Bucket Lists, Buckaroos and Browsing

Bucket Lists, Buckaroos and Browsing

Happy Friday, everyone!  Today I would like to share with you a little family news plus some shopping in Bucket Lists, Buckaroos and Browsing!

As I watched William Shatner (Captain Kirk) actually go up in space Wednesday at 91 years of age, I decided to commemorate a milestone in my own family. 


Bucket Lists, Buckarros and Browsing

Those of you who have been regular readers of this blog know that Mr. B is quite the runner…even on a bad knee.

He has run in memorable races from Alaska to Israel, and last summer decided he needed to add rim to rim at the Grand Canyon….which he did last week.

Mr. B is in his sixties and has been featured on a running podcast.  He has also become known as the older man who runs with a retired Marine and a bone on bone, arthritic bad knee!

I told his running story in the past in this post….which was sponsored at the time and he does still use that product most days of the week.

He’s had a touch of hypothermia in a race and always pushes himself past limits the rest of us would not even consider. 

BUT! It brings him immeasurable joy that far exceeds the pain.  

Bucket Lists, Buckarros and Browsing

Without the Marine, he might still be in the canyon.  But the training and encouragement of this incredible friend led my husband to complete the journey through the canyon right at 10 hours.  

The smile on his face says it all!  This was a bucket list achievement checked off with a smile.


Bucket Lists, Buckaroos and Browing

It should come as no surprise then, that our three year old grandson was also spotted last week riding an actual Longhorn steer!  He is cut from the same cloth.

Now you know why I always say that I have an active, daily prayer life!


Bucket Lists, Buckaroos and Browsing

Leigh Ann and I ran into Chico’s last week for a quick browsing experience….we were in a hurry.

Since we did not do full blown shopping, I decided to just mention this within a post and not make it an actual Leigh & Me Shopping adventure.

Bucket List, Buckaroos, and Browsing

Leigh Ann liked the Quilted Reversible Vest and would have tried it in petite if there had been one in store.

She tried it with the Touch of Cool Layering Tee in Black, and with the So Slimming Girlfriend Jeans in a 1P. 

Bucket Lists, Buckaroos and Browsing

I tried this Status Jacquard Sweater on for readers who love wearing black and maybe want a fun option in a top. It is very pretty and you can see the shimmer in the online image.

Check out more black tops at Chico’s here. Very nice selections for those who wear black.

I promise we will return soon for a full blown Chico’s shopping trip of new collection pieces.


Bucket Lists, Buckaroos and Browsing

While Mr. B was running the canyon, I was enjoying a beautiful sunset at home.  That brings me joy…not a run- on- the -edge- of- a- cliff  kind of girl.

I am also not likely to join Jeff Bezos and soar into space! 

But, let me ask you…Do you have a bucket list?  Are there experiences on it that you are yet to accomplish?  Please share…would love to hear those stories.

I will be here tomorrow with Jennifer for Would You Wear It!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Chico’s has some pieces in red spice this season. I believe they’ll work with your new color palette.

  2. Congratulations to your husband on this amazing accomplishment! I know runners, and it takes a special kind of dedication that not all of us possess, or at least don’t tap into. I don’t know how he does this with his knee, but clearly he does, and how wonderful to accomplish something that means so much to you. The picture of your grandson is so cute! Where some places have pony rides, I see in Texas that you have steers! How fun!!

    I definitely have a bucket list, and keep adding to it. When things settle down in my life, I plan to drive to and through Connecticut and Massachusetts where I have some family history. My ancestors arrived in the early 1630’s and settled in that area before heading “west” to Ohio. I have a lot of information on this history, but want to see the places they lived in first. There are historical sections in the various towns that I want to visit. I would also love to do the American Orient Express tour of national parks. I’m hoping to do the New England trip next spring. Sometimes I feel like instead the place I recently purchased, I should have bought an RV and just spent my days traveling!

  3. Karen, thanks for sharing! I love history so your plans really resonates with me. You will have to report back how your adventure goes.

  4. id like to hike the cinque terra trail in Italy…we were there about 10 years ago, on a boat cruise that stopped at 3 towns, in every on we saw the hikers, a lot of them seniors, and they all looked happy and invigorated.

