Shopping Chico’s 30% off sale

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

Happy end to October, everyone!  Since today is the last day, I thought I would take you with me shopping Chico’s 30% off sale!

 I had my eye on several of their new items, so I thought shopping Chico’s 30% off sale this weekend would be fun…and it was.

(Sadly, I must note that there was fuzz on my camera lens and I did not see it until I got home!)

I have so much to show you…so let’s dive in….for everything I am wearing my Chico’s Soutache Pull-on Jeggings (a new workhorse in my closet)

In the first picture, remember to SIZE DOWN on this cute Zip and Snap Front Poncho…it is a great topper, and I am wearing the Small/Medium.

I tried it on with the beautiful Tie-Neck Satin Popover Blouse in Rich Mahogany…a beautiful color and 30% off of 39.99!

Of course, I had to try on the Wool Bolero in Brown…love this hat…and I don’t warm up to hats easily…but this one is a keeper.


Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

This Travelers Velvet Peacock Kimono is stunning and would be lovely with velvet leggings for holiday parties…it does come in Petites.

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

I tried this on for those of you who love black and white…there are gorgeous black pieces at Chico’s right now! 

Here I am wearing the Piped Tunic, and Notched-Collar Sweater Jacket.  Look here for more black and white

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

I thought this casual No-Iron Cheetah Floral Classic Stretch Shirt was really fun with it’s mixed prints and a wine-colored base.

It could be worn all year.



Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

The top looks cute with the warm Boiled Wool-Blend Blanket Jacket…a fun casual topper with fringe.


Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

There are beautiful teal, peacock blues and greens at Chico’s right now.

I liked the Quilted Reversible Blue to Python Print Vest with this lovely Pleated Blouse in Jasper

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

Here is another beautiful kimono which would go with leggings so well for any occasion….

This is the Travelers Velvet Peacock-Print Kimono. 

Shopping Chico's 30% off sale

Finally, I wanted to see what this blouse in aurora teal would look like and I like it…I do not think the sleeves would bother me at all for occasions going out to dinner, or the theater, etc.

This is the Long-Sleeve Crepe Tie-Neck Blouse.


Chico's 30% off sale

Chico's 30% off sale

Yes!  All of the jewelry in on sale as well.  I particularly like the pieces with color…like the Multi-Colored Beaded Necklace

Yes, of course, a few items came home with me and I will share those with you soon…it was a fun shopping trip!

Thank you for joining in and shopping with me!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. oh yea, I went a bit nuts this weekend with that sale….especially the items that were marked down and then you got the 30 percent off on top of that made my heart pitter patter… look great in all those choices, can’t wait to see what you decided to get.

  2. I agree, Sheryl…the clothing already in marked down that had 30% on top had amazing selections on the rack!

  3. I’m like Sheryl, and bought several items that were marked down before the 30% deduction. I kept telling myself that I did not need anything, but continue to look at that plum moto jacket you’ve bought earlier which I would love to have. However, even at 30% off and a $25 coupon, I did not purchase it because I read some not so good reviews. I’d like to see it in person so may travel to my nearest store in Tallahassee. You modeled some beautiful pieces that look so good on you so I’ll be interested in seeing what you purchased. And I’m sure I’ll look back at the website today especially to see several of the items you modeled.

  4. So many beautiful things today, can’t wait to see what you decided on. That gorgeous kimono would work with so much. I wanted to mention how much I like your hair, it is so soft and adds that bohemian vibe without being wild.

  5. I love both the velvet kimonos and can see you wearing them to your beautiful downtown theatre! Although you no longer wear black, I thought that the black and white tweed jacket looked great on you. It was very slenderizing and the fringe gave it a modern flair. What a fun shopping trip! Anxious to see what you chose to buy!

  6. That kimono and the teal green/ blue pieces are wonderful! You look gorgeous! Wow! I missed the sale completely with family events and root canal. Maybe another sale and I’ll get there. I no longer buy sight unseen. I must feel the fabric and try garments on. What a lovely selection of clothes you’ve shown us!

  7. Oh my…I hope you are recovering well from the root canal, Paulette! Of course, with the holidays on our doorstep, we will see more sales. As soon as I have the information, I will share.

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