Would You Wear It – New Fall Styles

Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

Happy Saturday, all!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – New Fall Styles!

This is the day I join forces with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life to show you fashion displays from two cities.

Last week, I showed a different type of look which brought much conversation. 

Today, is also a display with very new fall styles.

Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

We ask that you look constructively at the displays and then explain exactly why or why not the styles would work for you.

Remember, the comments are read by the audience and you do not want to phrase a comment in such a way as to offend…but rather, inform.

Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

So, tell us, ladies in your most constructive analysis……..


These new fall styles were found at Dillard’s and are by Bryn Walker.

Here is more information….



Would You Wear It - New Fall Styles

We finally had our first fall front in San Antonio yesterday, and can enjoy our coffee or cocoa in cool breezes on the patio.  

In fact this morning will see, an outside donut party to celebrate our youngest grandchild turning one….more about that later.

So I am ready to officially say….

Welcome Fall


Care to join me for a sip of yummy……

Remember to comment on the display…visit A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s….and always, always….



By Pamela Lutrell

Fall at Ovr 50 Feeling 40


  1. At first, I could not get my head around these looks at all. The shapes, the patterns, the colours, the bling, … they would not suit my personality or body at all. But then I started to admire elements of the vibe. Perhaps a LITTLE bling on a, for me, flattering blouse or dress or skirt might be fun for an evening party. But no, I would not wear any of the clothes in this display.

  2. I’d definitely wear the short patterned tunic over leggings. I rather like this eclectic piece! The longer dress version might be for someone taller than I am. I like the fabric! The middle look with shawl wrapped around is just not for me!
    Thanks fir sharing these unique pieces!
    Happy Saturday!

  3. No. I prefer fitted, tailored clothing. The clothes here are too flowy and shapeless for me and the watercolor prints are not colors I wear. I like the scarf. When I clicked on it I saw an expensive poncho. Pass.

  4. This style does not appeal to me. I would be personally swallowed up by that much fabric, and the colors look very bland, again, to me. I prefer more fitted clothing. I would wear the leggings, for example. Length has to be a consideration for me because I am not tall. Adding all of the extra fabric can add bulk, and that’s not a look I’m going for. This display would not draw me in or catch my attention. I’m interested to see some comments from women who like these looks so I can get some insight when they say why they like them. I’d like to hear what women would do with these looks.

  5. the leggings and tunic are cute, but the print really doesn’t attract me. the shawl and culottes are too much material for me, that outfit would make me look huge. the dress maybe around the house, but im sure its too expensive for just that.

  6. My initial thought on the long dress and tunic…it looks like garments made from a drop cloth used in painting. I think I am too short to wear either garment . The pants in the middle remind me of gaucho pants we called them many years ago. They looked much like you were wearing a skirt, but were wide-legged pants. Those I might be interested in investigating further. The long fringed shawl referred to as a poncho wrap I do like and would buy in a different color. This is an interesting display that would catch my eye but not necessarily in a good way.

  7. Wow! I liked them all and would wear if given the right occasion. I especially liked the other rust pieces in the collection that you showed in the more section

  8. The lines of the tunic and dress are wonderful. I’m thinking the pattern and fabric might be better in person. Each piece would be awesome in solid black. Yes, I would certainly try both pieces. Thanks for sharing today.

  9. I like the colors. Probably I’d go with the tunic, the kaftan with the split pattern down the middle isn’t quite me.
    With my “new” natural colored hair I’m going for cooler colors and those blue-green tones are good.

  10. I like the left outfit, but maybe with a navy pair of leggings and a long scarf in the blue from the mix. Add a pair of boots in the same colour as the leggings and it just might work. The dress on the right, well, I have never like the idea of two different patterns joined in the middle like that. The style of the dresss is something that I would try on, the sleeves are a good length and the midi length I would wear. It would need some accessories to add a bit of fun, but would need to see it in person to assess that. The middle option is not me at all, the colour and split skirt are a no. There are many options in the slide show that caught my eye, those multi coloured leggings under a solid dress would be fun.
    Enjoy the fall weather in your area, we are getting way too much rain right now.

  11. I love “wearable art” but, for me, not these pieces. I prefer a bit more fit. I’m not a fan of the bell sleeve or the overall shape of the tunic. On the other hand, for someone trying to hide extra pounds (and I’ve been there, too), the dress or tunic with leggings will make someone look and feel fabulous.

  12. Due to the fabrics, this display would catch my eye and because I am ‘fabric junkie’ I would certainly want to touch/feel the garments … lol! As to their styles; with the exception of the poncho and the skirt (which I would wear with long shafted boots) I’m afraid the others would be a pass as would not be complimentary to my (slender/5’5½”) body type.

  13. I’d maybe wear the wide leg pants with tights and a denim shirt, maybe a cute scarf, booties or boots. The tunic and dress hold no appeal, way too much fabric (and I’m tall and slender) for me.

  14. LIke the fabric print-rather something I would think Jackson Pollack would do. But made in clothes?! Too much fabric in all of them except the leggings. The leggings with a black top,maybe?, BUt a pass on all of them. Too much of a good thing. Too much fabric,except for some tall someone, but not short like me.I would look like a tablecloth moving. Something from the Addams family!

  15. Too much material for me. I have lost 20 lbs and I want to wear clothes that fit me . The long dress is not a flattering look in me, it has no shape. The short dress looks like my Grandma’s house dress, the wide legs pants are stylish but why top it with what appears to be a maternity blouse.? I agree that a shorter, slimmer top may be the best complement to the pant.
    I love ponchos. I have three now and wear them often in fall and winter. , usually over leggings and a long sleeve Tee. So would try on the poncho.

  16. It’s a no on so many fronts for me. The outfits don’t come in any other print or colour so that’s a no. I’ve mentioned before that mixing prints in one garment does not appeal to me. It reads to me that Mom didn’t have enough material to make a full garment. No pieces come in petite so that’s a no. The wide sleeves would come to my wrists and look like a choir gown so that’s a no. Sorry this display is not in my wheelhouse.

  17. At first glance, I was not impressed with the items for me. But then I looked more carefully and thought maybe I might like the gaucho pants. I would team them with a black pullover with a cowl neck, black boots and a more interesting ruana that would have tones of black, caramel and cream.

  18. Attractive pieces but not my style: the silhouette, the shape and style. So, I’d pass on these.

  19. I actually looked to see if there was different style of top in this fabric (from the mannequins on the left and right). It’s gorgeous. Alas, I didn’t see one.

    That being said, the dress is a possibility … with boots and a scarf … it could work for me. There is something very appealing about this mix of colors and textures.

    What an interesting display today!!!

  20. There is nothing here that would be flattering to me. As Jennifer said, not the right color, pattern or shape for me. I would sail right by this display.

  21. I like the print on the dress and the tunic but the shape of both pieces would not flatter me. I initially thought the dress was a nightgown. The middle outfit is more my style bu the rust colour is too yellow for my skin tone.

  22. The fabrics and colors are pretty and have a vibe of the seventies to me. The rust color outfit reminds me of the gaucho pant I loved. It would look great with a fitted top for me to wear. The top has too much fabric so I wouldn’t wear it. For reference, I am barely 5’5 and about 116 lbs. Flowy looks don’t flatter shorter small-boned women. Leggings….yes!

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