  5. The thought of 10 hours on a narrow ledge with a drop off would terrify me, so there is no way that would be on my bucket list. I must commend Mr. B for his ability to push through the pain. I can’t even image walking that before my knee replacements. Bravo to a job well done! I woud be with you, enjoying the gorgeous sunset and praying for a safe return. Your grandson looks so at home on that steer, how cute. I enjoyed watching the space flight as well, but would not be on it. I can just feel the panic attack when the door closed on the capsule. It was special to hear the comments after though.

  6. Mine is not a very formal list and mostly involves traveling: New England (Maine trip coming in the spring), Alaska, Northwest and Upper West, Iceland including swimming in a geyser warmed pool, cruise fjords of Norway, going to England, Italy. I had a bucket list item to read the top 100 classic books from one of the library associations, but two books in, I decided that ship had sailed, as I found it dutiful and tedious rather than enjoyable. Being the nerds we are, we would like to visit all the presidential libraries as well. Congrats to Mr. B., that is indeed quite an accomplishment!

  7. I made a bucket list before my 50th birthday. My goal in my 49th year was to have 50 items on it but they had to be items that I would really be upset if I didn’t accomplish. You know, I only came up with 20. Some involved travel, others involved seeing my kids accomplish something, and others were items like renovating my kitchen in my 40 year old house. And now that I turned 60, that list still drives me. I have added to it but with that original 20 items, I have accomplished 17. I have visited Africa on safari and cried the first time I saw elephants come to the river banks to drink water. I watched both of my kids walk the stage at their University graduation, I drank champagne at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I retired before my 60th birthday and next April I will see the pyramids in Egypt. And the big one that never was on my list was battling breast cancer. A few more things to do but EVERYDAY is a gift. PS I am a runner too and need to brace my knee when running anything more than 10 km. I admire your husband’s dedication and drive.

  8. Yes!! Hookem’Horns. Our family is made up of Longhorns, Aggies, Baylor Bears and UTSA Roadrunners…at least we are diverse! I am a Longhorn!!

  9. You were wise to stop…it should always be enjoyable! I love the idea of visiting all of the libraries…go for it.

  10. Your list of accomplishments is an amazing one and gave me goose bumps. Thanks for sharing and yes EVERY DAT IS A GIFT!

  11. Congratulations to your husband on his rim to rim run. I have hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up again 3 times. The last time I did it I was 59. I’m just in awe of someone who can actually run between the north and south rims! Amazing!

  12. Congratulations to your husband on completing this amazing run. My niece ran a marathon on the Great Wall of China several years ago. She said it was something she would never forget & would never do again. There are some places I would like to see: New England in the fall, Mackinac Island in Michigan & the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know if that will be possible as my husband’s health prevents him from traveling. That is such a cute picture of your grandson. Perhaps he is a rodeo star in the making.

  13. My daughter and her husband ran the Great Wall of China and felt the same way. We share a desire to travel to New England in the fall!

  14. Congratulations to Mr. B! What an amazing accomplishment!!

    I actually crossed off a bucket list item early this summer — I sat on a jury. I’ve always wanted to be called to jury duty, and finally at age 62 it happened.
    It was an amazing experience and after the trial the judge actually met with those of us who were interested in discussing the case and wanted to hear more about law. It was fascinating!

    Of course this isn’t as exciting as some of the other comments, but it was still a good one for me!!

  15. I like the fact the judge met with you. Your excitement is what everyone should have about jury duty in order to help our communities. Thank you for sharing this!

  16. Thank you for the news about your husband’s accomplishment. What an awe inspiring location for a run! I do have a bucket list, into which I annually add or amend items as I age/mature. In 2022 my big 3 are: a return visit to Puerto Vallarta for International Jazz Week in April, a road trip from Niagara Falls to Jefferson’s Monticello hitting all things historical and noteworthy next October, and brushing up on my Italian in anticipation of the 2023 goal of visiting Italy for my 60th birthday.

  17. Great list, Connie! All things I would do as well. I have been to Monticello but was so young I don’t remember it that well. Would love to return!

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