Season of Joy begins with James Avery

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy November 1, everyone!  Welcome to The Season of Joy begins with James Avery.

I started the Season of Joy celebrations a couple of years ago when the pandemic hit…this season on my blog runs from November 1 to the end of the year.


Season of Joy Begins

It means that each day…one day at a time…I will seek to bring you optimism, hope, smiles….JOY!  No matter what is happening around you….so that you can thoroughly enjoy this time of year.

Full disclosure here…my life is not perfect.  No one has a perfect life without struggles or strife.  No one is not facing a challenge or trial of some type.

However, I have learned that true joy and peace within will help me to persevere through the biggest trials I face.   This is not about happiness…it is about joy. There is a difference.

Joy within is overall contentment and peace.  It means I not allow fears and anxiety to rule the day.  My goal for each of you is to enter 2022 with a smile and hope for your future.

So, let my Season of Joy begin during my favorite time of year as we celebrate family, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. 


Season of Joy begins with James Avery

It is perfect then to begin The Season of Joy with James Avery Craftsman Jewelry…for your consideration for gifts.

The wonderful family at James Avery recently sent to me the HOLD FAST LEATHER BRACELET.

It arrived at the perfect time, when I needed to be reminded to Hold Fast through all going on around me….

HOLD FAST in my faith

HOLD FAST to the Word of God and His promises

HOLD FAST to the principles this country was founded upon

HOLD FAST to my family and friends

HOLD FAST to my love for all of God’s creations

HOLD FAST to who I am and my passions


Season of Joy Begins with James Avery

One of the reasons I love this brand and have for over 30 years is because of the meaning behind their creations.

You may be looking for jewelry for affirmations, encouragement, celebration, reminders of love, faith or holiday celebrations!  James Avery has all of this and more.

Season of Joy begins with James Avery

Over the years, I have gifted so many pieces from James Avery…and they are always worn and loved.

Make sure you look over their New Releases for gift consideration….and remember, you can also purchase their pieces at Dillard’s….like the Joy of My Heart gift set…a lovely reminder to CHOOSE JOY.

Celebrate a season of Joy

As I thought about my HOLD FAST bracelet, I remembered this quote from the first year I began the Season of Joy.

Someone else may also need this reminder today….Hold Fast…things may actually be falling into place!

I hope you will join me today and throughout the remainder of 2021 for the Season of Joy…you are a huge part of my joy every day.


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.

Fall at Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. What an inspiring quote…”Hold fast, things may actually be falling into place!”. I like it! It speaks of faith, determination, belief that life won’t always be as difficult as it may seem. I like so many pieces of the James Avery collection, especially the turquoise items. I need to make a trip to Dillards!

  2. Write it out and put it on your refrigerator! Always a good place for reminders!! Have a great day, Celia!

  3. This a beautiful post! Thank you so very much. So many tidbits to savor. Thank you, thank you! Have a beautifully blessed day.

  4. I am really glad you are focusing on this topic. The reminder to “hold fast” is always needed for one reason or another, it seems. The topic of joy is one I personally struggle with, because for much of my life joy was something that was connected to feelings or emotions. I have learned that true joy is different and not connected to these things, but it’s a real struggle for me to think otherwise. I can’t easily grasp the concept of spiritual joy and disconnect from emotions. When hard times come, the last thing I’m thinking about is joy. So I’ll be looking forward to these posts!

  5. Hi Karen,
    You are not alone with this struggle. So many of us go through it…me included. But I do want to offer hope and encouragement. I read you comment right before jumping in the shower. Sometimes my best thinking happens there…and I decided after hearing from you that on Sundays..beginning this Sunday…through the New Year…I will write JOY NOTES for those who need an extra dose!
    Also….I always sing in the shower…don’t ask Mr. B his thoughts on my singing…any way…I started singing these lyrics:
    “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
    His mercies never come to an end…
    They are new every morning, new every morning,
    Great is your faithfulness, O Lord, Great is your faithfulness”

    Hold Fast!

  6. Thank you Pam. I’ll definitely look forward to the joy notes!! And yes, His mercies never end!

  7. Thank you, Pam for this very inspirational post. October was a month when I allowed too many joy stealers into my life. One of the biggest ones was worrying about things over which I have no control. I forgot to “let go & let God”. I didn’t hold fast to those promises from God that I know to be true. I will be stealing that quote to “Hold fast, things may actually be falling into place.”

  8. I hope that kwanzaa might be included in your season of joy and celebration, too Pam.
    I have many friends whom have taught me what a wonderful heritage it embodies.
    I love your inclusiveness!

  9. Thank you Lois…I do not know a lot about Kwanzaa, but I have friends who might and I can do some research. Thanks for mentioning it.

  10. We have to watch out for those little things that rob us of joy…it is good that you recognize what was going on and are ready to start fresh with a different perspective. Glad you are here Becky!

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