Today’s News for Women Over 50

Today's News for Women Over 50

Hello, friends…welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

For these posts, I curate lifestyle news from around the web which I believe may be of interest to you, the fabulous audience of women over 50.

So, grab a treat, sit down and let’s get started…shall we?


Today's News for Women Over 50

The various articles on fall fashion trends always provide entertainment…sometimes with great ideas and sometimes with a little humor!!

See what you think of this one from Harper’s Bazaar, THE TOP FASHION TRENDS FOR FALL 2021SEASON.

Today's News for Women Over 50

I have been a fan of Project Runway as long as it has been on air.  I really enjoy watching what the designers create each week…sometimes from random pieces of junk!

In case you are also a fan, here is all you need to know about the next season from Deadline, PROJECT RUNWAY GETS SEASON 19 PREMIERE DATE ON BRAVO.

I know it gets a little edgy at times…but I enjoy the creativity.

Today's News for Women Over 50

Many of us have been concerned about our favorite retailers coming through the last two years of the pandemic.

I was pleased to read about a favorite for most of us in Yahoo! Finance, Chico;s,  CHICO’S FAS,INC.REPORTS SECOND QUARTER RESULTS.


Today's News for Women over 50

I will assume that most of us cook, and many of us are grandmothers.

So, I thought you might enjoy this site, Kids, which not only has activities you can do with grandchildren, it also has this great page called 50+PUMPKIN RECIPES TO MAKE THIS FALL.

I am excited to try a couple of these.

Today's News for Women over 50

It seems that lately there are several “longevity experts” creating content…I know I had a couple of those articles last time.


Today's News for Women Over 50

I have learned so much on this side of 50 about metabolism and it’s importance.  

That’s one reason I am sitting here right now drinking green tea while I work!

Here is another good article from Eat This, Not That!, THE WORST EATING HABITS FOR YOUR METABOLISM, SAY EXPERTS.

Today's News for Women Over 50

There really are many perks to life over 50…and I liked the way Lorraine Duffy Merkl phrased one of them…see if you agree with me.



Today's News for Women Over 50

I cannot leave this week without acknowledging September 11.

Like many of you, I have difficulty thinking it was twenty years ago.  For so many reasons, it seems like yesterday.

I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing…the fears that gripped…the confusion and the horror.

Mr. B works with someone who was employed at that time by Cantor Fitzgerald.  He just happened to be out of the office that morning for appointments.

He was on the phone with his office when the plane hit.  The entire office was suddenly gone.

For 20 years, he has spent this day in seclusion to remember and grieve.

So, with our friend in mind, I want to honor the families and friends of those who went to work 20 years ago in office buildings, on airplanes, and in the Pentagon and thought it to be a normal day.

I will be praying for those left behind.  Who will you be thinking of tomorrow?

I am unashamedly patriotic.  I love our country and my state.

Americans must never forget. It is important for our history and our future. This story must be shared. 

I will be here tomorrow with Jennifer and Would You Wear It, so I wanted to write this today…. We are blessed to live in this country.

Please feel free to comment on any of the articles today…and no matter what is going on in the world…do your best to have as many days as possible where you are thankful and….



By Pamela Lutrell
Today's News for Women over 50Today's News for Women over 50


  1. Wow, those fashions….I wonder if anyone, anywhere really dresses like that. Looks like a costume party. Creative, but my goodness such dour faces. I was interested in the very practical article on nutrition and happily am doing those things. I’ve had covid for the past three weeks and still struggling along getting my strength back, so sound nutrition and attempting to be at least a little active has been my challenge. Not tasting or smelling food has been disappointing!! This was a very good article!

  2. I’m watching tv programs at the moment where they are talking to children and survivors of 9/11 and it brings me to tears, just like it does when I hear “ America” or “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Such a frightening time in our history. I found all of your articles most interesting today. The color combinations of some of those fashions were certainly jarring and unexpected. Don’t think I’ll be going in that direction. Glad to see that Chico’s appears to be doing well since I’m definitely a fan and consumer. The health articles reminded me to add more fiber, fruits and vegetables which I consistently try to do. Realizing one’s metabolism slows considerably as we age is frustrating, but also provides me the impetus to get up and walk as I’m trying to do daily. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  3. The Best Part of Being 60 is so true. I turned 70 this summer and I’ve been thinking something really has changed on my way to 70; conserving energy and brain power for the things in my life that actually matter and not worrying or caring what others think. As a native NY’er I remember exactly where I was on that day, preparing my library for elementary students; my husband was on the phone in his downtown office looking out the window and witnessed the collapse. It was a day we should never forget. Thank you for recognizing the day.

  4. I can only imagine how much more traumatic that was for you and your husband, Linda! I will always recognize it and think it is so important for younger generations to hear the stories.

  5. Thank you for honoring our country and remembering the horror of 9-11. I enjoy your site and the pictures of your lovely home.

  6. Although I will be passing on some of the fashion trends like the 20’s look & bare midriffs, it might be interesting to see how some like the ski wear, the color play & the tailored looks translate into normal ready to wear clothing. The exaggerated runway looks are a good way to judge these trends. Really good article on healthy living. I have reached an age where I’m not trying to impress anyone. I want to be the best me possible for myself. September 11, 2001 was a defining moment in all our lives. We should never forget it, & we should never forget that we are blessed to live in America.

  7. Thanks for these posts, Pam! There is always something interesting to read about or learn. I especially like the articles about staying fit and healthy as we age … gives me the motivation I need to keep moving and make better choices!!!

    I was teaching preschool on 9-11. The little ones knew something ‘bad’ had happened and it was hard (but important) to make them feel safe while the adults were all worried and afraid. I was reminded of when I was in kindergarten and was released early when JFK was assassinated … I knew something bad happened but I didn’t understand what.

    God bless America!

  8. Always enjoy the selection of articles you choose Pamela, so thank you.

    Though not an American I recall that horrific day and the tears that I shed for those whose lives were affected. Also; though September 11th is my and my husband’s Wedding Anniversary (50 years tomorrow) we have celebrated it the day afterwards for the past twenty years as a nod of respect and remembrance to them which also earmarked a world that changed.


  9. I do remember 9/11. I was getting g ready for work…teaching HS seniors. I was listening g to the news while putting on my makeup. Shocked, I turned on the tv. Then called my husband at work, he was a Boeing engineer. Tried to call our daughter, a college student in Boston. Got to work, we were all shocked. Kept the tv on for my students. It seems like yesterday.

    As for fashion. Some of those predictions sure are not me…especially the sequins. I am glad I kept my button down denim midi skirt and my midi leather skirt. EVERYTHING classic comes back again! Glad they still fit.😍

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