Would You Wear It – Bold Prints

Would You Wear It - Bold Prints

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Bold Prints!

Most of you know that this is the day of the week when my friend, Jennifer and I join forces to share our fashion displays with you.

We look for displays which make us wonder what you would think of the styles.

Would You Wear It - Bold Prints

I happened upon this display at Nordstrom recently and immediately wanted to bring it before you….I consider all of you the fashion board of directors on this day.

Please give it your best eye to determine if you would or would not wear these looks.

Would You Wear It - Bold Prints

Jennifer and I, both, ask that you give constructive thought to this and answer in such a way as to not offend someone who may feel differently from you

Then comments are always read on these posts.

Would You Wear It - Bold Prints

So, look my lovely threesome over and tell us ladies…….


Would You Wear It - Bold Prints

This Tropical Rauti Metallic Revers Puffer Jacket was hanging by the display, so I thought I would share it with you as well, as you consider the prints I discovered.

Today’s slideshow features more bold prints from Nordstrom (including more information on some of the pieces in the display)…



Would you Wear It

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Now, please tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It display…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s….and enjoy this fabulous day as you….


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By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It - Bold Prints

Would You Wear It - Bold Prints


  1. Good morning Pam, if I were in a store and saw this display I would walk right by it and not even think twice. However, upon looking closer at the dress, yes, I would definitely wear it. Adding a solid color topper in a cream, blue, eggplant, etc, something that compliments my color tone more than the dress. The other peices of clothing are too busy for me. Your blog has helped me to look at outfits in a whole new light. Shopping from my closet lately has been fun. Have a blessed day!

  2. Thanks for starting us off today, Betty. It pleases me so much that you are having more fun with your own wardrobe! Happy Saturday!

  3. I would not wear any of the items in this display. They are real attention grabbers, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing anything like this. This would suit a different personality type from mine, but since I feel my best in classic styles, this is like the complete opposite of that, to me. I also have to be careful with patterns because I am not tall, and can easily “be worn” by a pattern, rather than me wearing IT. These are an example of a piece of clothing wearing me. So this display is a definite ‘no’ for me. It would be impossible to pass by without a glance, but nothing here would be going to the dressing room with me!

  4. At first glance, no. But second look I might wear the dress print in maybe a shirt with the jeans. The dress is not a good style for me. The other pieces are neither my colors or style. Also grouped together they overwhelm.

  5. well I do love a bold print, but none of these appeal to me. so imagining a print I did like on these items, I have to look at the fit and cut, but they still don’t work for me…the straight dress , would look nice on a slightly curvy woman, I went beyond slightly a couple decades ago. the short sweater, the thing I don’t care for is the band around the neck and bottom, that would draw attention to my neck and middle, not my best areas. and the frilly dress, well I don’t wear dresses anymore but in another print, I think it would be pretty….I do like the print on the puffer jacket, but puffer jackets add pounds in my opinion.

  6. I think the patterns are too bold for my taste and the colors too dark for my fair complexion. I am not sure how to say this but they don’t call out to me, saying “Buy me!”

  7. Yes to the top with jeans super cute and I like the shorter length. So sad but no to the other outfits I am petite and think they would be over powering on my short frame.

  8. I love all of this and feel the fabrics and colors are wonderful! Yes, I would wear some of these based on proportion. If the dress (?) on left were available in petite id wear it. I’m not usually a fan of midi length skirts or dresses but this one works for me.
    I would wear the center look absolutely!
    The outfit on right, though I like the print, just wouldn’t work for my body. I just love this display!

  9. I like the dress. That kind of all-over print is flattering and the lines are simple. Likely I’d want a belt with it. It’s got a touch of green, I could probably sneak a Christmas tree pin onto it and call it a holiday look.

  10. I might wear the left print skirt with a black cashmere sweater and sleek black booties. The outfit in its entirety — print top and skirt is too much print for me. I like the jeans and would wear those with just about anything except the sweater it is paired with. The sleeves, print, bling — it’s all too much. The outfit on the right NO. I don’t like the sweater – it looks juvenile and the skirt has too much print, tiers, etc.
    Happy Saturday!

