Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Happy, happy Thursday, all!  Thanks for joining me today to discuss Talbots Tops & Dillards gifts!

I am excited to showcase two of my favorite retailers today! 

First, let’s discuss Talbots Tops!


Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

When I headed out to The Shops at La Cantera again to scope out gift ideas, this is what I wore.

I am really enjoying my Talbots blouses, tops and jackets that I have purchased this fall.

Wearing a print like this, helps me to still have my vibrant autumn colors and keep my bohemian under control.

Today is the last day to purchase Talbots tops for 30% off.  You might want to secure a favorite so you don’t miss out on it going forward. 

There are so many fun prints in blouses still available. 

My Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green is on sale and still available…I am enjoying this jacket immensely. 

I am also wearing my Talbots pull on jeggings.

There are so many fun tops to get us ready for the holidays and winter…remember, last day for 30% off. 


Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

If you are in San Antonio and want a true Christmas shopping experience with joy, then visit Dillards at the Shops in La Cantera.

I had so much fun there, and for everyone else, their beautiful gift ideas are online…so let’s get started.

Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Dillard’s has a variety of absolutely gorgeous ornaments.  The price range goes from $8.00 to the hand painted ones at $100.  Just put ornaments in your search bar at Dillards.com.

This Hummingbird Ornament is stunning if you want something special.  My favorite lower end ornaments are in the Southern Living collection.

I love this Red Flower Christmas Collection ornament at twelve dollars. If I were hosting, I would welcome an ornament for a hostess gift with a smile.

Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Another fun idea for the woman who loves the season, would be a snow globe.  Dillards has many, many snow globes.

I was particularly drawn to this Roman Nutcracker Snow Globe…of course it plays music. 

Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Dillards has a vast selection of fun Christmas serving dishes.  This one is the Mud Pie Christmas Farm Tray Dip Bowl Set.  The Mud Pie collection is really cute and fun.

Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Another gift idea I would like to receive would be holiday brooches!  Dillard’s has so many and a large selection are exclusive to their store. 

I love the Christmas Wreath Pin.


Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Of course, Dillards is full of lovely larger gift ideas …either for yourself or special others.

These two caught my eye…the Pendelton Southwestern Spider Rock and Harding Aqua Luggage Sets in several color schemes are eye catching.  Plus these prints are available in towels.

Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Fitz & Floyd is out of my price range for gift giving, but this one was so beautiful, I just had to show you!

Here are more fun items I discovered at Dillards….

From Talbots tops to Dillards top gifts, we made the rounds today!  I hope these posts are sparking some ideas for you! 

Thanks for being here and remember… (see I can find Joy in neutrals!)…

Season of Joy on over 50 Feeling 40



Talbots Tops & Dillards Gifts

Make sure to thank a Veteran today for all they have done for us here in America.  May we never forget their service to our freedoms, which we all must work together to preserve.

By Pamela Lutrell


Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. Talbot’s is full of beautiful choices this season. I’m enjoying all the colors that seem more vibrant this year, and wearing color on a cold, dreary weather day can really lift spirits! There is definitely something for every color palette, and your top is so pretty and works so well with the olive jacket! Dillard’s is certainly decked out for Christmas, and I love the idea of giving ornaments as gifts. The little tray and bowl set is so cute… have to give that a second look!!

  2. Sadly, Connecticut doesn’t have Dillards. Boo.
    We do have Talbots, though I never ever ever pay full price! Or even their sales! But I own a lot of their clothes. I find so much at their outlet and we have tons of great fu””very selective consignment stores that always have a bunch of really small petites sizes. What’s great about Talbots is that much of their clothing is so classic it can be worn for years and mot look dated.

  3. I love consignment and thrift shopping! A great treasure hunt always is a joy booster, thanks for being here, Susan!

  4. I always have trouble with Talbot’s sizing. Cut for an hour glass shape makes for fit problems for me but I agree their quality is very good

  5. So much to comment on … love the “bohemian under control” comment; that is becoming your beautiful signature look! Thank you for mentioning our veterans. At our large public school, having an assembly with guests who had served, and guests who were serving and shared their experiences via satellite was always so meaningful. I used to get teased by my students because hearing 500 kids recite the pledge of allegiance always made me teary. Good memories! No politics intended here ….just gratitude.

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