Would You Wear It – Fall Outfits

Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Fall Outfits!

On this day I team up with my friend, Jennifer, and we bring to you fashion displays and ask…what you think?

We ask that you visit both blogs and comment on both displays….


Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

This display of three fall outfits caused me to pause…look  it over…and wonder what you would think.

We want to know if you would or would not wear what you see in the displays and give us constructive thought about why or why not.

Explain in such a way as to help other women who are considering making purchases for fall outfits…we all know that women like to know what other women think.

Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

I know I have a display of three, and comment on one or all if you like.

So, ladies……………


This display was found at one of the local LOFT stores.  Here are more items and they do have a sale going on through today!


Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

Chico’s has new arrivals and almost everything is 30% off this weekend!

Including the Elongated Faux-Suede jacket so many of you asked about……


Chico's jackets for active women

On Thursday, a couple of readers asked about the booties I was wearing…which have been in my wardrobe for awhile…so I wanted to share this Carly Strap Bootie by Rockport.

These look similar to what I was wearing and I love the Rockport brand…my black booties are Rockport. They are perfect for fall outfits. 

Make sure you tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It display….go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her display…enjoy this fabulous last weekend of October…and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I’d refer to them as my “FUN” casual outfits but definitely would wear the center look (golden sweater) and the left most look in black/white. A bit over the top for the way I usually dress, but this stylist has drawn me in,for some reason. I feel like they’d be fun to wear. The only outfit I wouldn’t wear is the right most outfit. I don’t wear most bright true reds. I really just don’t like this total look for me……

  2. Thank you for providing the link to this boot. I noticed them immediately in your post! As to the outfits pictured, I would not wear any as they are shown here. I do not care for cropped pants in general because they make my legs look short, and cropped flares are just not a look I’ve ever liked. So there’s that. The only thing pictured here that I’d consider is the wrap, but not worn with the pieces shown. I guess these are a no for me. The display in general looks cluttered to me due to so many patterns placed together in a small area. I would walk right on by. Hope you are having a good weekend Pam!

  3. oh geez, these mannequin designers, are they all science fiction fans? I had a difficult time getting past the camel toe feet…..
    I like the black and white stripe ruana. Id like to pair it with a column of black or white and some sharp black boots. the other stuff just doesn’t appeal to me…if its cold enough for sweaters, will we really see crops?
    ps, I got the plum Moto yesterday the minute the sale went into effect! now I have Charlie sheen in my head yelling “winning”

  4. I like the color and cut of the middle jeans and would wear them with the gold blouse in the background or a cashmere sweater and booties. The leaf print is too big for me. Happy Saturday.

  5. I really like the leaf print sweater. I don’t wear gold/yellow so I would have to try it on to see if it the colour was flattering. I would wear the red crew neck with jeans and under sweaters. I would pass on the jeans – snow in the forecast for next week and I don’t like having cold ankles.

  6. I love the gold sweater! But not so much the jeans. They look uncomfortable for some reason. I also like the black and white wrap with the red sweater. I would definitely wear that – in fact, something much like that is what I wore last weekend! But it’s a hard no on the black and white on the left. It reminds me of a dalmation! HA!

  7. I’m in the minority in that I like the cropped jeans for fall (not for winter here, it gets too cold). I have some sleek, mid calf Aquatalia waterproof boots that are really gorgeous and fun to add to an outfit where the boot is such a feature. My casual black booties are also from Rockport and I love them. I would wear the gold sweater in the middle for sure, and the red top at the right with a different topper or maybe that big Buffalo plaid in an autumn colored wool scarf. I am not a fan of shawls, ponchos or ruanas on me, as they make me look short and I’m always tugging at them, rearranging them, or getting them caught in my purse zipper or strap. The big fuzzy topper on the left is too thick and oversized, as it would not only be unflattering, it looks to be too hot,

  8. The display is a little ho hum for me. I might consider the leaf sweater, however.
    My daughter likes the Loft, but I think their clothes do not suit my age.

  9. I’ll pass on most of these pieces. Cropped flares are a hard no, mustard yellow isn’t flattering for me nor the over-sized sherpa. I could work with the red top on the right and the large plaid Ruana but would pair it with black pants or darker wash jeans.

  10. No to Holstein cows and dropped sleeves, no to orange, no to capes, no to rough hems. I could possibly wear the center jeans because they might be full length on me and may have a shorter rise as they look like they are strangling the mannequin. I used to go into Loft but the store near me no longer carries petites, not sure if that is true in all of Canada.

  11. The gold leaf sweater is appealing to me. It would be fun to wear and I think it would look great with ivory cords.

    I agree with Karen about the display. It does look cluttered — and the grouping isn’t flattering to any of the individual outfits. I think the stylists need to present outfits in color families or similar patterns. These look very disjointed.

  12. The only thing I would wear is the black & white plaid wrap. I don’t wear crops in any form as they don’t flatter my short legs, nor do I care for anything frayed. The sweater is cute, but the color is not for me. On the whole, this display looks messy to me. It’s hard to tell what the black & white top on the left actually looks like, & several of the pieces just look wrinkled & rumpled.

  13. I like the black and white wrap and I would wear it over red…and I’d be willing to try the pumpkin ear top. I’m not a fan of cropped jeans, especially in cold weather and the other top is just too “cluttered”.

  14. These styles don’t resonate with how I want to look. I like the plaid wrap which I would style with winter-white jeans and a turtleneck in the same tone. Then I would add some soft gray or cream booties in suede.

  15. I would wear all but the kick crops. I was a tall child/teen at 5’7” back in the 70’s. My bell bottoms were always too short. The kick crops remind me of that. I would switch out the kick crops for flares or skinny leg. Would also wear winter white skinny cords with the leaf sweater.

  16. The yellow sweater is cute but I’d have to try it on to see if the color works for me. Yellows can be tricky for me. The red would not be a good color for me and the black and white is too bulky for my already bulky body. I don’t love the pants and probably won’t embrace the crop flares until just before the go out of style. I find them too difficult to style in cold months and I don’t want to get a whole new boot wardrobe to accommodate them.

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