  11. I love the warm colors, but would not wear any of these. I do not wear dresses any more, the middle sweater is too short and bulky, and the outfit on the right has too many colors, too much pattern, and extremely unflattering shapes. Thank you for going into stores and showing us what’s new.

  12. After looking up the dress and seeing the colours up close, I am more in love with it than first glance. The length, the sleeves, all a yes for me. The other outfits are really not my style. My mind is swirling with the options with the dress, Sweater, jacket, scarf, jewellery, shoes, so many options, so definitely a yes. Have a great weekend.

  13. I don’t care for any of these except the dress on the left. That print is unique and rich looking, and a print in a dress hides some issues. That said, I only wear dresses in hot weather, and while I love a sheath, it’s not a good look for my tummy issues. The rest of them are just too loud for my taste, and the cropped, beaded, wildly colored leopard sweater with the puffed sleeves is too strong a reference to the 80s for me. The sweater with the desert themes, besides having that same 80s body silhouette, would look wildly inappropriate around here, as though someone brought home a souvenir. And a tropical print on outerwear here, where it rains and snows so much, would also look out of place.

  14. I avoid prints, especially big ones like these. I might opt for a bold color, a graphic print or plaid but these are too much for my taste.

  15. I actually like elements of this display. I would try on the print dress. The sweater on the far right actually reminds me of me of a couple of sweaters that I bought in Peru a few years ago. I still have and enjoy wearing them. My sweaters are less bulky, so easier to tone down. I also like the puffer jacket.

  16. My mom could wear the animal print top and it would look great on her, but I would look like a clown in any of those. It’s funny how similar our coloring is, but how very different our styles are — she’s more dramatic and looks great in bold patterns and colors, but I’m more classic/natural and look better in subdued colors and minimal prints, which would look drab on her.

  17. I wouldn’t say I like this display. I like some bold prints, but these are not particularly interesting or attractive. In particular, I think the tiered outfit is bewildering.

  18. These mannequins have nothing that I would wear. Elven the jeans would be a stretch. I admire women who can pull off this exuberance of pattern, but I’m not one of them.

  19. I would not wear any of these because they would not flatter my figure or my coloring. The dark backgrounds and overall busyness is just too much. The looks looks dark and gloomy. The sweater with the jeans looks like too many tends in on piece. And the third office just makes me ask why, Finally, I do not think any of these pieces would have any staying power in my wardrobe.

  20. I realize in warmer climates people like to change their colours as if they have seasons. In the north I always think of patterns as happy summer options and none of these prints say ‘happy’ to me.

  21. The only item on the mannequins that appeals to me is the dress. The style is simple and the pattern not overwhelming. I’d have to pass on the others as they just wouldn’t align with my style.

    The puffer jacket has a lot going on … but I like it! The patterns and colors somehow all fit together very well — someone has a good design sense!!!

    Although I don’t care for busy patterns, I’m finding that I do like more of them than I would have thought. This is what I like about your blog, Pam. It’s fun discovering a new style!!!

  22. For my personal taste that being ‘classic’ a no to all pieces however would NOT hesitate if their colors/patterns were that of an accessory. i.e.: A scarf or belt for example. -Brenda-

  23. I like the dress (and the brand) and I would try and wear it. Try, because sheath dresses could be difficult for me, it depends on how forgiving is the cut. I would not wear the other things, because of their style (the puffed sleeves are a no for me) and also because I feel that they would require more sun that what we have at my latitude in winter.

  24. At first I though OMG I hate these but then when I looked again the reversible puffer jacket grew on me. I would wear it.
    I have a rule that I will not wear all black as it is depressing and looks like everyone is going to a funeral. So I can see wearing the two piece outfit on the left with subdued acessories and the top in the middle with black pants. The outfit on the right is too bold for me. I would split it up and wear the top with all black pants and boots. The bottom skirt could be worn with a 3/4 sleeve sccop neck ballerina type black leotard top and it would look quite nice.

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