Early Thanksgiving Preparation

Early Thanksgiving Preparation

Happy Friday, all!  I thought I would share my early Thanksgiving preparation with you…getting ready for this precious one and the rest of the clan to invade my home!

I love to host Thanksgiving and Christmas morning at my home for our growing family.  For Thanksgiving, I open it to all family members including in-laws.


Early Thanksgiving Preparation

This has been our old backyard table for years.

Mr. B & I knew it needed to be retired, but we could not agree on what to replace it with.  We have two other backyard sitting areas with comfy sitting so we did not need another one here.

But, the six young grandchildren, more or less, showed us what to do.  When eating or playing in our backyard, one of them inevitably got hurt on these old chairs. They would flip them over.

And they like to eat outside…San Antonio gives us many, many opportunities for that.



Early Thanksgiving Preparation

Early Thanksgiving Preparation

We decided to purchase this outdoor rug and modern picnic table from Wayfair for eating and playing outside.  Right now, I am thrilled with this purchase.

It is a beautiful piece…it is sturdy…it came quickly after I placed the order and Mr. B was able to put it together!  This is the Bartlesville Rectangular Long Table Set.

Our Thanksgiving usually has kids eating in one place, adults at the dining table, and some adults in front of a football game with TV trays.

I try to accommodate everyone! When the children want to color or paint, I can throw a plastic table cloth over this to protect it.

I am pleased. 

An additional plus is that the old set was donated to a friend’s 20-something son who just purchased a small home. He spray painted it green and it looks like new!


Early Thanksgiving Preparation

I finalize my menu early.  Invitations went out this week with assignments for what to bring.

Honestly, the menu rarely changes.  I made this pumpkin pie for the first time last year…and it is a keeper…excellent!  Thanks to Sally!

Early Thanksgiving Preparation

Early Thanksgiving preparation this year has been my reaction to the news about inflation and meat shortages.

I did not want to be without the meat I wanted…like Applewood Bacon.  It is a flavor that ties my meal together!  It goes on top of the dressing like pictured here.

It also goes on the turkey while roasting and in the stock I use for the gravy.

Early Thanksgiving Preparation

I make the stock the night before in a crockpot with a host of different flavors and spices…and turkey legs.

So, I purchased all of the meat early and have it in the freezer…the turkey, applewood bacon, turkey legs, and a ham for the kids…they seem to like ham more.

No worries about leftovers…it always gets eaten…even if in Turkey/Cranberry Sandwiches the day after.

I also purchased plenty of pumpkin ahead of time…so I would not run out.  I am now ready except for the fresh veggies...potatoes to be mashed, sweet potatoes, fresh spices, etc.

I have to say though…we are blessed in Texas…and those with HEB groceries are blessed…because they take good care of us.  

The national news reports bacon to be at $9 a pound…I bought mine for $6 and though it is higher than last year, it is not a game changer…Yet.

Early Thanksgiving Preparation

I have an actual Thanksgiving turkey platter…but if you are looking for one…I saw this beauty, the Plymouth Turkey Platter, this past week at Williams Sonoma. 


Early Thanksgiving Preparation

At the end of my Thanksgiving dinner, when I serve dessert, I declare Christmas to be officially on!

I give everyone a small Christmas gift (a party favor if you will) to get us excited for the next holiday…the BIG EVENT.

Most often, these little gifts are ornaments that I pick out special for those receiving them.  I just purchased all of the gifts, and small gift bags to wrap them so pretty and Christmacy.

I thought the little St. Nicholas Square Santa & Reindeer ornament was cute when I saw it…it is from the Kohl’s classic ornament selection.

Early Thanksgiving Preparation

I am ready!  And so excited about the table…I hope we have good weather that day, but if not, I am certain it will be used. 

A few more ideas to help get you ready:

This time of year is so exciting…..

Now, remember tomorrow is Would You Wear It with Jennifer & me; and Sunday is Joy Note #2 to help encourage us with hope for the remainder of this year and for the new year ahead…..



By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. I love turkey and cranberry sandwiches! Like so many, I like the leftovers best. Prices in the grocery stores seem to climb weekly. My stores have large cases of turkeys at low prices, but some things are definitely out of stock. Applewood bacon is the best! This year I’m taking a pass on Thanksgiving because I’m moving the day prior, but I’ll bake a pie and have my son and daughter-in-law over just for dessert. Your dinner sounds like a wonderful experience and the food choices sound delicious! I love the pumpkin on your former outdoor table! I remember seeing that in years past and I’m sure it has found a new home in your decorations!

  2. I’m sure your grandchildren and children will look back at your efforts to provide a festive and delicious gathering for this approaching holiday season. I did the same for years but now I still cook but take my food to one or the other son’s houses where the family gathers. I’m not really “big” on decorating anymore as no one comes to our house anymore, but I do enjoy providing much of the food for each meal ( although taking it to another house can be frustrating). I really like your new outside table, and rug, and think the children will enjoy outside eating or a place to do fun things. I especially like the metal pumpkin pictured on your metal table. And I’m going to try the pumpkin pie recipes you included. It sounds very tasty with a bit different ingredients than the recipe most often used. I did get my canned pumpkin early as you suggested some time ago. Thanks.

    1. The pie is delicious! I highly recommend. I love that metal pumpkin and will continue to use. I love decorating so much…we will see if I let go at some point. It is quite a task. Thanks Celia!

  3. Pam, that table is a WINNER!! Y’all did a great job in your choice and Wayfair has always come through for us, too. Enjoy the season, the holiday and the family!

  4. My son and daughter in law are physicians and on call for Thanksgiving this year. Fortunately we got invited out, and I’m taking a stuffing casserole and homemade cranberry sauce. So nice of you, Pam, and others who cook to have an open table. Those of us with small families (or medical/emergency/law enforcement kids who work on the holiday) appreciate a place to go. And most people would love a dish category or specific food assignment, rather than seeing the hostess frazzled or puzzling by themselves on what to bring. There is nothing like a big, convivial table to get the gratitude flowing.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I really enjoy hostessing! And please tell your family members how much we appreciate their service and all they do!

  5. Your new table looks great. I’m sure your littles will enjoy using it for many things. How nice that someone else was able to use your old table. We will be going to one of our daughter’s homes for Thanksgiving. I always bring a dish or two to the table. It will be nice to gather this year.

  6. Your helper at the front is so cute! She has your smile. Might I suggest Ebay or Etsy for THanksgiving china. I started a collection years ago after I bought one platter after a joke suggestion until I had turkey plates all over the house. But beware-there are turkeys and then there are really some turkeys out there! But there is no accounting for tastes. However Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! may it be the turkey of your dreams! It would not be Thanksgiving if we didn’t share food and fellowship,especially after these past few years.

    1. Thank you, Susan! She loves to smile like her Gigi! I love that idea with the plates. Thank you for mentioning it. You might not be surprised to hear that I love mismatched dishes!!

  7. Your granddaughter is just so adorable! I’m at home right now recovering from a breakthrough Covid infection and your blog today has really lifted my spirits! I love your tradition of giving your guests a gift to bring on the holiday season! I’m going to do the same thing at Thanksgiving for my family this year! Thank you!

    1. You are welcome, Louanne! It is a fun tradition. I hope you are feeling ok and that you dose of COVID will be light and over soon. Take care and let us know how your new tradition goes!

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