Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

Happy Saturday, all!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – New Fall Styles!

This is the day I join forces with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life to show you fashion displays from two cities.

Last week, I showed a different type of look which brought much conversation. 

Today, is also a display with very new fall styles.

Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

We ask that you look constructively at the displays and then explain exactly why or why not the styles would work for you.

Remember, the comments are read by the audience and you do not want to phrase a comment in such a way as to offend…but rather, inform.

Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

So, tell us, ladies in your most constructive analysis……..


These new fall styles were found at Dillard’s and are by Bryn Walker.

Here is more information….



Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

We finally had our first fall front in San Antonio yesterday, and can enjoy our coffee or cocoa in cool breezes on the patio.  

In fact this morning will see, an outside donut party to celebrate our youngest grandchild turning one….more about that later.

So I am ready to officially say….

Welcome Fall


Care to join me for a sip of yummy……

Remember to comment on the display…visit A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s….and always, always….



By Pamela Lutrell

Fall at Ovr 50 Feeling 40

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