like climate. This means cozy throws in the winter months, and extra light when the days are short.

    It’s been hard to manage all the chaos of improvised offices for working and studying at home. Bedrooms and the den are instant offices. It’s not stylish, but necessity. Also, elder care has consumed our lives since forever.

    Maybe style at home happens only in magazines, or when a pandemic is not happening? Too much going on at the moment.

    1. I think style at home happens when you can get joy from it and not stress. If the idea of decorating your home adds stress then just enjoy looking at others. One of my joys during the early days of the pandemic was decorating our two offices which were previously bedrooms and once again caring about a home which was neglected while we worked in office buildings. Just find your joy and if it is not in decorating then that is ok!

  13. I enjoy decorating for autumn almost as much as decorating for Christmas. Over the past couple of years, I have added some white pumpkins to the traditional mix. The wreath in my entryway features small white pumpkins, & I have a white ceramic pumpkin that says “Thankful & Blessed” on one of my end tables. I noticed one of the pillows in the slide show matches it, so I may have to look into that. I been decorating this week, too. I firmly believe your home should bring you joy & be a home whether it is fashionable or not.

    1. I have enjoyed adding white pumpkins to the mix! I saw the real pumpkins out today so I will add some soon! Enjoy!

  14. Absolutely love the red brick farmhouse style and you’ve done a wonderful
    Stylish autumn decor here! It’s so you! Love those white pumpkins you’ve incorporated with your new kitchen and I will search for them here too! I have the perfect spot for them in my family room!
    Thank you for today’s blog!

  15. I love decorating for fall, too, and I love your traditional red brick fireplace. Good for you for sticking with what you love. After all, since everything goes in cycles, the original/traditional color will be back on-trend again in a few years, and everyone else will appreciate it again.
    I decorate for fall in September mostly with faux apples. I will bring out the pumpkin decor and add that to the mix in October.

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